Tabletop Game: Returners Final Fantasy Roleplaying Game

A Tabletop RPG developed by Returner Games Inc. It is based on the Final Fantasy video game series, though it is only a fan-made work, with no official ties to Square Enix. Development of what would become FFRPG began in 1995. In 1999, the First Edition of FFRPG was released, followed by a Second Edition in 2001. 2E was far from exemplary, however, with many issues of balance, consistency, and accuracy to the source material. After many years of development and testing, the completed FFRPG Third Edition was finally released as a free .pdf in 2009. There also exists a spinoff by the name of SeeD, effectively an unofficial fourth edition since after over a decade of work, most of the developers considered FFRPG finished. The original website no longer exists, but a new site can be found here.

This roleplaying system provides examples of:

  • Class and Level System - 31 jobs, 64 levels, with little in the way of class feature customization, instead favoring balance among the jobs.
  • Healing Potion - A number of potions with various restorative effects.
  • Health/Damage Asymmetry - Player characters and monsters are created with very different systems, leading to massive differences in HP and damage dealt.
  • Our Elves Are Different - Elvaan are actually pretty bad at magic and are much more likely to just hit you with a sword. Also, they have great suntans.
  • Spoony Bard - Practically inverts this trope, especially in relation to the Trope Namer. They can endlessly throw around group affecting buffs and debuffs for free while still doing decent magical damage and they can use Hide to avoid predictable attacks making them very valuable against both tough mobs and bosses. Their main weakness, just to further separate them from Edward, is a tendency to go last.
  • Summon Magic - The Black and White Callers have limited summoning ability. The Summoner has full summoning access, and itís pretty badass.