Heartwarming: Are You Afraid of the Dark?

  • Also the ending of "The Tale of the Lonely Ghost," where the ghost girl is finally reunited with her mother (who is actually the old lady who warned the girls of the ghost in the abandoned house).
  • "The Tale of the Dream Girl" as well.
  • "The Tale of the Shiny Red Bicycle." The protagonist finally comes to terms with his friend's death, just in time to save his little brother from a similar fate, and his friend's ghost tells him that he never blamed the protagonist for his death, because his death was an accident from his bent bike wheels.
    • "Ricky. I miss you."
      • "I miss you, too."
  • "The tale of the Frozen Ghost." One of the protagonists finally realizes what the ghost boy needs to pass on: warmth. The ghost boy hid the key that lead to the location of gold in a log, and all that's left is his jacket. The protagonist brings it out and the kid is now dressed in his jacket and can go in peace.
  • "The Tale of the Quicksilver" - Connie getting to finally say goodbye to Laura's spirit. It's also incredibly heartwarming to see that Aaron would do anything to save his little brother from the ghost.
  • Midnight Society examples:
    • Eric telling The Tale of Jake and the Leprachaun as a tribute to his recently deceased Irish grandfather. Even better is the fact that Frank, usually his nemesis, agrees to postpone his storytelling so Eric can tell his that night. For all their bickering, Frank and Eric do seem to care about each other.
    • In The Tale of the Dangerous Soup, tough guy Frank finally admitting that he's afraid of the dark. It shows him letting his guard down and trusting his friends.
    • At the beginning of "The Tale of the Night Shift," Gary laments to Betty Ann how he finally worked up the nerve to ask Sam out, but she said she was too busy for a relationship right now. Sam then tells a story about a girl with an impossibly full schedule who constantly turns down a boy who likes her only for that reason, until their adventure with a vampire prompts her to reconsider her priorities. Afterwards, Sam tells Gary she's rethought some things, and they sit down holding hands to watch the fire together, just the two of them. What a romantic way to tell a guy you like him, Sam!
  • David giving Kristen a birthday present in "The Tale of the Lonely Ghost". After the others have left, Kristen unwraps it to discover an ornate locket like the one from his story. She kisses him on the cheek and says "I'll think of you whenever I wear it".
  • "The Tale of The Unexpected Visitor". While scary at first as people are getting abducted by aliens. After being free, they find out that the alien that kidnapped, Jeff and his friends was just a kid that heard their music which was sent to space and misinterpreted them as toys for him to play with. The matter is settled without any conflict or war and to add to the more awesome, Jeff and his band send them more music using his dad's communication device.