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Wrestling: Low Ki

LowKi (real name Brandon Silvestry) is an American professional wrestler that's worked primarily in the indies, most notably Ring of Honor, though his first break came from the Long Island Wrestling Federation when he won their Light Heavyweight title. He has also had turns in England's Frontier Wrestling Alliance and TNA as LowKi, later Senshi and WWE as Kaval. His last major run was working in New Japan Pro Wrestling, where he is a three time IWGP Junior Heavyweight Champion. In June 2013, he has stopped wrestling full time to pursue a career in voice acting, though he still appears in the ring on a somewhat regular basis.

Besides the above, some of Low Ki's standout championship runs are as the World Xtreme Wrestling Cruiserweight Champion, Jersey All Pro Wrestling light heavyweight championship, the Super Indy Championship of the International Wrestling Cartel and the heavyweight championships of Future Wrestling Alliance, Jersey Championship Wrestling, Future Of Wrestling, JAPW and Impact Championship Wrestling. Low Ki has also has been TNA's X Division Champion and has been a part of several tag team title runs with Mafia, Xavier, Elix Skipper, Christopher Daniels, Spanky, American Dragon and Michael McGillicutty.

That Other Wiki has tons of information on his career, read about it here.

World Warrior Tropes:

  • Bash Brothers: Besides those he held tag team championships with, Gedo, Jado, Homicide, 2 Cold Scorpio, SUWA, Bison Smith and Bengala, though not all at the same time since some of their paths did not cross.
  • Bathos: He stalks out to the ring in a manner reminiscent of Goldberg, but Goldberg is twice Low Ki's size.
  • Bald of Awesome: Though most of the time (as in the picture) he just kept it cut real close.
  • Badass Baritone: LowKi is famous for his deep, resonant voice.
    • Vocal Dissonance: To reiterate, he is a little smaller than most men with similar tones of voice.
  • Bait and Switch: When he was in the Rottweilers, the opening notes of "Born In China" would be cut out by a gunshot and then the instrumental to "realist killaz".
  • Bilingual Bonus: His TNA (second run) and WWE ring names, "Senshi" and "Kaval", are Japanese and Tagalog for "Soldier", respectively.
  • Boastful Rap: As Kaval during NXT, he rapped about how awesome he is compared to the other rookies. It was so out of left field, with him audibly searching for exactly what to say about the rookies, that it became meme worthy.
  • Brooklyn Rage: Defied, or maybe not. Low Ki himself does not believe he embodies the trope and in fact works to make sure he does not. Other wrestlers still accuse him of playing it straight however.
  • Chairman of the Brawl: He threw a chair at Tammy Lynn Sytch (after she had taken off her shoe and hit him with it, was not a work either).
  • Combat Commentator: For EVOLVE
  • Combination Attack: Used his diving foot stomp (ghetto stomp) with Homcide's vertebreaker (cop killer) to take out Jay Lethal in Ring Of Honor (and many others elsewhere).
  • The Comically Serious: This was seemingly supposed to make him the bad guy in Zero 1 but maybe not, since it had the opposite effect. ESPECIALLY the case during NXT and he had LayCool as his "pro/s". His main interaction with them was standing there, silent, holding both copies of the WWE Women's Championship, while Michelle and Layla cranked up the bubbly airhead factor.
  • Confusion Fu: Has a very unorthodox wrestling style. He primarily uses a variety of chops and kicks, a lot of chops and kicks, and his finishing move is a diving stomp, but he also has a bevy of suplexes, he also has a fantastic Phoenix Splash (corkscrew 450) and has won several matches by submission. He's a really well rounded wrestler.
  • Determinator: His early gimmick in Ring Of Honor, leading up to him winning its newly created championship, was a hatred of being pinned and a refusal to tap out. Unfortunately, this lead to him passing out in a match with American Dragon.
  • The Dreaded: Mr. Wrestling Steve Corino described Low Ki as demonic and protested that whoever booked ROH's shows should not put him in the ring with a good Christian like AJ Styles.
  • Eccentric Mentor: Homicide was the one who taught him how to wrestle and feuded with Jim Cornette in an attempt to get Low Ki reinstated into Ring Of Honor. Jim Kettner helped train him too but was more reclusive.
  • Finishing Stomp: His Warrior's Way/Ghetto Stomp Finishing Move, where he jumps halfway across the ring and lands on you. It was sometimes preceded by an uncharacteristically high pitched Kiai.
  • Foreign Wrestling Heel
    • In Japan, specifically claiming the wrestlers of Pro Wrestling ZERO1 did not respect him because of his smaller than average size and lashed out at them for this perceived offense (he's actually about average, just small for a wrestler). However, AJ Styles out did Low Ki in this area.
    • He agreed to work for Konnan and La Legion Extranjera in AAA, briefly qualifying him in Mexico as well.
  • Friendly Enemy: To ICW Heavyweight Champion Ricky Reyes while Low Ki was TNA X Division Champion
  • Gamebreaking Injury
    • Only reigned as the Pro Wrestling Guerilla World Champion for a month due to an injury
    • He retired from professional wrestling after receiving an abdominal injury in a match with Akebono for All Japan Pro Wrestling. Rumors of his retirement had been in circulation all year so perhaps it was merely the straw that broke the camel's back (belly). Low Ki would eventually return from this though.
  • Human Ladder: Low Ki has both the agility and balance to leap on stand on another man's shoulders, assuming they do not collapse under his weight, at which point he will just jump off and kick the back of their heads. (ask MVP, he knows)
  • I Have Many Names: Besides Low Ki, Senshi and Kaval, he was known as Kwick Kick in the X Wrestling Federation
  • I Have the High Ground: While not the central part of his repertoire, outside of the Warrior's Way/Ghetto Stomp, his high flying offense was a central attraction for Ring Of Honor (actually, Low Ki's enemies Special K and Amazing Red were much more flippy but Low Ki was doing stuff many people had never seen before).
  • I Know Karate: and aikido too.
  • I Know You Know I Know
    • Low Ki's feud with Prince Devitt in a nutshell. At NJPW Power Struggle 2012 for instance, they both wanted to put each other through a table, which remained unbroken the entire show.
    • Manik had DJ Z in a reverse Indian death lock during a triple threat match in which Low Ki kicked Manick, both to hurt him and to make him apply more pressure DJ Z. About three or four in Manik went to block a kick but Low Ki knew he would and so kneed him but Mannik knew that was coming which caused him to catch Low Ki in a Northern Lights suplex with the death lock still applied. Of course, both Manick and Low Ki were Suicide so of course they knew. There subsequent encounters have had increasingly intricate sequences of trying to out guess each other.
  • Jobber: His run with WWE, as Kaval, was this trope played disastrously straight. To a lesser extent, he was also a jobber when he appeared on WWF Metal and Jakked but Low Ki looked better there, for the most part.
  • Lightning Bruiser: Never mind his speed, ferocity and endurance, LowKi is deceptively strong, his Ki Krusher '99 involves lifting the opponent up as a fisherman suplex and dropping them right on their head.
  • Masked Luchador: Was the voice for Suicide for the TNA videogame.
  • No Sell: On the independent wrestling scene, LowKi is booked as an extremely dominant wrestler that you can beat the crap out of, but because he's such a determinator badass he'll react with just a glare and a scowl.
  • Odd Friendship: On screen, Kaval was surprisingly tolerant of Laycool. Off screen, Low Ki did not have a many positive feelings regarding NXT but legitimately did enjoy working with Michelle and Layla.
  • Persona Non Grata: Jim Cornette banned Low Ki from Ring Of Honor for life after Jim Cornette "discovered" that Low Ki was the one responsible for breaking his tooth, an injury he originally blamed on the invading CZW wrestlers.
  • Pint-Sized Powerhouse: LowKi is a small wrestler, that doesn't stop him from tearing you to pieces with his chops and kicks. He was able to lift the larger Raven up to the top turn buckle, by the head, while standing behind him on the ring apron.
  • Power Stable
    • The Rottweilers with Ricky Reyes, Rocky Romero and Homicide. The other three campaigned to get Low Ki reinstated in ring of honor after Jim Cornette banned him for knocking out one of his teeth. He was also part of "RISE" with Shinsuke Nakamura, Giant Bernard, Travis Tomko, and, Hirooki Goto, Minoru, and Prince Devitt in New Japan.
    • He would later betray RISE for "Great Bash Heel" with Giant Bernard, Rick fuller, Black Tiger, Karl Anderson, MVP and Val Venis. He later joined Great Bash Heel's spiritual successor "Chaos" with Gedo, Jado and Rocky Romero.
    • Was somewhere in Vince Russo's gigantic "Sports Entertainment Xtreme" TNA stable.
  • Power Trio: Triple X in TNA with Christopher Daniels and Prime Time Elix Skipper. Also would attend Laycool during his time on NXT, even off of the show proper as a bystander.
  • Prophecy Twist: An Accidental Pun but Christopher Daniels of the Ring Of Honor prophecy stable declared he would never again wrestle Low Ki unless it was for the Ring Of Honor championship. After he bad mouthed Ring Of Honor to declare his permanent allegiance to TNA however, Daniels found himself scheduled to wrestle Jushin Thunder Liger, who decided to drop out and have Daniels face his substitute, Senshi.
  • Punch Parry: Ring Of Honor new comer AJ Styles thought he could beat Low Ki at kicks and challenged him so he could prove it. Eventually in the flurry they accidentally knocked ankles, putting a quick stop that little exchange.
  • Real Men Wear Pink: During his stay in Florida, Kaval could be frequently seen in a pink polo shirt. Less dignified, his "property of Laycool" shirt.
  • Red Baron: "The World Warrior" in Chikara.
  • Real Song Theme Tune: Tupac's Realist Killaz.
  • The Rival
    • Christopher Daniels was Low Ki's biggest enemy in Ring Of Honor but most regular partner in TNA. Back to back.
    • Faced Homicide in UPW, JAPW, Zero 1, 3PW, FWA, IWO and MLW. However, they also teamed in JAPW, Zero 1 and NJPW and ROH.
    • Ryusuke Taguchi was his most consistent rival in New Japan, though Prince Devitt is probably his most high profile.
  • Rival Turned Evil
    • Xavier was Low Ki's partner and helped him win the Eastern Coast Wrestling Association tag team titles and the USA Pro tag team titles. But then Xavier joined Christopher Daniel's Prophecy, whose goal was to destroy Ring Of Honor, a goal which Low Ki opposed.
    • Low Ki was this trope to Samoa Joe, they had started out friendly when Low Ki had his first successful title defense against Joe and shook his hand afterwards. But upon his hiatus and return to Ring Of Honor, Low Ki who was now aligned the rottweilers, spat on the Ring of Honor championship after seeing Samoa Joe won it while he was away from the company.
  • The Scapegoat:
    • After winning the second season of NXT due to public vote, Vince McMahon was furious that the audience voted for Kaval over his chosen winner, Alex Riley. He subsequently told the rest of the NXT 2 rookies to go out there and beat him down in what has become one of the worst moments in modern WWE history due to poor booking (the pros were given no direction, so were left questioning if they were supposed to run down & help) and an atrocious promo by Michael McGillicutty. Kaval was booked as a jobber for several months, before he asked for his release from the company.
    • NJPW sponsors were upset that he had dressed as Agent 47 from the Hitman series for the January 4th Tokyo Dome show and threatened to pull their sponsorship. To appease them, NJPW had no choice but to release him shortly afterwards.
  • Serious Business: Wrestling is serious business for LowKi, not only is he a stickler for kayfabe, but his character is always played straight.
  • Shout-Out
    • LowKi is a reference to the song "No Diggity".
    • He's used "Born In China" as an entrance theme.
    • Wrestled the January 4th, 2013 Tokyo Dome show dressed as Agent 47.
  • Signature Move: A cartwheel into a face kick called Tidal Crush. Three elbow strikes while standing in the corner, drop kick to put them there optional. A kick to the back of a bent over opponent's head executed by stretching his leg upwards and letting it fall, followed by rubbing his bald head (as Homicide does). An elevated cloverleaf he calls the Final Four. The Matrix dodge, The Bite of the Dragon (hanging inverted facelock), rolling wheel kick/rolling koppu kick, Black Magic (a shining wizard feint), and he is also somewhat known for using the Ki Crusher in Ring Of Honor and ZERO-ONE.
  • Small Name, Big Ego: Though he is undeniably talented, many reports from the various indy promotions he has worked for has painted him as an egomaniac with a very high opinion of himself.
  • Spam Attack
    • His reaction to AJ Styles repeatedly kicking out of all his signature moves was to pick AJ off the mat by his head and just start kicking a whole lot (AJ kicked out of that too). Repeating this action lead to AJ pinning him.
    • Low Ki's partial to Sumo like flurries of open palm strikes. No, he can't hit as hard as someone like Joe but his idea is to simply hit faster in more frequent intervals to negate the power advantage.
  • Spell My Name with an "S": He was Kawal in FCW but then became Kaval.
  • Tag Line: For Fight Camp, which he works at in Tampa Florida, "Train Like The Pros Without The Blows". Low Ki helps people learn to get in fight shape without actually having to fight.
  • Take That: During his time on NXT, Kaval was given the challenge of rapping. The final line of the rap saw him declare "I'm the only reason for Total Nonstop Action".
  • Token Good Teammate: When he was with Laycool.
  • Training Montage: In a commercial for the Fight2BeFit facility.
  • Tournament Arc
    • At ECWA's fifth Super 8, Low Ki defeated American Dragon in the finals. In APW's King Of The Indies tournament they met again in the finals and American Dragon won.
    • In Jersey Championship Wrestling Low-Ki defeated Qenaan Creed in the finals of their 2001 J-Cup
    • Low Ki and Airborne went over Jayson Reign and Christopher Daniels to take the MCW Tag Team Titles in the T-3 Tournament
    • Joined AJ Styles and Samoa Joe to win AAA's 2006 Torneo de Atomicos. Homicide was with them too but dropped out after a disqualification in the semi finals.
    • Beat Arik Cannon and Roderick Strong at the end of the two night long 2006 Ted Petty Invitational held by IWA M-S
    • In 2008 he took down Chris Hero to win the Pro Wrestling Guerilla Battle Of Los Angeles.
  • Underwear of Power: Low Ki's usual wear, except with the Rottweilers. Kaval had pants in WWE.
  • Ungrateful Bastard: The end of an era match he had with Sonjay Dutt in USA Pro is believed by many to be Low Ki's best match ever. Low Ki himself agrees it is one of his better matches or rather says he would if it had happened in a different promotion. This stance is part of the reason why a lot of people do not like him personally even if they are fans of his work.
  • Ur Example: Became the first ever Ring Of Honor champion, defeating Christopher Daniels, Spanky and Doug Williams in a four man ironman match. Also the first winner of the JCW Jersey J-Cup.
  • Wrestling Family: He has a cousin who wrestles as Monsta Mack and was also trained by Homicide.
  • Wrestling Psychology
    • He is especially known to be good at working people over, making long term injuries or fatigue easier to sell, his matches with Samoa Joe in Ring Of Honor being a shining example. He is also known for being a fairly stiff worker.
    • Low Ki has, in the past, suggested he wasn't that stiff of a worker only for MVP to affirm to him that yes he was. However, MVP praised Low Ki for his ability not to hurt people as much as he really could with the moves he does. In fact, during one of his "sessions", MVP called Low Ki and Samoa Joe together and accused them of ruining indy wrestling. Joe immediately put the blame on Low Ki for going stiff first (the joke being a lot of wrestlers were trying to have "strong style matches" after seeing Joe and Low Ki have one but were just stiffness spot monkeys because they had not been to Japan yet as those two had and thus, really did not know how).

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