Fan Fic: Dark Secrets

Jaiden Spencer has never had it so good. She's the new Head Girl at Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry, she's dating Ron (who we're helpfully informed is very nice) and everything is peachy. Well, apart from Voldemort being on the loose. While sneaking around the Hogwarts grounds at night to spy on Voldemort, who has apparently set up camp right outside the school, she discovers an unwelcome secret about her wonderful boyfriend. Who immediately becomes a whole lot less wonderful. But at least she has the Head Boy Draco Malfoy to go running to in their oh-so-handy and non-canonical private quarters.

Welcome to Dark Secrets by Jaiden (ahem) Lee Malfoy. The story can be found here and a forum thread sporking it here (both links NSFW). The sequel Betrayed Revenge, featuring less wangst but just as much Canon Defilement and evil!Ron coming back from the dead, is here and sporked here.

See also The Last War, which has a similarly Lifetime Movie of the Week plot.

Dark Secrets contains examples of: