Tear Jerker / DragonFable

WARNING: Pretty much everything on this page is a spoiler.

Book 1

  • Konnan's reaction in the aftermath of Akriloth's fiery rampage. It's the first time in the story that you are faced with someone so devastated.
  • The climax near the end of the Orb Saga from Sepulchure gathering all the elemental orbs to turning Falconreach a ruinous warzone. The Darkest Hour indeed.
    • Then things got a lot worse from there...
  • Warlic's death during the Storm War questchain (though he gets resurrected by Nythera at the very end).
  • Sepulchure's castle crashing into the Guardian Tower and killing all those guardians inside.
  • Sha'Rae sacrificing herself to destroy the Orb of Light. It's a shame it failed.
  • Lady Celestia's death.
  • Demento's death in the Fire Orb saga. The music accompanying it only doubles the tear factor.
  • The prequel quest to 2011 Mogloween. Even though it doubles as horrific, the only survivors shown are kids and we don't know what happened to them. They were supposedly left behind. Andy definitely survived, but he was bitten and is a semi-transformed Zardbie. Unfortunately, anything he bites or kisses (or that kisses him) is... well, he DOES carry the virus, even if he's not affected by it.

Book 2

  • From Alexander's Diary, the Duel. Even though everyone already knows how it ends, just watching the whole thing fall apart is horrible. And it's even worse once you know the conclusion to Chapter 2.
  • In the Dreamscape, when Konnan and the Hero are confronting Wargoth the latter reminds Konnan of what happened to his family, trying to manipulate him into attacking the Hero. Konnan falls for it, and turns on the Hero who he still believes failed to save his family. In the cutscene shown just before he attacks, tears can be seen brimming from his eyes, showing that even after so long Konnan is still devastated by the loss of his family. Later as the Hero talks to the Professor Konnan can be seen with his head in his hands, still recovering from what happened in the Dreamscape.
  • The reason why Warlic is never truly angry at Nythera.
    • Nythera's and Warlic's lives mirror each other. They are both half-human. Their powers are stripped away from them by their own parents. They are then sent to a teacher far away. They only learn their lessons after betraying those who cared about them the most, for Warlic this would be Xan and Jaania. For Nythera, it was Warlic himself. Warlic probably understands her better than any other person on Lore. The only difference would be that Warlic never got a happy ending as, unlike Nythera, he was never forgiven.
  • For the Atealan quest armors, you must complete a challenge to acquire each one. For the Cryptic, you must face your fears and regrets. You fight Drakath, afraid he might come back, stronger than ever. You fight Warlic, no longer trusting your closest friend after the events of Chapter 2. And...yourself. You no longer trust yourself to protect anyone, you couldn't save those who died. And it's kinda sad to see our cheerful hero/heroine literally beating themselves up over that they couldn't save people! You come to terms with it after the fight but, well, it's weird seeing DragonFable no longer be a kids' game.

Book 3

  • Going to Falconreach after the timeskip that leads to book three. Seeing Aria and Ash all grown up, and knowing you didn't get to see any of it...and all of the displaced magical creatures...
    • Remember the dragon from the first chapter intro? At the chapter three intro, as you stand on the cliff, a red dragon in chains flies by, then gets shot down and presumably killed by the Rose members. What are the chances it's the same one...?
  • The Soulless cutscene in Part Two of the Ravenloss Saga, in which you find out someone close to Tomix is lying comatose and Tomix talks to him as if he were awake and cries.
  • The intro to Chapter 3 where your Dragon tries to rescue The Hero from their ice crystal. Such things involve begging and trying to claw his way inside to rescue you.
    • Remember, it took years for the Hero to get out of their icy prison. Those were years your Dragon had to wait through, never knowing if there would ever be a reunion in the far future.
  • The 'Tomix Saga' finale. Even the devs had tears of sadness! The forum goers were all reduced to blubbering wrecks!
    • Heck, even the characters were crying! Even Yashta, who has never shown any sign of emotion aside from boredom and satisfaction, shed a tear! Then there's the Epilogue.
  • Serenity's sudden death is incredibly disturbing with the way her soul is ripped out from her body. The way her corpse is possessed by Caitiff is not pretty either and to drive in the point, Word of God confirms there is no way to bring her back.
  • During the Espina Rosa finale, the Hero sees a petrified Sam, the soldier they befriended during the time they spent there. He's crying over the betrayal of his supposed friend. That's another ruined life.
  • Raven's tragic backstory of how she lost her parents, showing a silhouette of them getting impaled through the chest.
  • The end of the Blood and Roses saga. Even though Thursday has been saved and Frydae defeated, Raven is now a werewolf and exiled from Amityvale during the full moon, and she, Thursday, Lon and Chaney are in danger from Akanthus and the Rose.
  • Danyel's death in the First Weaver saga finale. He performed forbidden magic to stop Roirr and while it´s not elaborated upon, probably earned himself a fate worse than death. Baltael, his Soul Ally gets a while to mourn him thinking they won before following him.
  • This one line from an NPC in Swordhaven sums up the Hero's characterization in Book 3.
    "You have fractured time itself with your heroics. And if you could, you would do it again in a heartbeat for any of your singular friends you havenít been able to save."
  • More like Fridge Sadness: At the end of the Blood and Roses saga, Neron all but tells the Hero that Raven is like a daughter to him. Given what happened to his biological daughter, it has to be hard to see Raven (and also Thursday) in danger from the Rose.
  • This line, said by Lanrete when the Hero visits him in the Soulforge:
    "They live here for now, but they are moving out soon. They don't want Tomix to grow up underground."
  • Caitiff taunts and fights Heroes' Dragon. And it does not even stop at that... Seeing the Heroes' Dragon try to crawl away after losing the fight is just plain jarring.
  • In 'Just Chilling' ', Aegis in his human body invites himself, the Hero and Yashta to Riadne and Isaac for dinner. He ask if Isaac will join them. Riadne gives him a pained look and says that he is not feeling well today. The scene cuts to his room´s door held shut with chains and threads. Just how bad it must be that Isaac would break through the door or seriously hurt someone in a fit of madness?
  • In the beginning of 'Calamity', Aegis uses his powers to freeze the Hero in order to save them from falling to the ground. Immediately after breaking out of that ice, the Hero is seemingly bordering on a panic attack, repeating, "No ice! No ice!" Being frozen for five years straight really did a number on their psyche, and Aegis' guilty response doesn't make it any better.