Shout Out: DragonFable

Dragon Fable — a game with so many Shout Outs, they needed their own page.

Anime & Manga
  • One of the pirate monkeys is called L. D. Monkee and wears a straw hat.
  • The character Akira is a Dragon Ball Z reference.
    • He can go supersaiyan, and sometimes attack with the Kamehameha.
    • Gregg the Cricket, a pet, is another. His special is getting Supersaiyan hair when his power is "Over 9000!".
  • A good number of weapons are a Shout-Out to Bleach while an enemy is dressed like Luffy.
  • Thyton's training book, Itchy Itchy Paradise, and his home town, Shadow of the Wind Village, are both Naruto references.
    • And so is the now rare Ninja Head Band.
  • Mogloween masks:

Comic Books
  • The first Gold War's boss is a giant green sneevil named Snulk.
    • George Lowe turns into a Hulk-like creature after getting fed up with the puns in the game.
  • Mogloween masks:


Internet Memes
  • In the Rainbow War Boss Battle, your character quotes the Double Rainbow guy.
  • An April's Fools Shop is called Double Rainbow.
  • "Gorgok Returns!" has this exchange:
    Gorgok: O Rly?
    Your dragon: Ya rly!
  • An April's Fools Pet is called DerpFish.
  • In the Thankstaking quest, Lim pops up to say "What has science done?!"
  • Bjorn in Hunter's Paradise says "OM NOM NOM!"
  • Rolith proposes to Alina with a parody of The Man Your Man Could Smell Like.


Live-Action TV
  • "Rescue!" drops Island Survival Belt, which description references LOST.
  • Cysero has a phone booth that travels through time. This is either a reference to Doctor Who or Bill & Ted's Excellent Adventure (most likely the former).
    • The default Technomancer weapon is called Laser Screwdriver.
    • A Ravenloss quest drops "Nerada Belt".
    • A House Item is called "Blue Box", and it looks like the TARDIS, but you can't get into it.
    • Also, the Blue Box Trinket, which has a skill that summons the Blue Box.
    • In "Ex Machina", your character says EXTERMINA— before getting cut off by Yix.
    • "When" has you fighting Doctor When, an ogre dressed in a mix of the Tenth and Eleventh Doctor's clothes.
    • There's also a trinket called "Blue Box" that looks like the TARDIS and actually does no damage against Doctor When.
  • The House Item shop in Dragesvard has a Mogbusters Poster.
  • In the Aeris Battlespire, Coach the barmaid says: "Welcome to the Duelist Lounge... "Where everybody knows your name and wants to fight you!"
  • Oscar, who is waiting by Patch's shop, is grouchy, a reference to Oscar the Grouch.
  • Bargok is a parody of Barney the Dinosaur.
  • The guy in the Weapon shop is called BorkBork.
    • And the item Chef's Hat's description also references that.
  • In the Code Monkey Challenge, Rolith says "It's just a show, you should really just relax!"
  • In a cutscene from Lucky Day 2012, Baron Au'Mydas sings "Soft kitty, warm kitty..."
  • In the Light Orb quest chain, Kasuf and his daughter, Sha'Rae, are references to Daniel Jackson's father-in-law and wife.


Newspaper Comics
  • In "The Pumpkin Patch" and "Yaga Stone Circle", you can get healed by standing next to the Great Pumpkin.


Video Games

Western Animation
  • "Mysterious LCC" features a Scooby-Doo parody, with your Dragon as Scooby and your character as Shaggy, with the dragon Lampshading it.
  • When you first meet Voltabolt, your character says "Eh, whats up doc?"
  • In "Critical Failure", Rolith says "Can't sleep, togs will eat me!".
  • The Ursice shaman says that the frost goblins have a pic-a-nic basket.
  • The Trinket Fry's Coffee, the design notes that introduced it mentions 100 cups of coffee, referencing when Fry drank 100 cups of coffee on Futurama.
  • In the Gryphon training quest, the ending text says: "Little Stewie Gryphon says: Victory is mine! Raaaaawck!"
    • And the Gryphon which can get you everywhere from Falconreach is called Peter.
    • The Prank quest is a reference to the raccoon outhouse gag in the episode "To Love and Die in Dixie".
  • In the "Pachelbel's Cannon" quest, the catapult is being worked on by Will E. Kaiotea.
  • "The City Fights Back" has the entire city fighting as Simas Prime.
  • Noxus has two Ninja Turtle Doves working for him in a Frostval quest.