Webcomic / Divine Bells

Do red camellias ring any bells?

Divine Bellsnote  is a Korean webcomic by Lee Hye. It is a Fantasy Drama with a major Quest set in a magical land divided in to countries. The titular bells choose Not really they were controlled/asleep for a long time their own masters and they determine the status, prestige, and influence of the countries their masters rule. The presence or lack of these Bells also has great influence on the political status of each country. In particular, the political future of King Hong-Ryeong seems doomed without a Bell, but at equally great peril if he obtains one.

When the owner of three of the eight existing Divine Bells dies, leaving them to choose new owners, the resulting turmoil leads to a race to find the original creator of the Bells in order to gain power over the entire world.

This work contains examples of:

  • Reincarnation: Baek-Yeom seems to have been reincarnated as the first prince of Dae-hyun. Then it turns out to be a red hearing and he actually is the youngest prince.
  • Royals Who Actually Do Something: Most of the royals are very active in working to gain and maintain power. Some are just not as active as others, others prefer to watch.
  • Self-Fulfilling Prophecy: Men with Divine Powers are treated as bad omens and will bring certain ruin to the country, because their lust for power drives them insane and to kill people in their way to achieve said power. Baek-Yeom pretty much admits that, since he was repeatedly shunned for having Divine Powers and thought to become a murdering maniac, he might as well become a murdering maniac and seek power through force. Hong-Ryung pretty much point out to him that his actions only strengthened that old belief.