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Headscratchers / As Told by Ginger

  • In the Lunatic Lake episode, Dodie's mom gets sick from eating bad clams that Carl suggested. And whenever Ginger talks to her, why does she act like a Jerk Ass to Ginger for no reason? Ginger didn't really do anything!
    • Knowing her, it's because Ginger is Carl's sister and because she is always a Jerkass.
    • In addition, Joann entirely blames Carl for being sick, even though it's technically the fault of the restaurant who served the clams.
  • How on earth did The Duchess get back to Principal Milty's house after his ladyfriend Georgia kidnapped a bunch of dogs, including her and drove them out of town in the first Camp Caprice special? Yes, there have been many well-publicized stories about dogs who have crossed state lines to find their way home, but those are the exceptions that prove the rule.
    • I always wondered that too - Carl and Hoodsey later on mention catching the dognapper after the Camp Caprice special but...uhm...what happens next? Is Muffin found? I think there was intended to be an episode about them starting the next grade or returning to school after a summer at camp caprice, but the only thing that even mentions it (Aside from heat lightning) is that Ginger joined the band just to see Sasha again.
    • Muffin was indeed found again, he is later seen in the episode "Next Question".
  • Did Blake skip a grade or two? The first season clearly says that he is in the fourth grade with Carl and Hoodsey, but his stated age in the first episode of "seven and three-quarters" should put him in second. While he certainly exhibits a lot of Sesquipedalian Loquaciousness, that does not always translate to phenomenal academic work.
    • I always assumed he was, we barely see anything to suggest that he's smart enough to have skipped second or third grade.
    • Maybe his dad hired a private tutor to start teaching him at age 3. It's one thing for Courtney to be an air head, but he expects Blake to take over the family business one day.
  • Why did Claire Gripling get a facelift from a place called "Same Day Nip N' Tuck?" Surely they could have afforded a high-end surgeon...
    • Well she isn't the brightest bulb
    • Or maybe she was in a hurry?
  • Why did Noel break up with Carl. I never understood that.
    • Because one he was hanging out with a girl she didn't like and lied about it.
  • In "Deja Who?", the episode where Courtney makes Ginger "fill in" for her, the whole school "pretends" that Ginger really is Courtney. In one scene, Ms. Zorski takes attendance and Ginger calls "here" for Courtney and remains silent for Ginger. Ms. Zorski, with a knowing look on her face, remarks about Ginger being out so much and the class giggles. Lois later gets a call saying that she has been absent for three days in a row... One: Ginger is in junior high school, so she should have multiple teachers. Why would they all play along with the charade and mark her absent? Two: Why would Ms. Zorski seriously mark Ginger absent when she knew about what was going on? Three: Were Zorski and the other teachers really not willing to see through the fact (or anyone throughout the episode for that matter) that Ginger kept her hair red instead of dying it blonde like Courtney's hair?
  • In the whole "Summer of Camp Caprice", why didn't Milty just tell Carl and Hoodsey upfront that he had a dog in the basement and they were hired specifically to clean the house up of the dog hair? (He didn't even have to say "I have a girlfriend who's allergic to dogs".) Carl and Hoodsey then could have been tasked with making sure she was alright, cleaning up after her, and giving the dog some exercise. If anything, he could have said "By the way - I have a dog, I want you to clean up the hair. She's in the basement, and I'm trying to keep her safe from the petnapper."
  • In "Gym Class Confidential" they make it a point that the puberty movie is a requirement for the 8th grade, but isn't that a little late? This troper remembers having to watch a similar movie in the 5th grade, and they're only seeing it now? On top of that, by 13 most if not all girls are usually well into puberty and should have already been going through the "changes" in their bodies, yet all the girls in the class act completely oblivious and seem shocked. At the very least they should have taken a 7th grade health class by now.
    • Seems odd sense plenty of the girls are developing breasts and Ginger has leg hairs. I suppose the town isn't called Sheltered Shrubs for a reason.
  • Why exactly doesn't Lois want Ginger to save her legs? All she really says about it is once you start you can't stop and a girl who shaved her legs got her rodeo pony stolen from her or something?? It's fairly normal for girls Ginger's age to start shaving, isn't it?
  • Does anyone else find Carl's alledge atheism strange. He mentions "The Big Guy" multiple times throughout the series in a non sarcastic way and in the finale he even scoffs at nondenominal weddings. Aside from that he's literally seen psychic powers and, especially, proof of the afterlife, which isn't necessarily proof of god but I think it would make someone very open minded to the concept.