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Heartwarming: As Told by Ginger
  • As Ginger recovers from appendicitis Carl thanks Dr. Dave (Ginger's surgeon and the kids stepfather to be) and when told he should go into the room to be with his family (his mother, sister, and biological father who he is not fond of) Carl says he who prefer staying with Dave as the two watch from outside Carl reaches out and hold Dave's hand.
    • In the same episode the conversation between Dave and Jonas is quite heart warming
  • A strange example but in the episode "Wicked Game" Dodie and Macie conspire with Miranda and Mipsy to break up Ginger and Darren. When Courtney finds out, she immediately decides to help Ginger. It goes to show that for all her naivety and shallowness, Courtney really was one of the best friends Ginger ever had.
  • Hoodsey saving Ginger from the girls prank in "Sleep On It" and Ginger standing up for Hoodsey in return.
  • Miranda's Pet the Dog moment. It's clear she hates Ginger and is willing to break her and Darren up, but in the episode "Ginger's Solo", she actually consoles Ginger when she's rejected by Sasha.
  • In the final part of the last episode, we see Ginger and all of her friends grown up, listening to her reading her book about all the adventures she had. We then see Darren holding a ginger-haired baby. Meaning, that despite all the problems that they went through during their relationship, they managed to still love each other, and get back together. And now start a family of their own.
    • When Ginger calls Dr. Dave her "soon-to-be-dad." What makes this especially heartwarming is that throughout the show, Ginger's always tried to keep her biological father Jonas in her life, despite the fact that he hardly ever paid attention to her, and missed many important moments in her life. Dr. Dave was more of a father to her and Carl (trying to be supportive, attentive, and saved Ginger's life in Lesson in Tightropes), than he was. And yet refused to call him "dad" or even just admit that he's more fatherly than Jonas. Carl tells her this, but she would always dismissed it. Seeing her realize that Dr. Dave was always there when Jonas wasn't, and thus her father, was a sweet ending to this sub-plot.
  • "Thanks for the flowers, mom."
  • Macie's ever-busy therapist parents forget about her birthday in "Family Therapy", causing them to feel guilty and spending some quality time more fitting for a small child, along with throwing a juvenile party for her. Despite all of this, Macie genuinely enjoyed the love and attention she was getting from her parents — along with the party she never got to have — despite knowing full well she was way too old for that kind of stuff.
  • A small moment from "Losing Nana Bishop". When Ginger is spending time with Jonas, her biological father, she asks him to tell her what Grandma Foutley, his mother, was like. Ginger says that "she must have been pretty great", and Jonas tells her that it made up for the fact that his own father was such a disappointment. He rubs his eyes and speculates that it must "run in the family". He knows that he's not the best father in the world and that he needs to make more effort to be in his own children's lives (which he eventually does, later in the series).

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