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Webcomic: Holy Bibble
Noah and Son

Holy Bibble is a parody of The Bible and other ancient mythologies. Running through the books in order, it sometimes stops to examine other myths or create new ones of its own with its extensive cast of characters: mortal and immortal alike. Make sure your sense of humor is bigger than your sense of righteous indignation before reading.

As a parody, Bibble encounters tropes at every corner, sometimes even directly examining the origin of a trope, such as with CainAndAbel. Even so, Bibble does not strictly retell ancient scripture. The characters are more fleshed out than would be expected for this type of comic, as is shown by the extensive pages on the cast, places, and other details of the complex narrative. Rather than a simple gag comic, the comic attempts to tell a cohesive story hidden in the cracks of the punchlines.

The comic updates daily (except Sundays) on the hosting site, ComicFury.

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