Funny / Harry and His Bucket Full of Dinosaurs

  • In "Harry, Ace Reporter!"...
    Taury: You don't know what an ace reporter is, do you, Trike?
    Trike: (excitedly) No!
  • In "Achoo", where Harry was sick and the dinosaurs have caught his cold though manifesting itself in bizarre ways in each dinosaur, the best one goes to Taury: When he started to see spots appearing on his body, he made quite a narmtastic scream due to his incredibly large, deep voice. It doesn't help that he's supposed to be the toughest and fiercest of the dinosaurs.
  • In "I've Got the Giggles", there's a sign for no laughing that's pictured as a smiling mouth with a line through it, but they interpret it as "no mouths" and point out the ludicrousness of that as everyone has a mouth.
    • In the same episode, the line "you found a Whoopie Cushion-whoopee!"
    • When Harry says, "Knock knock" to the princess so she would let them in, which leads to this.
      Princess: "Who's there?"
      Harry: "Harry!"
      Princess: "Harry who?"
      Harry: "Harry up and let us in."
  • In "I Wish It Would Stop Raining", Trike says he knows what a fish said, because he speaks fish, but someone else doesn't believe him, saying, "only fish speak fish".
  • In "My Hair is Short", when Harry's hair grows super long, Patsy says that he's "one hairy Harry".
    • In the same episode, the potion gives the dinosaurs hair: Taury has Elvis-y hair, Steggy has a mohawk, Pterence has a bushy moustache that makes him sneeze, Patsy has pigtails, Sid has this messy grey hair that he thinks makes him look like a "mad professor", and Trike has dreadlocks.