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Recycled In Space: Other Media

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  • In the United Kingdom, Mars had a popular advert for Milky Way that involved an (anthropomorphised) blue car racing a red car. A year or two later, they revamped their campaign by remaking the same advert...but now with blue and red spaceships racing IN SPACE!
  • Pizza Hut's "Pizza Head" commercials are Saturday Night Live's Mr Bill AS A SLICE OF PIZZA.

    Fan Works 


    Myths & Religion 
  • Recycling is common for many religions and traditions. So much that tracking the origins is difficult.


    Newspaper Comics 
  • Inspired by Calvin and Hobbes:
    • Big Nate is Calvin in sixth grade
    • Frazz is Calvin in his twenties note 

    Pro Wrestling 

    Puppet Shows 



    Web Animation 
  • Bonus Stage started being set "But They're In Space" at the end of episode 50 and on.
  • Both played straight and lampshaded in Charlie the Unicorn 4:
    Pink Unicorn: "Charlie, we don't have much time! We have to get to the moon!"
    Blue Unicorn: "In OUTER SPACE!!!"
    Blue Unicorn: "I don't know why I yelled that!"
  • Parodied in Homestar Runner with Limozeen: But they're in space! which, as you can guess, was about a Fake Band adventuring around space in their tour bus/spaceship. It was cancelled during the airing of its pilot episode.
    Strong Sad: But why are they in space? There's no reason for them to be in space!
    Strong Bad: On the contrary, my dear Fatson. There is every reason for them to be in space!
  • "How 'bout this? Zero: The Artificial Hedgehog; made in Dr. Eggman's super-secret-underwater-volcano lab. IN SPACE!"

    Web Comics 

    Web Original 

    Real Life 
  • Any form of space travel, really. HUMANS IN SPACE!
  • Byzantium is The Roman Empire IN THE EAST!
  • The computer programming language C++ was originally called (and originally was) C....WITH CLASSES!
  • Explosions in Space!
  • Hubble is a telescope... but IN SPACE!
    • And it's repaired by space shuttles, which are airplanes IN SPACE!
  • The Mateba Grifone is the Mateba Unica 6 AS A CARBINE!
  • The new Informatics Forum of the University of Edinburgh has, above the main entrance, in big friendly letters: "The University of Edinburgh IN SPACE!"
  • The OCR Physics A level in England. A levels have two sections; AS and A2. When asked what was covered in A2, one troper's teacher replied, "It's basically AS module one IN SPACE."
  • New Orleans' French Quarter is Paris IN AMERICA!
    • And Quebec is a dual-language (English and French) France... IN CANADA!
      • Head on out to Chicoutimi or Rimouski or Rivière-du-Loup and see how "dual-language" it is.
    • Alternately, Quebec is (in the words of a francophobic wag on a trip to Montreal in winter) "the Louisiana of Siberia."
  • Patents for common software algorithms aren't that novel and won't be easily obtained. However, you can instead obtain patents for common software algorithms ON THE INTERNET!
  • Space solar power. Gigawatt-scale solar-panel arrays didn't work out? Okay, let's try gigawatt-scale solar-panel arrays IN SPACE!
  • Space weather. It's weather. IN SPACE! Except it's actually life-threatening radiation. IN SPACE!
  • St. Vladimir was King Manasseh IN RUSSIA!
  • Tang is orange juice that only became popular after astronauts drank it IN SPACE!
  • This article/video describes the light show made when you explode an H-bomb. IN SPACE!
  • This sort of premise has been seen in venture capital investing, in which it becomes shorthand to describe some new idea as "X for Y" where X is some preexisting thing and Y is some new demographic. (For example, "Groupons for Moms".) Venture capitalist Ethan Kurzweil has written an article decrying this tendency as lazy and possibly detrimental to creativity.
  • Undergraduate math is made of this trope:
    • Many universities have three semesters of calculus, where Calculus III is Calculus I and II IN 3D SPACE!
    • After learning about vectors on a plane comes vectors IN SPACE!
    • Similarly, multi-variable calculus is calculus IN 3D SPACE!
  • The United States started out roughly as the United Kingdom AS A REPUBLIC IN AMERICA!
    • Australia started out roughly as the United Kingdom WITH SAND!
  • Zero-G Spot is, as the Laconic page says, sex IN SPACE!
  • This article, sort of a meta example, shows the number of Canadian actors who have performed Shakespeare, then gone on to perform in science fiction. The article hints that much of sci-fi is really Shakespeare...IN SPACE! Along with a touch of colonialism and Canadian nationalism..also in space.

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