Literature: Harry and His Bucket Full of Dinosaurs

Harry and His Bucket Full of Dinosaurs is a series of children's books written and drawn by Ian Whybrow and Adrian Reynolds. The series is about a 5-year-old boy named Harry, who has a bucket full of dinosaurs. In the books the dinosaurs talk to Harry but seem to be toys to the other characters. The other main characters are Mum, Nan, Harry's best friend Charley, and Harry's sister Sam.

A British/Canadian TV series was created that originally aired on Cartoon Network (on its ill-fated Tickle U block) and many other channels outside America. In here it centers around the same character who owns a bucket with the addition of it teleporting him to another universe called DinoWorld with the toy dinosaurs coming to life.

The following tropes include:

  • Adaptation Expansion: The books itself did not have the Another Dimension trips that would be extant in the TV series proper.
  • Adapted Out: There were a few more dinosaurs in the books that didn't make it into the cartoon.
    • Also, Harry's friend Jack didn't make it into the cartoon either.
  • And Call Him George: In "Can You Hear a Drip?", Trike falls under the grip of an octopus named Soggy who tells him that he's going to cuddle and love and pet him forever. It later turns out that Soggy was one of Harry's bath toys that came alive in Dino World.
  • Animate Inanimate Object: The Dinos of course.
    • The Sergeant Shout toy Harry borrowed from his friend came to life during a visit from DinoWorld. This could apply to other objects (like toys) as well.
  • Argument of Contradictions: In "It's Made of Cheese!", Harry and Charley have one about whether the moon is made of cheese or peanut butter, with Harry advocating the former and Charley the latter. When Sid tells them it's made of rocks, they decide to travel there themselves to find out once and for all what it's made of. It turns out that none of them are right, and that Steggy instead got it right— it's made of chocolate chip cookies.
  • Black Best Friend: Charley. She's a girl in case you've mistaken.
  • Catch Phrase: "I'M ON MY WAY TO...DINO WORLD!!!!"
    • Every time Harry's mom comes home. "1...2...3...Jump!"
  • Chirping Crickets: Used in "Achoo!" after Taury tries an outrageous cure suggested to him for his itchy spotosis that involves rubbing sap on himself, holding paper flowers over his head and then burying himself up to his neck in popcorn, but it has absolutely no effect.
  • Cloudcuckooland: Oh where do we start. We already have a Cloudcuckoolander as a protagonist.
  • Cool Old Lady: Harry's Nana.
  • Cuddle Bug: Soggy the octopus loves giving hugs.
  • Disappeared Dad
  • Excited Episode Title!: A large number of the episode titles that don't end with a question mark are instead this.
  • Getting Crap Past the Radar: The show is innocent and a great watch for kids but there have been things that seemed to make this show a bit distinct.
    • If you think about the usual dialogues of Western Animation's children's shows, you know that they always almost never used the certain s-word. Don't start thinking what you're about to think, I was talking about the word "stupid". They never use words like that or any similar adjective thereof. This troper has taken the liberty to count how many times the show used this word. It's four (I think...). Much funnier is how it got that way. The word "stupid" was said three times in one episode ("I Wish!") by Trike. And only one time by Harry (in the episode "Goal!"). You know what, I'm just gonna show you the quotes...
    From I Wish!:
    Taury: *loudly* Trike shouldn't get a wish if he's going to waste it on something stupid.
    Trike: Stupid? You're calling me stupid? I'll show you. I wish I was super-smart.
    From Goal!: (After bailing out of the soccer game)
    Harry: Stupid game...
    • Same for the books as stated by parents whom some are concerned (sometimes shocked) about its wording or thought that it decreases the story's innocent atmosphere.
      • "Stupid" is not uncommon in children's animation, aside from ones targetted at really young children.
    • Then there's the running gag of Trike getting pooped on by a bird every time he says The Scottish Trope.
    • And also, a large truck of dino poo... The greatest literal example.
  • Here We Go Again: At the end of "What Mess?", Harry says that the best part of having a clean room is having lots of space to make a mess. Cue the dinosaurs groaning and saying the trope name.
    • And also in "But I Like Mud!", in which Harry proclaims the best part of baths is getting dirty afterward.
  • I Can't Hear You: Done in "Today's the Day!" when a jackhammer disturbs Harry's violin practice and Taury asks him how he's going to practice with all the noise.
  • Long Title: Averted. Many episode names are just one word or is just a phrase.
  • Meaningful Name: The dinos' names are related to the names of the kind of dinosaurs they are. Pterence's name is spelled and pronounced the same way as pterodactyl, for example and Steggy is a stegosaurus.
    • Aerith and Bob: There are exceptions with Taury (a T-Rex) and Sid (a Scelidosaurus). But if you think about it, they may be named the same way as the other dinos though much more subtle and you may not know it at first unless you've memorized what kind of dinosaurs they are (which is in the theme song). They are possible derivations from the words "tyrannosaurus" and "scelidosaurus", respectively.
  • Mr. Imagination: Harry.
  • Not Now, Kiddo: Harry gets this sometimes especially in "Nobody is Listening To Me!"
  • The Noun and the Noun: The books' titles.
  • The One Guy: Harry is this in the human cast since his family and best friend are all female. With the dinosaurs, it's reversed since Patsy is the only girl while the others are boys.
  • The Pilot: "Aaagh!"
  • Pink Means Feminine: Patsy, the only female of the dinosaur group, is pink.
  • Put on a Bus: An In-Universe example is that in the episode, "I Want To Help?", it had another dinosaur who decided to live in Nana's knitting basket because she was causing destruction in DinoWorld due to her clumsiness. In addition, saying her name can also cause a bird to poop on your head. If you must know it's Nancy. The actual cursed word is actually "Nanosaurus".
  • Secret Keeper: Apparently Charley hasn't told anybody about DinoWorld because she's the only kid so far Harry has allowed to go with him. Nobody's suspicious about where they've been going at all.
  • Seldom-Seen Species: Sid the Scelidosaurus.
  • Shout-Out: In "Super Harry!", Harry and his dinosaurs travel in the DinoMobile and the H on his superhero uniform flashes across the screen as a scene-changer similar to the bat symbol on Batman.
  • Slumber Party: Harry and Charley have one in "Who To Choose?" in which Harry had to choose only one dinosaur for the sleepover but, Harry refuses to choose so he has Charley sleep at his house instead.
  • Start My Own: In "Can I Join?", Harry's family and Charley all have clubs. Harry wants to join them but his mom's jogging club runs around the block 20 times, Charley's karate club requires a yellow belt, and he needs more practice with the guitar before he joins Sam's guitar club. Harry decides to go to DinoWorld to have his own. They try bungee jumping, being quiet and reading books, cooking, and being messy but, then decide that their club should be about having fun. He originally refuses to let his mother and Sam join but then they convince him to let them in as well.
  • Stock Dinosaurs: Taury the Tyrannosaurus rex, Patsy the Apatosaurus, Steggy the Stegosaurus, Trike the Triceratops, and Pterrance the Pterodactylus (called pterodactyl in the show).
  • Sugar Apocalypse: There was an episode that involved DinoWorld in a very heavy flood. This is caused by the rain leaking from the roof in Harry's house which had Sam use the bucket to catch the water.
  • Sugar Bowl: DinoWorld
  • Tickle Torture: This is how Harry rescues Trike from a possessive octopus named Soggy in "Can You Hear a Drip?" by arms extended from a submarine.
  • Title Drop: Usually, the episodes names are made by the first few seconds of the episode's dialogue or exclamation by the one (usually Harry) who says it, but there have been a few times they've dodged this streak.
  • Title Theme Tune
  • Tomboyish Name: Harry's big sister is called "Sam". Also, his best friend is called "Charley".
  • Unwanted Rescue: In "Super Harry!", Harry tries to save his sister, Sam, from an alien only to be told to go play somewhere else. He tries to blow away some leaves that his Nana raked up, only to upset her because she wanted them in the pile. He tries to carry groceries that his mother had well in hand only to end up tearing the bag and causing her to lose her car keys. He laments to his dinosaurs that he bets that other heroes don't have this problem.
  • Wabbit/Wicket: Whoever directed all the episodes of this show, they must've had really fun with it.
  • We'll See About That: This is Nana's reaction in "But I Like Mud!" when Harry tells her that he's never going to take a bath again and just stay dirty forever. She then runs after him with a hose.

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