Music / The Mechanisms

We were all once, every one of us — well, with the exception of the Toy Soldier, we were all once mortal and boring like your good selves. Until something within each of us broke. Shattered, beyond repair. And it was replaced by a fascinating individual by the name of Dr. Carmilla who, unfortunately, has since fallen out an airlock.

The Mechanisms are a (currently) 9-piece band operating largely out of Oxford, UK. Offering retrospective futurist storytelling in the form of musical cabaret, they are a concept band consisting of immortal space pirates originally created by Dr. Carmilla as her backup band/companions. They've yet to shake their drive to perform, and have opted to embrace it by telling the tales of the things they've seen over the course of their long, long lives.

The current performing roster is:
  • Jonny d'Ville: Carmilla's first Mechanism (that he knows of) and also the crew's first mate. He and his mechanical heart don't offer much in the way of say, friendliness or leadership skills, but he is the chief storyteller.
  • Ashes O'Reilly: Former mobster, enthusiastic arsonist and the crew's Quartermaster. Ashes and their mechanical lungs provide the band with bass guitar and occasional vocals.
  • Drumbot Brian: Despite his designation as Drumbot, Brian is more frequently seen playing the banjo and the accordion. A scientist who was launched into space and left to die, his entire body save his heart was replaced by Carmilla. Once could describe him as the moral centre of the crew, but that would be foolish.
  • The Toy Soldier: The Toy Soldier was never really mortal like the others, instead being a collectors item from a set of Toy Xs, but that didn't stop the Doc from fixing it up and installing it in the crew. Nobody really understands it or what it does, but it still happily provides mandolin, glockenspiel and vocals where required.
  • Gunpowder Tim : The first Mechanism created by the crew in the absence of their Captain. He is a veteran of the war against the Moon Kaiser and is largely responsible for the destruction of the moon 3,000 years in the future ago. Assuming the role of gunner after the crew kindly replaced his eyes, he is well known for playing the guitar and singing some things. Though he is rumoured to be handy with a violin too.
  • Marius von Raum: Ship's medic (not that they need one) and psychiatrist (not that they want one). He was found by the crew having already been mechanised by a mysterious stranger...
  • Raphaella la Cognizi: Science officer who may or may not have cheated her way onto the ship after becoming a little too interested. Also she has wings. Brings gorgeous piano and vocals to the table.
  • Anastasia Nikolaevna Romanova: better known as Nastya Rasputina; princess from the Empire of Cyberia. Ship's engenieer who largely favours machines over people, Nastya is most often seen playing the viola and violin.
  • Ivy Alexandria: Ship's Archivist and Navigator whose positronic brain provides her with an impressive memory of facts and statistics at the expense of most of her memory of her life before joining the Aurora. She could be described as a one person woodwind section, having been spotted playing the recorder, oboe, flute, euphonium and the penny whistle at various shows.

Tropes featured by The Mechanisms as a whole:

Tropes featured in their story sets:

    Once Upon a Time (In Space) 
(See Even Evil Has Standards, above.)

    Ulysses Dies at Dawn 

    High Noon Over Camelot 
  • All-Loving Hero: Mordred. That is, until he hits the Despair Event Horizon.
  • Blood Knight: Gawain
  • Cannibal Clan / Cannibal Tribe: The Saxon ghouls of Annwn, and Mordred's adopted family.
  • Creepy Good: All of Galahad's songs are in a minor key and, although he has Camelot's best interests at heart, his fanaticism can be downright unnerving.
  • Crowning Moment of Awesome: Galahad's last act.
  • Hope Spot: When Arthur prepares to activate the GRAIL, Jonny, narrating, says, "Just this once there could be a happy ending!" Cue cynical laughter from anyone in the audience who's heard the Mechanisms before.
  • Sociopathic Hero: True of pretty much all the knights, with the exception of Mordred.
  • The Power of Love: Arthur, Lancelot and Guinevere's love for each other prevents bloodshed when they discover only one of them can wield the GRAIL.
  • Transsexual: Arthur's daughter, Morgause, grows up into a young man who takes the name Mordred.