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Robot or Spaceman Alter Ego
Since Kraftwerk began presenting themselves as robots circa 1978, a number of electronic bands have adopted robot or spaceman alter egos.

Compare Kayfabe Music, the Super Trope.

Examples of artists with robot or spaceman alter egos:

  • Daft Punk: Since 2001, although they claim they were transformed into robots in a Freak Lab Accident on 9/9/1999.
  • Kraftwerk: Duh. Especially since they use synthetic vocals extensively, any vocals performed by a person try to sound like they're synthetic, and many of their live shows actually do involve robots controlled through midi software to play backup; the four robots have molded replicas of the real men's heads.
  • Rockets.
  • Moog Cookbook: These guys even had names for their alter egos: "Uli Nomi" for Brian Kehew and "Meco Eno" for Roger Manning Jr.
  • Mr. Pacman: Defunct-ish video game rocker(s) from Denver.
  • Ace Frehley from KISS originated the Spaceman.
  • Not an electronic band, but Jason Pierce of Spiritualized goes by his nickname of "J. Spaceman" quite frequently.
  • Janelle MonŠe's alter ego is Cindi Mayweather, the android protagonist of her four-part Metropolis concept album.
  • The Protomen: Sometimes taken more seriously than others.
  • Jimmy the Robot of The Aquabats!, though he's the only robot of the group, the rest being super heroes.
  • In their kayfabe GWAR is a group of alien mercenaries who were banished to Earth.
  • Gary Numan is known for his robotic, alienated performance, and lyrical themes.
  • David Bowie had his alien Messianic Archetype Ziggy Stardust in 1972-3.
  • Skrillex had a female alien as his alter ego which he controlled via motion technology on a few tours.
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