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Film: Shane
"Shane! Come back!"

Classic 1953 Western, based on the novel by Jack Schaefer.

A Determined Homesteader named Starrett, his wife, and their young son are running a small farm. Some cattle ranchers want to force them out (along with the other Nesters), either with money or with guns. They are using an army of Mooks for this. While this is going on, a wanderer in buckskin clothing named Shane meets Starrett, and after a quickly resolved misunderstanding, Shane is accepted by the family and begins working for Starrett. Shane is soon idolized by the young boy, who wants to learn how to shoot. There is extensive discussion between Shane, Starrett, and his wife about the appropriateness of guns and violence.

Ultimately Shane protects the Determined Homesteader using violence, knowing that this means he will never be able to settle down to a peaceful life, Shane is cursed by his previous choices in life to always be The Gunslinger, always drifting. His final words before leaving is to tell the young boy to run home and tell his mother that she has her wish that there be "no more guns in the valley"; Shane leaving is of course required for this to be true.

Subject to a famous debate about the ending: Is Shane dead, or did he survive?

Last film for Jean Arthur, whose Hollywood career dated back to The Thirties. Was essentially remade and combined with High Plains Drifter as the Clint Eastwood film Pale Rider, with Clint Eastwood basically playing Alan Ladd's role.

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alternative title(s): Shane
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