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Comic Strip: Frazz
Caulfield, Miss Plainwell, and Frazz
A daily comic strip by Jef Mallett about Edwin Frazier, nicknamed "Frazz" by the kids at Bryson Elementary School. He works there as a janitor, but is also very wealthy due to having written several hit songs. Most strips feature the day-to-day interactions between Frazz, the students, the teachers and the staff, though some will focus on Frazz's off-hours activities, particularly his triathalon training. Frazz is a well-read Renaissance Man, so strips will often include references to books, music, history, art, and pop culture, among other things.

Regular characters include:

  • Frazz - the star of the strip, a successful songwriter who works as a janitor to get further inspiration. He is respected by the kids and the school's staff, and regularly dates Miss Plainwell.
  • Caulfield - an eight-year-old kid who regularly challenges Frazz and Mrs. Olsen with his literary insights. He's smart, but tends to get detention because it doesn't challenge him. Caulfield chooses a literature-themed costume every Halloween and regularly stumps the teachers.
  • Jane Plainwell - a first-grade teacher and Frazz's romantic interest. Outside of school, the two frequently run in marathons together.
  • Mrs. Olsen - a third grade teacher and a regular foil for Caulfield, who distracts her with insightful questions and comments in class.
  • Mr. Spaetzle - the principal of Bryson Elementary. He is a kind-hearted man who enjoys the admiration Frazz gets, and strives to be like him.
  • Coach Hacker - the physical education teacher, interested only in team sports. A former star athlete, he is now horribly out-of shape; he likes to compete with Frazz by comparing his favorite sports (football and hockey) against Frazz's (running and cycling).

Tropes Include:

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alternative title(s): Frazz
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