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Sugar Wiki: TV Tropes Enhanced My Life
Don't believe what those other guys say about TV Tropes ruining lives. Everyone knows what the real deal is. Tell us, tropers, what this very wiki has done to enhance your life!

Remember, this is Just for Fun, so don't forget to put on your smiley face! :)

NOTE: Some of the following entries may or may not have actually happened.
Until i found TV Tropes, any informal wiki I had found was just a place for people to harass, rip apart and complain. In a way, TV Tropes renewed my faith in the internet and humanity just by showing me that people could come together on the internet and talk about how much they loved things. That people could be civilized even when relaxing online. Thank you Tropers for making my year!
  • Thanks to this website, I found the wonderful Japanese theme songs of The Amazing Spider-Man and The Amazing Spider-Man 2; "0 GAME" (SPYAIR) and "Fighter" (Mika Nakashima x Miliyah Kato) respectively.
    • I also gained the ability to plant Epileptic Trees better. It's feels very good when you are able to guess the most mind-boggling plot twists ever correctly.
  • I just found Pokémon Vietnamese Crystal. I've been laughing my poodles off for about two hours and I feel so good right now. Life is Made of Win.
  • TV Tropes led me to believe there are people out there who like TV more than I do. And now, I know a buttload more about films and shows I have seen, and I found out about Dawson's Creek from here. If only there was a "free social life" button.
  • TV Tropes made me realise how many other people there are who feel the same way about junk and stuff.
  • TV Tropes restored my faith in humanity by demonstrating that online discussion doesn't have to end in Flame War.
  • TV Tropes raised my Literature Analysis grade almost full letter grade for all the allusions and crap.
  • TV Tropes left a Party in My Pocket, and I was the guest of honor!
  • TV Tropes baked cookies for all its Tropers!
  • TV Tropes allows me to understand - and write - fiction better. I can scavenge cool tropes for my works,or a rare ones to be original,subvert and deconstruct cliches,avoid Dead Horse Tropes... this knowledge actually helps.
    • All the knowledge this troper acquired thanks to TV Tropes motivated him to dust off and take back up an old project of his, which he had given up two years before. (It's a comic book.)
  • Until i found TV Tropes, any informal wiki I had found was just a place for people to harass, rip apart and complain. In a way, TV Tropes renewed my faith in the internet and humanity just by showing me that people could come together on the internet and talk about how much they loved things. That people could be civilized even when relaxing online. Thank you Tropers for making my year!
  • Without TV Tropes, I never would've found out about the awesomeness that is A Very Potter Musical. :D
  • TV Tropes has introduced me to some great series/comics/books/other forms of media I wouldn't know about otherwise.
  • Before TV Tropes, I was hooked on So Bad, It's Horrible shows from Disney Channel. TV Tropes showed me that premises didn't have to be simple and safe, problems didn't have to be resolved within one episode, status quo didn't have to be god, aesops didn't have to be anvilicious, and hijinks and dialog didn't have to be so wacky they bordered on self-parody. It taught me that there were only so many Contrived Coincidences the audience would accept before it broke their Willing Suspension of Disbelief, and which character types were Mary Sues, Scrappy-worthy, or both. Thanks TV Tropes, for teaching me how to write stories better.
  • I had so many biting questions about so many things, and TV Tropes had the answers to plenty of them! (Why it is that movies seen as terrible by critics aren't that horrible to me, why it is that Thunderbirds is awesome despite it silly marionettes, why it is that everything seems similar but not exactly the same, why it is that Reality Is Unrealistic, etc...) And hopefully I'll find the answer to more of them. (Why it is that Joe Jitsu is my favorite character, why it is that more people don't know about TV Tropes, why it is that Real Life isn't more awesome than it is now...) Thanks, TV Tropes!
  • TV Tropes clears my sinuses...really. With its devotion to the Tearjerker page, I have cried so many wonderful tears. And let me tell you that crying clears a stuffy nose better than any drug. It feels so good to cry.
  • TV Tropes has given me a more positive outlook on things I used to hate. And that is awesome.
  • If not for TV Tropes, I never would have exposed myself to Babylon 5, or Tengen Toppa Gurren Lagann. Nor would I ever have known about Metal Wolf Chaos.
  • TV Tropes allowed me to take first in an extemporanous speaking tournament! Go Sturgeon's Law!
  • TV Tropes made this troper have a better outlook on human kind, cheered her up when she was down in the dumps, and chases away all of her fears.
  • Trope Names helped me get a story written. I used them as a shorthand to get ideas down on the page, then went back to expand on each one; the story grew from there. (and grew, and grew... I'd better stop writing before it hits Door Stopper length!)
  • TV Tropes (specifically this page) gave me an optimistic outlook on ordinary life.
  • This wiki has enhanced my life indeed. It introduced me to Magical Girl Lyrical Nanoha, Drowtales, and other very good works. It has taught me that, Tropes Are Not Good, Tropes Are Not Bad, but rather, Tropes Are Tools. Used properly, the most cliched of tropes can remind you why they became cliches in the first place. I've laughed, cheered, cried, and had my heart warmed here.
  • I met my current boyfriend 5 years ago. We just drifted apart as friends and stopped talking much due to circumstances. Then one day we started talking about tvtropes, and 4 months later we're going out. He knows who he is . . . colon d!
  • This Troper was having such difficulty with one of her short stories that her own teacher said to throw it out and start over. Moping around on TV Tropes, I discovered the What You Are in the Dark page and realized that I had never come to a decision about what the main character would choose in an extension of the plot. When I finally figured out that he would become a Well-Intentioned Extremist, it inspired a rewrite that got me an A. Thanks, TV Tropes!
  • When it's not supporting me in the things I already love, TV Tropes is introducing me to new things. In the last year-and-a-half or so I've been a member, I've been introduced to the Gargoyles continuation comic, The Princess and the Frog, the So Cool It's Awesome Buffy the Vampire Slayer Fan Fic The Chosen, and Wicked through TV Tropes. Last month, I was introduced to quite possibly the coolest Mondegreen video in the history of EVER. Last week I learned that The Phantom of the Opera had a sequel. Not twenty minutes ago, TV Tropes introduced me to Robot Unicorn Attack and Erasure at the same time. I love you, TV Tropes!
  • Through TV Tropes, This Troper has been introduced to Darker Than Black, Full Metal Panic!, and a few other works. I've regained interest in Katekyo Hitman Reborn! and Pokémon Special. I've also learned about awesome and heartwarming moments in history. The trope examples have also helped me out with a story I'm writing. Thank you TV Tropes! :D (I'll try to get all the things mentioned linked; haven't quite figured that out yet :P)
  • TV Tropes showed me Ranma ˝, InuYasha, Haruhi Suzumiya, Bleach, Fullmetal Alchemist, Case Closed— aw, heck with it! It made me love anime again! * hugs TV Tropes*
  • Thank you TV Tropes, your site provided me with great conversation subjects for many (otherwise) boring Christmas (and other) dinners. People marvel at my ability to tell about adaptations, foreshadowing, characters and other stuff.
  • TV Tropes has certainly enhanced my life! The perfect place to go to when one wants to procrastinate and get away from the crazy student world. I was introduced to new things through the site, and perhaps even a few books I'd never have considered reading before. Some tropes even helped me in real life when I was stuck for any solutions to whatever problem I had. Take for instance:
    • To Know Him I Must Become Him had been very useful for me when I was trying to think like a (hypothetical) burglar who had burst into the house, looking for money. I tried to think of every other method of storing money in a place a burglar would never look (or at least would be the last place.) After some mulling about it, I finally hit upon the best solution. No, I'm not going to say, you'll have to figure it out yourself.
  • When This Troper saw the Mohs Scale of Science Fiction Hardness page, it inspired him to dust off a hard SF novel he'd been writing off-and-on for the last 30 years, and get serious about it. Perhaps one day The Pentagon War will be on the shelves at fine bookstores everywhere!
  • TV Tropes was actually able to reintroduce me to several anime I have seen before, The Melancholy of Haruhi Suzumiya being one such example.
  • TV Tropes got me a 99% on my american lit paper on the interrobang (the symbol for the trivia pages)!
  • Tv Tropes allows me to not drown under the downpour of teenage depression. As soon as I feel depressed * bing* * random trope* and on with the Idiot Grin of happiness. I do get some rather odd looks, though.
  • Tv Tropes let me pass English class with keen analytical skills. Thanks to the Sherlock Scan, I can now figure out key details about people in real life. Combine this knowledge with Deadpan Snarker, and this is a survival recipe for high school!
  • By showing me how cliched most of my entertainment is, TV Tropes has helped me to appreciate works that try to do something different, even if I would otherwise criticize them. The B-movie Soul Survivor, which by most standards is about equivalent in quality to a film on MST3K, is to me a five-star movie, because everything that happens in it violates my expectations as a filmgoer but makes perfect sense in hindsight.
  • TV Tropes got me back into shows I watched as a little kid. My Saturday mornings are now busy!
  • TV Tropes is helping me develop my characters and plot for my novel. It also helped me learn a little about writing in HTML and showed me that I am not alone in the things that I love. It also helped me learn Buffy Speak so that my main character can speak it fluently.
  • Laptop computer: $300. Internet Access: $14.99 per month. Staying up untill 12:30 A.M. on a school night waiting for the next episode of TGWTG Second Anniversery Special Kickassia to be released so you can be the first one to add examples on its page: Priceless. There are somethings money can't buy. For everything else, there's TV Tropes.
  • TV Tropes showed me that for all of the rude, loud idiots that inhabit the internet, there are just as many people who are intelligent, funny and polite.
    • I second that.
      • I Third it! It's nice to see people working together, particularly with the sugar Wiki... warm fuzzies all around.
  • Ranting on the Troper Tales made me feel better about something that had happened. Also it gave me motivation to develop the webcomic I'm planning and to help flesh out my Loads and Loads of Characters. It also has made me less into Fan Dumb and shown me that Die for Our Ship is silly. It also kills my boredom.
  • Until TV Tropes, no one I knew wanted to analyze movies, or wanted to see a lot of depth. They just wanted to passively watch. TV Tropes helped me see that I am NOT alone in wanting to analyze movies/video games/tv shows to a heavy extent, and the idea of classifying cliches/trends in an organized manner just makes me happy. :) Also a great boredom solver.
  • TV Tropes showed me Mystery Science Theatre, That Guy with the Glasses and any Abridged Series. It also gave me something to do when I injured myself playing soccer.
    • TGWTG and Abridged Series for me. But I know that withing a matter of two hours, I will now be hooked on Mystery Science Theatre. Thats how these things go.
  • Even beyond helping to develop my characters and story ideas and keeping me from going nuts from bored, TV Tropes has made me look at myself objectively. I notice when a trope applies to me, and start to think if that is a good or bad thing, and eventually it starts to influence what I do to so I can be who I want to be. And in the case of the Shrinking Violet page, it made me see just what I had overcome, and what could have happened if I hadn't found the right anime addictions. Maybe that sounds sort of silly, but I enjoy psychoanalysis like that.
  • TV Tropes allowed this troper to ace a college level sociology course while she was still in high school. Thanks for the analytical skills TV Tropes!
  • TV Tropes made novel analysis a whole heck of a lot easier. Verbal praise from my Honors English teacher included.
  • TV Tropes led me to discover the awesomeness that is Avatar: The Last Airbender. I watched the entire series online and fell completely in love with it. Watching the fight scenes and bending throughout the show inspired me to take up Kung Fu. In the six months since I started, I've lost four pants sizes. Thanks TV Tropes! And Avatar!
  • TV Tropes is the reason I consistently get As on my analysis papers for my English and Film classes. Thanks, TV Tropes, for putting me on the path to getting into a good grad school!
  • TV Tropes helped me on an essay on why people think New Media Are Evil. I ended up doing exceptionally well. Hats off to you, TV Tropes.
  • TV Tropes helped me memorize where the "*" key is on my keyboard. Typing class can only get you so far... spending hours editing wikis on the other hand...
  • TV Tropes has led me to so many awesome things, and those awesome things have led me to discover that I'm in fact not alone. Really not alone. Thank you, TV Tropes, for allowing me to finally find the friends I always wanted and never knew I needed.
  • TV Tropes showed me that others share my Perverse Sexual Lust. Whenever I go here I belong and I am One of Us.
  • Tv Tropes made me feel like less of a freak for being nerdy.
  • TV Tropes helped me become critical even about things I like - and made me understand that a little cliche or flaw doesn't automatically make it shitty.
  • TV Tropes has shown me so many things I never would have known existed otherwise. The old I Am Not Making This Up page in particular led me to some great books and movies, and the Fetish Fuel pages have made me realize my kinks are okay. :D
  • TV Tropes helped me learn to create characters for my writing and even to do a romance scene tolerably well.
  • TV Tropes introduced me to the concept of So Bad, It's Good.
  • TV Tropes introduced me to Joss Whedon and helped me with writing ensemble which is a thing i'm a big fan of but at first i found real hard. also it introduced me to the idea that tropes are not bad and they actually are awesome and helpful to both tell stories and understanding and apreciating them. so thank you fast eddie and all the tropers. you are all Made of Win
  • TV Tropes has improved my schoolwork, both through analysis and my own writing! From a cruddy fanfic writer to an A-student in English, this troper thanks this site heartily!
  • TV Tropes made me proud of myself when this trope I came up with, made and launched was made into bumper stickers and T-Shirts.
  • TV Tropes has, thus far, done these things that enhance my life:
  • TV Tropes has pulled up my Literature grades, established me as one of the most analytical students in class. It has also improved my typing speed, because once a chapter of Kyon Big Damn Hero comes up, at least three tropers will open it in a new tab and start listing tropes and their corresponding examples as fast as they can. The fact that there is somewhere apart from Spacebattles where intelligent conversations can be held, with a side-helping of inane jokes, is a bonus.
  • Tv Tropes has done several things for me, but perhaps most importantly, has opened opened my eyes to the Double Standards that I have been completely oblivious to in my life. I have since gone through some drastic Character Development and now am an all-around more tolerant person than I was even a year ago, even standing up for those who are talked down upon for acting "outside of their expected gender roles". Though sometimes people cannot except this new, somewhat enlightened me (and sometimes I admit that there are times when it may go to my head and overwhelm me, causing me to see sexism in everything).
  • TV Tropes has given me a word to describe the situation when a moment in a piece of fiction that is desperately trying to be serious comes off as rather funny.
  • Without TV Tropes, I would have never seen Key the Metal Idol, Serial Experiments Lain, or any other of a long list of thought-provoking works which have broadened my perspective on... well, everything. Also, I never would have discovered Machinae Supremacy.
  • At the risk of sounding overdramatic: apart from being awesome and entertaining on its own, TV Tropes introduced me to That Guy with the Glasses, which was pretty much the only thing that made me laugh during a truly miserable period of my life earlier this year. It's possible that TGWTG saved my life, or at least my sanity. So in a roundabout way, TV Tropes helped to save me. I am One of Us. And I love it here.
  • I was able to tell right away that the Scarface School Play was a fake.
  • TV Tropes inspired me to seek out better media. There's enough out there that's just "all right," but thanks to a combination of other people's reviews, thorough trope-by-trope dissection, and a number of other factors, I am able to find things to read, watch, and listen to that are really worth my time. Also, it enhanced my vocabulary. Anvilicious, Narm, Nightmare Fuel, Badass Normal, The Call Knows Where You Live, and Deadpan Snarker are now colorful additions to my daily speech. Last of all, thank you for introducing me to Avatar: The Last Airbender and Buffy the Vampire Slayer, which are now my two favorite TV shows.
  • TV Tropes got Sister Golden Hair out of my head when all that I knew was the melody - Random Page landed on an older version of the Hair of Gold, Heart of Gold page, and that song was quoted there. I greatly appreciate it, as that damn song was stuck in my head for a few months!
  • Even before coming on this site, my life as a writer was built on playing with the things I did not yet know to be tropes. After discovering TV Tropes, I now have an endless list of tools to have my charactersavert, subvert, defy, exploit, lampshade, and sometimes even play straight. Thank you, TV Tropes!
  • Thanks to Tv tropes, this troper ALWAYS has something to look at. Whenever I'm bored or need to be cheered up, Tv tropes is always available.
  • TV Tropes introduced me to Event Horizon, Alien, and The Thing (1982). This meant that I was able to laugh off a flash game that takes elements from all three. If I weren't a troper, I would probably have shat my pants at some of that stuff.
  • TV Tropes introduced me to Firefly and other great stuff, and helped me work on my webcomic! But even better, I used the allusions and character tropes on the site to net a 98 on an English essay last year, and the undying adoration of my English teacher. Who then wrote one of my recommendation letters to college — And I got accepted! So TV Tropes helped me get into college!
  • TV really helped me. I was going through a really hard time in my life—I'd just moved across the country. One of my new friends introduced me to the site. Instantly, I just felt...good. I was on a site that helped me sort out the confusing contents of my brain, helped me find cool shows and series that I hadn't known existed before, and helped the quality of my writing improve by showing me how to play with tropes. It makes me feel happy to know that there's people as awesome as the other contributors to TV Tropes and that the Internet can be such a friendly, informative place—for a site that's "a buttload more informal than Wikipedia," it's actually really well-organized and welcoming. I FRIGGIN' LOVE TV TROPES!
  • TV Tropes got me back into The Real Ghostbusters fandom. I had added something to They Wasted a Perfectly Good Sandwich about the opening sequence to RGB but misremembered and said it was Ray who wasted the sandwich. Someone edited it and said it was Winston. I decided I'd better go to YouTube and see if anyone posted the opening sequence. It was Winston! I decided to start watching the eps again. I'm also having a good time playing games on the Forum.
  • TV Tropes got me on to a lot of good shows and books. It also helped me regain my love of Meta and Fourth Wall messing-with. It also made me appreciate my tendency to analyse Everything.
  • Tv Tropes introduced me to a million new things, the best of which has been Avatar: The Last Airbender and the thousands of ideas, characters, and stories that I came up with while browsing.
  • Tv Tropes got me into 3 of the 5 shows in my dvd collection.
  • I once had a dream that there was an Alien Invasion, me and a squad of tropers used TV Tropes to communicate and execute a coordinated attack around the world to defeat the aliens. Now I know what to do when aliens invade.
  • TV Tropes introduced me to new things and showed me things I may have missed.
  • TV Tropes convinced me to become an Literary education major.
  • Thanks to TV Tropes... I discovered Daria and George R.R. Martin, I improve my English, I was thaught about Cliche (even thought they [Cliches and Tropes] aren't the same thing) for future writing and I even got topics to discuss my friends. Well, thanks for ruining my life and making it funnier at the same time.
  • TV Tropes Enhances my vocabulary! Egregious, eponymous, laconic, obfuscating, Sesquipedalian Loquaciousness, tract, boisterous and so on. Better for word learning than any word-of-the-day.
  • TV Tropes introduced me to various movies, books, and shows I'd never even consider trying otherwise, such as Being John Malkovich, The Coen Brothers and My Little Pony: Friendship Is Magic.
  • Someone I knew vaguely caught me inadvertently speaking tropese. I now have a new friend.
  • TV Tropes told me the end of Tristan and Iseult and thus completely saved me on a French Lit test.
  • TV Tropes inspired me to do not one but several series that play upon media and storytelling stereotypes. That I haven't started on many of them is besides the point.
  • TV Tropes inspires me in my novels. I come here whenever I hit a block.
  • TV Tropes introduced me to some of the samples I use in my music. It also brought me to The Avalanches.
  • TV Tropes did almost all of the above for this troper but to help it increased my vocabulary, gave me plenty of movie ideas and tropes to use and play with, made me snarky and hammy, made me become a Meta Guy to my friends and family and I also make a Lampshade Hanging every couple of minutes.
  • In all seriousness TV Tropes has taught me a-lot more things about math, science, history, and language than my teachers from my crappy school have, weird but true. Thanks TV Tropes for making me a more intellectual individual!
  • TV Tropes found me the perfect YA novel to bring into my Irish mythology class: I was at my wits end, unable to find anything that would work until in my desperation I searched " Irish Mythology" and was led to The Hounds of the Morrigan.
  • TV Tropes has Expanded my vocabulary and has generally increased entertainment in my life.
  • TV Tropes introduced me to Monty Python. It also helped me a lot with my writing and was one of the things that inspired me to write a comic.
  • TV Tropes allowed me to explore a bunch of new ways of looking at morality without having to read a bunch of stuffy philosophy books.
  • TV Tropes introduced me to The Slender Man Mythos... THANK YOU!!!
  • TV Tropes helped me study for a test on World War II, which I aced.
  • TV Tropes finally got me to watch My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic. Before, I just kind of watched the occasional clip on YouTube. Now, after reading about it on TV Tropes, I watch actual episodes. Also, if I'm using a trope in a fanfic that I'm coming up with (nothing's actually been written yet though, so don't go looking for them on or Deviant ART) it helps to look at the "Playing With" page, because it give you an idea of how to take a trope and, well... Exactly What It Says on the Tin.
  • Thanks to TV Tropes, I now view TV in an entirely new way. Also, this site turned me into an Otaku. And I'm proud.
  • How this troper found El Goonish Shive and Blank It. Possibly The Order of the Stick too, but my memory's hazy on that.
  • This troper has read several series just based on the fact that if you notice a series on multiple pages, or it's page has a large number of tropes listed, it's been well-read, and usually worth checking out.
  • This troper tends to start at TV Tropes when looking for a new webcomic/TV series to read/watch. Notable finds include Tengen Toppa Gurren Lagann, Goblins,
  • This troper found the Ace Attorney series through TV tropes. This led to a love of visual novels, which led to a love of Japanese video games, which led to a love of Japanese media in general. This troper is now learning Japanese to experience anime, manga, and games as they were meant to be experienced and to avoid the pain of No Export for You.
  • TV tropes saved this troper from falling behind in english lit! Thanks to tv tropes I've begun to actually put some thought into stories andd use words that sound clever...
  • Where to start? TV tropes gave me a resource for my history class with its Useful Notes pages. It introduced me to numerous fandoms, the works of Joss Whedon in particular. It also gave me a ton of ideas for tropes to use in writing, as well as a more critical view of fiction, as opposed to just mindlessly consuming (though some of my family members may not agree that's a good thing). Oh, and it's also helpful for suppressing boredom.
  • TV Tropes helped with some of my lessons and introduced me to the best fanfics I have ever read
  • TV Tropes helped me write better by introducing me to so many things I was doing wrong- I do better research now- and boosted my confidence at the same time by showing me what I was doing right- totally accidentally just typed "write" there, I have autocorrect in my brain or something- and helping me think of ways I could do it more/better. Thanks!
  • TV Tropes, along with reading reviews on GoodReads, essentially taught me how to write. I know about so many more pitfalls to avoid, so many hidden opportunities, so much stuff that I never would've known otherwise.
  • Thanks to TV Tropes,not only do I have many awesome new ideas to use for my stories, but I've also been able to see things in new lights, think differently about some things I enjoy, and soon I plan on meeting some of the other awesome tropers when I finally check out the forums. So, thank you, TV Tropes!
  • TV Tropes introduced me to several cool works, expanded my vocabulary, always gives me something to look at and gave me a Flawless Victory (as in maximum marks on the first draft) for some English coursework.
  • TV Tropes fueled my interest in searching for Fridge Horror/Brilliance/Logicin practically everything I do. Also:
    • Expanded my vocabulary. I catch people off guard a lot with terms like Phyrric Victory.
    • Refueled my nostalgic interest in old things that I'd forgotten with things like the occasional Parental Bonus. Batman: The Animated Series (which in turn fueled my DC love in general), Rayman (which fueled my replaying of PlayStation 1 games), The Muppet Show, among many others.
    • Made me love tropes. I always click random expecting something new and/or funny. Thanks, TV Tropes! :D
  • TV Tropes not only introduced me to different amazing works that I probably would have glossed over or passed on, but it has also expanded my vocabulary by a mile. At the same time, it also somehow reinvigorated my love for writing fiction. Before, I would simply load up a random series I knew and read about its tropes. Nowadays, it has pretty much become such a big part of my life that I don't know what I'd do without it. A lot of my current mannerisms about many things stemmed from TV Tropes. I love this site, and I am proud that I found and stuck with it.
  • Thanks to TV Tropes I got into Hack/Slash and The Order of the Stick.
  • TV Tropes gave this troper the tools she needed to pick apart the guts and workings of a story, an ability she now takes great pride in. It also taught her how to express the patterns she noticed, and make herself look like a literary genius to her uncultured friends. *evil laugh*
  • Thanks to TV Tropes, this troper learned about shipping. An offhand comment about that and suddenly I have a girlfriend. So thanks TV Tropes for getting me a girlfriend!
  • I've been on this site for several years and it has never failed to entertain me. But what's more, it taught me to think more critically of shows, to look at beloved characters in a new way. Very useful when writing fanfic or whatever. So thank you, TV Tropes. Thank you.
  • I found a catchy name for when the media fails its fact checks: Cowboy Bebop at His Computer!
  • This website has introduced me to all sorts of ideas I hadn't considered before, along with books like Fire Bringer and Watership Down. Oh, and it taught me the dangers of announcing your ships in volatile fandoms, even if you just say you're a canon shipper.
  • This place has given me a place to put all my crazy Doctor Who theories and talk about media in a casual way. Oh, and it's a good place to sink hours of time.
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