Fridge: DragonFable

  • Fridge Horror:
    • What would have happened if the Death Knights hadn't rescued you from being Mind Raped by Kathool Atchoo?
    • Grams may or may not be dead after the crash. Considering all the water-breathing potions, it's guaranteed that she won't drown; but that wouldn't stop her from being crushed under all the rubble.
    • During the 2010 and 2011 Mogloween events, you have to kill a lot of Zardbies, all of whom used to be normal innocent people. Including children. Even worse, the condition is reversible but you still have no choice but to Shoot the Dog.
      • Similarly enough, we learn in Nythera's storyline that she was the one who created the Sneevils, the box-obsessed race of goblins that the player comes across regularly throughout the game, by casting a spell on a group of children. Her parents mentioned that although they were able to them up and turn them back, they weren't even sure if they had found them all, and given how often you run into and forced to take down said Sneevils, well...
    • Your Name on an abandoned tombstone in the Necropolis Saga. What does it actually say? Rest in Pieces!
    • The epilogue of chapter 2 makes this fate even harsher: The Hero becomes a literal Human Popsicle after rescuing someone! Cue a likely And I Must Scream scenario.
      • You actually do scream. Chances are, you've been screaming a long time.
  • Fridge Brilliance:
    • I've been thinking of the Water Orb Saga and came to this conclusion: The Hero is actually terrified of themselves and the sheer power they'd wield if they were drunk on the Dark side, which is why there's a Mirror Match halfway through...
      • Which puts the Cyrptic training mission into perspective........