Literature / Daughters of the Moon

Daughters of the Moon is a series of novels by Lynne Ewing. It's about four girls five, after The Reveal who find out they're Goddesses. Or, well, daughters of the moon goddess who are sent to Earth to fight an ancient evil called the Atrox and his followers. The Atrox seeks to devour all hope from the world. Each girl has her own Goddess powers as well: Vanessa, invisibility; Catty, time travel; Serena, telepathy; Jimena, premonition, and later Tianna, telekinesis. All girls wear moon amulets. They must choose when they turn 17 whether to ascend and keep their powers or stay on Earth and lose powers and their memories of everything that happened.

There are 13 books in the series and each trades point of view between the girls and their friends:
  1. Goddess of the Night (Vanessa, the Nave Everygirl)
  2. Into the Cold Fire (Serena - The Strange Girl)
  3. Night Shade (Jimena - Hot-Blooded)
  4. The Secret Scroll (Catty - Genki Girl)
  5. The Sacrifice (Stanton- The Dragon)
  6. The Lost One (Tianna - a sort of Long-Lost Relative)
  7. Moon Demon (Vanessa)
  8. Possession (Serena)
  9. The Choice (Jimena)
  10. The Talisman (Maggie - The Mentor)
  11. The Prophecy (Catty)
  12. The Becoming (Tianna)
  13. The Final Eclipse (Vanessa)

This series provides examples of: