Video Game / The Town With No Name

The Town With No Name is a video game on the Commodore Amiga CDTV platform made by Delta 4 Interactive and published by On-Line Entertainment.

The game's main character is simply called The Man With No Name who arrives at the town called The Town With No Name.

A longplay of the game was MSTed by Retsupurae. You can (and should) watch it here.


  • And Ninety Nine Cents: Wildcard McVee has a bounty of US $4,999.95.
  • Bar Slide: Happens when the player orders a beer from bartender.
  • Boom, Headshot: Trying to shoot the Clint Eastwood expy has you getting your head shot off cleanly from the neck.
  • Camp Gay: Massive Jake, one of the villains, sounds like this.
  • Could Have Avoided This Plot: The good ending, where the Man With No Name, who was supposed to meet up with his sister, learns he's been in the wrong town all this time and all the conflict in the game turns out to be a goofy misunderstanding.
  • Cutting the Knot: When Wildcard McVee challenges the player to a duel after losing at cards, you can shoot him immediately. While not very honorable, the game considers it a viable option.
  • Defeat Means Friendship: The Man With No Name offers Evil Eb a round of drinks after learning he's in the wrong town. He considers it payback for killing Eb's entire gang.
  • Deranged Animation: The cutscenes to say the least, which uses a blend of CGI backgrounds and traditional animation.
  • Dull Surprise: Whoever voiced Bad Bart seriously did not care about projecting any sort of emotion in his acting. Nor does the person voicing the Man With No Name, whom Retsupurae described as sounding like "John Wayne with a stroke."
  • Dying Town: The place isn't as populous as it used to be according to bartender.
  • Exploding Calendar
  • Exactly What I Aimed At: If you miss the first boss by shooting to the side, the bullet ends up hitting a vulture in the sky, which then crashes into the boss.
  • Gainax Ending: One alternate ending ends with The Man With No Name shooting a kid for calling him Shane, and boarding a train and leaving. Then the train goes into space.
  • The Grim Reaper: Appears out of nowhere to after you have killed a boss to show that he's dead. The animation for the Reaper is so bad, it's thankfully reserved for scenes after you kill Zippy Zeke and Crafty Clint.
  • Holier Than Thou: The priest that's found in the church ends up floating up into the Heavens if you go and pray there.
  • Jerkass: The Man With No Name is an asshole. At one point, should you choose to talk with the old man, he repeatedly rubs it in his face that he's killed his pet. Thankfully, the guy's too senile to get it.
  • Kilroy Was Here: "Uncle Jesse was here!" is found written next to the wanted poster of Nasty Ned in the Jailhouse.
  • Literally Shattered Lives: One of the possible deaths is to get shot to shards like glass.
  • Major Injury Underreaction: Most victims take getting shot rather lightly.
  • Meanwhile Scene: With Back to the Future fonts for some reason.
  • Multiple Endings: Not counting the game overs, there's two endings. Either The Man With No Name kills a child and goes into a train that flies into space, or he defeats Evil Eb, but it turns out it was all a misunderstanding, and goes into the saloon for a whisky with Evil Eb.
  • Mundane Made Awesome: The player is treated to a victorious orchestral sting after successfully catching a mug of beer.
    slowbeef: This is The Western equivalent of getting a piece of the Triforce!
    • Played for Laughs in the same manner when the player enters the Store and takes its "once-in-a-life-time never-to-be-repeated mega-special offer": one baked bean (out of 425).
    • The scene with the Clint Eastwood Expy
    • Choosing to go downstairs in the saloon leads to the Man With No Name jumping off the second floor.
  • Obvious Beta: Very, very obvious.
  • Oedipus Complex: Someone carved next to one of the wanted posters that he loved his mom, which is why he shot his dad.
  • Off-Model: Despite all the obvious rotoscoping, the characters still manage to look pretty awful at times.
  • One Last Smoke: One of the characters does this after being shot.
  • Ooh, Me Accent's Slipping: Wildcard McVee's American accent is at least passable until he's shot and he laments the bullet hole in his "waistcoat," which is called a "vest" in American English.
  • Optional Sexual Encounter: Yes, you can sleep with a prostitute if you want. But make sure you take a bath first.
    [The prostitute faints]
    The Man With No Name: It seems my deodorant has just failed.
  • Overly Long Gag: A few. Namely the "Wanted" posters and a point where the Clint Eastwood knockoff asks for the time from an old man, who looks into his watch over some creepy organ music for almost a full minute, before uttering a Little "No".
    • The sex scene apparently goes on for months.
  • Retirony: One of the Game Over scenes has a variation of this, where the player character laments that they were one page away from finishing a book before they died.
  • Rustproof Blood: The spider The Man With No Name steps on has red blood that always stays red. Even when he gets back in the train and steps on the squished spider again, no matter how long he has been in the town, the blood is still red.
  • Saloon Owner: A nameless one, who can play cards with you and serve you beer, but provides little useful information apart from explaining that The Town With No Name is dying.
  • "Shaggy Dog" Story: In the aftermath of the fight with Evil Eb, it turns out that The Man With No Name thought he was in Dodge Gulch, only for Evil Eb to tell him that's actually in the next town from the one they're in.
  • Shout-Out:
  • Showdown at High Noon: The Ten Paces and Turn version. And the sheriff explains it every time.
  • Spinning Clock Hands
  • Town With No Name: It's even in the title.
  • The Unfought: Immortal Issac is the only criminal from the "wanted" posters that you never fight, or even see.
  • "Wanted!" Poster: A whole series of them in the jail.
  • Warm-Up Boss: Evil Eb's Littlest Brother, the first villain you take on that causes the rest of the Hole-In-The-Head Gang to come after you. Even if you miss him, you still kill him.
  • Would Hurt a Child: One of the endings has the "hero" shooting a child because he got his name wrong.