Tabletop Game / SenZar
Break through the dream barrier if you dare.

A very high-powered tabletop RPG — the goal of the game is to have your character reach immortality. Allows for incredibly powerful characters from first level.

Appeared in the 1990s during the 2nd Edition D&D era, and immediately became unpopular on rpgnet due to a botched Usenet advertising campaign by the creators. The system uses d20 rolls over a target number (with the roll increasing to d100 for stats of 20+). Races are typical fantasy but 'metalled up' including Starin (elves) and Khazak (dwarves), plus Demonians, Golgothans (the aliens from Predator), Saurans (regenerating massive lizard men), G'rru (werewolves) and others. All characters can cast spells (though warriors do it badly), and get 'Fate Points' allowing them to 'edit' poor die rolls. The artwork is high in cheesecake.

The game itself is a typical fantasy world though the campaign history notes the race was settled as a slave world by the technologically advanced 'Death Horde'.

This tabletop RPG provides examples of:

  • Elemental Crafting: Taken to an extreme.
  • Fantastic Nuke: High-level magic in general, and the Black Hole spell from Astromancy in particular.
  • Jerkass Gods: Too many examples to mention individually, possibly including the PCs.
  • The Loonie: The flaw "Total Stupidity" not only turns your character into The Loonie, it gives you bonus points for it.
  • Magikarp Power: Astromancy all the way!
  • Power Nullifier: Known as "pulsing" effects.