Video Game: Get Amped

GetAmped, or Splash Fighters in the US and FogFighters in Europe, is a 3D MMO action-fighting game developed by CyberStep (creators of Cosmic Break). GetAmped itself is a zany fighting game where you pit your chibi-sized avatars against other people, or sometimes NPCs. The game provides almost limitless customizations, with tons of jobs, faces, hairstyles, clothing, and weapons to choose from. If the in-game store is not enough, you can always create your custom skin. That's right, your avatar can be edited to your liking, provided you can work with the screwy 3D polygons that is.

The gameplay is simple. You get into a room which consists of 2-8 players (up to 16 in some servers) and beat the crap out of each other with any weapon of your liking, from painting brushes to massive explosives, you decide. There are two general ways to defeat your opponents. Either you deplete their HP, or knock them off the stage. Some stages even encourage knocking opponents off the stage by having little to no walls at all. To assist you in downing your enemies, the stages themselves spawn items and weapons (or rather, the items drop from the sky) for you to use, ranging from baseballs to chainsaws.

The game has a massive pool of jobs, dubbed "Styles", which can easily be bought from the in game store with little to no need for grinding (the basic jobs are readily available, the advanced ones need repeated use of the basic jobs to unlock). Each style has a unique set of attacks (not so much for the original 6 styles) and the advanced ones has special traits (e.g. scout's radar, mercenary's ability to pick up stuff while running, etc.).

The main source of tactics (and pretty much the core attraction in this game), however, is the Accessories/Gears: things that you equipped to your character that either enhances your abilities or changes it completely. With proper combination of styles and accessories, and your skill, one can dominate the game.

There are quite a few game modes, which consists of :
  1. Death Match: A free-for-all fight where you have to be the last man standing to get higher score; there are 3 rounds. There also exists team version where each team has to kill the other.
  2. Dogfight: where you respawn for a limited number of times after being killed; your objective is to score 8 kills first before the others. Team version is similar; your team must score more than the other.
  3. Sports: where the players are divided into two teams to fight each other in a sports match.
  4. 1 vs 1 Match: A special mode where you'll fight another fighter, solo, at random (the other player must play 1 vs 1 too). You have 2-3 rounds; match ends with 2 rounds won.

The following tropes can be observed in Get Amped:
  • All Myths Are True: From Greek Mythology, Norse Mythology, to Egyptian Mythology and some Eastern myths, a lot of them are represented here as accessories.
  • An Axe to Grind: The Skull Bardiche, Prussian Gewalt, Double Tomahawk and and Caliph Axe accessories. Also one weapon you can take in stages.
  • Artificial Limbs: Many accessories come in form of this, such as Gatling Leg and Commander's Arm (for Veteran only). One style, the Borg/Cyborg, even has one by default (and Borg-specific accessories tend to be one too).
  • Banana Peel: The Banana Barrel accessory lets you throw these all over the place to make everyone slip over.
  • Battle Boomerang: The Eagle Edge accessory.
  • The Beastmaster: Some accessories lets you command a powerful beast to help attacking your enemies, such as Cerberus Gauntlet, Dragon Master and Gryphon Bow.
  • BFG: Several accessories either are this, or lets you use this, such as EL Expansion (for Borg only) or Tactical Transer (for Fortress only).
  • BFS: Several accessories takes form of a huge sword, such as Michael's Sword (aka Angelic Sword), Icicle Blade and Boreau's Rage.
  • Blade Below the Shoulder: The Penetrate Blade and Trueno Espada accessories (the latter doubling as Laser Blades and Arm Cannons as well). A variant for Blade Cloth and Blade Brace, axes and chakram blades below the shoulder respectively.
  • Blade on a Stick: The accessories Bone Halberd, Atash Miasma, and Ankusa, among others.
    • Javelin Thrower: The accessory Lugh's Spear lets you throw lots of spear at once, as well as spears that pop into multiple spears. As well as Zeus' Bolt.
    • Prongs of Poseidon: You can acquire Poseidon's Trident as an accessory, which has water manipulation abilities.
  • Bribing Your Way to Victory - Some accessories are only obtainable through real money, or from Betting Minigame with real money.
  • Counter Attack: Performable after you successfully block attacks. Also the Monk style's special attack is an auto-counter. Some accessories have specialized manual counter attacks, while some others have auto-counter moves, and a few has both (the Guard Mask and Monk-only Counter Gauntlet for one).
  • Death Dealer: A few accessories come in form of playing cards, such as the Card Soldier, Amped Card and Illusion Trump.
  • Double Weapon: The Gungnir accessory has blades on each sides of the stick.
  • Fighting with Chucks: The Tiger Nunchaku and later Beryl Rod accessories, the latter consists of 2 laser nunchucks.
  • Fire, Ice, Lightning: While there are many Elemental Powers played in this game, the three are the main ones, and they also have their designated Damage Typing. Some accessories may come in variants of each element (such as Ice Bow, Fire Bow and Thunder Bow) while some others use all three in one (i.e Trinity Buster, Anima Brand/Soul Sacrifice).
  • The Four Gods: There is a set of 4 accessories based on this.
  • Life Drain: Quite a few accessories can drain lives from the opponent and use it to replenish the user's, but special mention goes to Life Reaver and Gandr Scale, the techniques of which are all about draining lives in some way.
  • Morph Weapon: The Multi Slasher accessory has a sword form, a scythe form and an axe form. Likewise, the Variant Fencer accessory has a BFS form and a rapier form.
  • Poisonous Person/Poisoned Weapons: Some accessories let you poison your enemies, notably Poison Knuckles, Poison Gun and Selket's Tail.
  • Power Fist: Many accessories come in form of this, such as Electric Fist, Apostle Ache and Gigantic Smasher.
  • Situational Damage Attack: The Revenge Claw can do more damage and has more devastating effects on its effects if you attacked the guy who has the "revenge mark" on them (they get it when they attack you).
  • Teleport Gun: The Teleport Ball accessory is an Arm Cannon that lets you switch your place with whoever gets hit by the ball that you shot out. You can also put a teleport beacon on one point and a warp ball on the other; whoever walks into the warp ball gets warped to the beacon.
  • Wolverine Claws: Many accessories, such as Fighter-only Dragon Claws, Razor Gauntlet (aka Razor Claws) and Demon Claws.