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Trivia: YuYu Hakusho
  • Actor Allusion: This is not the first time Nozomu Sasaki has played a juvenile delinquent who gains supernatural powers in an incident involving small children and oncoming traffic.
  • Creative Differences: This is rumored to be the reason why YYH ended up rather... abruptly. Anime director Noriyuki Abe made so many changes to the TV series that, by the time the Three Kings saga hit in, Yoshihiro Togashi lost it and decided to cut off YuYu Hakusho as a whole, finishing both manga and anime so Abe wouldn't keep introducing changes.
    • In a much later interview Togashi said the reason was being tired / burned out.
  • Fountain of Expies: GOOD LORD, where will we start? Chrollo, Homura, Jin Kariya, DEFINITELY Ginjo, and possibly Aizen...although this may be subverted if Sensui himself is an Expy of Souther.
  • Hey, It's That Voice!: Being the second major FUNimation dub, it shares many voices from Dragon Ball Z. Botan is ChiChi with a British accent, Hiei is a significantly more badass version of Emperor Pilaf/Android 17 and Genkai is a more feminine and less androgynous version of Frieza. Kurama also gave out a hardy Tien yell during his final strike against Karisu.
    • According to one of the commentary tracks, this was a huge problem for the casting committee; the sheer number of characters in DBZ meant that pretty much everyone had already used up their "hero" voices, so they had to dig pretty far down into the well to keep from being a total clone. They finally told the line producer, Justin Cook, to read for Yusuke, as he'd only ever had bit parts on DBZ.
    • Hey, Yusuke is later Russell Tringham, Kuwabara is Major Armstrong, Keiko is Lust, Botan is Paninya, Hiei is Shou Tucker, and Kurama is Dolcetto. Well, not the EXACT same voices are used, but it's them.
      • Oh, and remember the guy Kurama fought in the episode where we saw Youko Kurama for the first time? Yeah, it's even harder to take him seriously once you can tell it's obviously Edward Elric. Kurama versus Edward, that'd be something ...
      • Younger Toguro and Sensui are brothers in the 2003 anime version of Fullmetal Alchemist. No, seriously - Dameon Clarke (Younger Toguro) still plays a younger brother, Scar, and Robert Mc Collum (Sensui) is Scar's unnamed older brother. They don't retain this in Brotherhood because Scar was recast.
      • And Yanagisawa, the guy that has the copy power in the Chapter Black arc? That's Colonel Mustang. Continuing with the Chapter Black correlations, "Doctor" of Sensui's team is Hughes.
    • Apparently George Lazenby did some voice acting for this.
    • Amusingly enough, minor recurring character Jin is voiced by the same actor as Jimmy Kudo (or Shinichi Kudo, to any purists out there). In both Japanese and English.
  • One of Us: The Gamemaster arc reveals many of the awesome characters we know to be really into videogames. Even Genkai.
  • Playing Against Type: Kyle Hebert is versatile, but more well known for voicing hot blooded characters. On the other hand, his role as Karasu prepared him for Sousuke Aizen of Bleach, a show that arguably draws much inspiration from YuYu Hakusho
  • Real-Life Relative: In one very brief scene of the English dub that shows Yusuke and Keiko as children, the child Yusuke is voiced by Aaron Dismuke, Justin Cook's cousin.
  • Retroactive Recognition: A crapton, with a few good examples listed above. Most notable is Vic Mignogna as Uraurashima, though Travis Willingham as Yanagisawa is notable as well.
  • Star-Making Role: Megumi Ogata and Nobuyuki Hiyama brokeout thanks to Kurama and Hiei.
  • The Wiki Rule: This one and this one, although the former is much better.
  • What Could Have Been: On one of the DVD commentaries, three out of the four main voice actors admitted they wanted different parts from what they were given. Justin Cook (Yusuke's VA) wanted to be Kurama, Chuck Huber (Hiei's VA) wanted to be Yusuke, Christopher Sabat (Kuwabara's VA) wanted to be Hiei, while John Burgmeier (Kurama's VA) didn't admit that he wanted any particular part. If this were the actual cast and Burgmeier was still part of the main four, he would have been left with Kuwabara.
  • Originally Hiei was introduced as a one-off that was popular enough to keep.
    • Later, some official artwork had Kurama and Hiei be physically close that fans noticed. When asked if Hiei and Kurama were together, Togashi said he hadn't originally intended them to be a couple but could see the possibility and wouldn't have minded. Sensui and Itsuki however, are an Official Couple.
  • There is a small short comic that Togashi only gave out to a handful of people. It contains genderbent Hiei and Kurama and a sketch of Kurama and Karasu as a couple, among several other author's notes.

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