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    Part 1 - The Withering Eye 
  • Nostalgia Critic's verbal abuse of President Baugh at the beginning. And the way the President manages to keep calm and quiet through the whole scene.
  • The Bloopers reveal that he was talking random stuff and dubbed it later... though the blabbering he did there must have been hard to keep calm to as well.
  • It's TIME.
    • "Yeah, it's, ah, 3:22."
      • "3:23 PM!"
      • "I've got 3:24 here, but I think Spoony's watch is more accurate."
      • Especially funny when Fridge Logic comes in and you realize that Spoony and Linkara aren't even in the same time zone.
    • "I'm still running on confused here."
  • Angry Joe calls, completely bereft of context:
    (phone rings)
    The Nostalgia Critic: (picks up) Hello?
    Nostalgia Critic: What are you talking about?
    Angry Joe: ...wait, what are you talking about?
    Nostalgia Critic: The invasion of Molossia!
    Angry Joe: ...what's Molossia?
  • Sean's and Goggles' answering machines.
  • Little Miss Gamer trapped in her NES with a Jerkass Link.
    Link: Well, excuuuuuse-*head blown off*
  • "It's okay, I booked everybody a hotel room." Cut to a shot of everyone crammed inside a hotel room.
    Phelous: Well, gee, I didn't see that one coming.
  • The Cinema Snob recognizing Spoony... as Dr. Insano!
    • "I'm going to ignore you now."
    "That was the past!"
  • Film Brain's over-enthusiasm. "EXCITED!!"
    Nostalgia Critic: Do you dare leave now in your moment of victory!?
    Film Brain: (spacey, adoring grin) I would never leave you, Critic!
    Nostalgia Critic: (mildly creeped out) I know that, Film Brain. (Awkwardly pushes him away.)
    • Also, his gleeful look when the Critic taps him on the head and informs him of all the senseless torturing he'll be doing when they are about to storm Molossia.
  • JewWario's completely nonsensical responses to the Critic.
    Nostalgia Critic: I mean, haven't you ever wanted to rule your own nation?
    JewWario: Does SimCity count?
    • And "Pudding?"
  • 8-Bit Mickey's tactical suggestion for the invasion:
    8-Bit Mickey: We could use Handsome Tom's head as a battering ram!
    Handsome Tom: Hey!
    Nostalgia Critic: Nah, his head's too soft.
    Handsome Tom: HEY!
  • This far, and no mention of the rousing speech using a comparison to Nazis as both a negative and a positive?
    • In the same vein, [the French] Benzaie's look when the NC accuses Linkara of being a Nazi.
    • In a deleted scene, the triumphant declaration "WE'RE NAZIS!" is immediately followed by a shot of JewWario smiling nervously as he tucks in his Star of David necklace.
  • The epic battle cry of the entire team going off to war:
  • Kevin Baugh's multiple personalities. Bit of a Crowning Moment of Awesome too, for Doug having the guts to ask him to do it.
    • Hell, anything Baugh does counts as a CMOA, since the man must be an incredibly good sport to have even allowed them to do it.
  • The sudden retreat when Kevin pulls out a gun and Critic's accompanying girly screams of terror.
  • The sudden appearance (and departure) of Dr Smith. "Spiiiiders!"
    • Along with Lord Kat's vaguely disturbed staring when Spider-Smith shows up.
  • During the epic Lock and Load Montage, while others are gearing up with their signature weapons and awesome music is playing, Handsome Tom changes his "hero" shirt to one that reads "villain" instead and just sort of shrugs.
    • The Cinema Snob takes his glasses off, turns 360 degrees and... puts his glasses back on.
    • Dramatic shots of 8-Bit Mickey having his pecs magic markered on by Benzaie.
  • Angry Joe excitedly suggests that they rip out the Molassians' organs and use them as hairnets. In the background, Spoony can be seen nodding and smiling.

    Part 2 - Triumph and Treacle 
  • The deliberate Narm of Critic and Spoony's dramatic conversation about Dr. Insano.
  • Kevin Baugh's family flatly accepting the big news.
    Kevin Baugh: Just a head's up guys, Molossia might be under attack in a couple minutes or so.
    Kevin Baugh's Family: (not looking up from reading) Mm-hmm.
    • They do this throughout the movie, too.
    • Later, after the invasion:
    Kevin Baugh's Family: (not looking up from reading) Mm-hmm.
  • "Phallus, send the signal to sound the charge!"
    • And then Paw plays the charge signal...on the kazoo.
    • Phelous' deadpan reaction to the Critic's request is equally hilarious
    Critic: Phallus, send the signal to sound the charge!
    Phelous: Okay, first of all, it's "Phelous" not "Phallus", and second of all, the guy is standing right there looking at you. Why don't you send the signal yourself?
    Critic *chuckle* Phallus. *dope slap* Just do it.
  • 8-bit Mickey dressed up like a gladiator and riding piggyback on Handsome Tom like a horse.
  • Kevin Baugh using the mine app on his phone to arm his mine field.
  • MarzGurl's Disney Death.
    • Almost appropriately too:
      MarzGurl: (muffled by his sleeve) You're an idiot.
  • Angry Joe firing his guns into the air... while spinning in circles in the background.
  • Sage ducking behind a really tiny rock from a cannonball. Turned out it worked and there wasn't a scratch on him, to his surprise and confusion.
  • The Bum's short scene in the attack:
    Bum: Long live Kickassia!
    *cannon shell explodes at his feet*
    Bum: Okay, I'm goin'. (turns around and runs away)
  • Critic: "Pain is just God's way of telling you to try harder!"
  • The "fence" scene. Despite it being merely maybe five feet in height and easy enough to jump over, the invaders consider it a worthy blockage. They try using a ladder except it tips over on the other side. Cue Beat moment before they get a footstool.
    • "FOOTSTOOL!!!!!!!"
      • Somehow the footstool still requires both Phelous and Spoony to carry it.
    • In the outtakes, when the ladders don't work Spoony yells "SABOTAGE!" and makes the rest of the cast crack up.
    • A deleted scene, where LordKat looked at the footstool and then just went in through the gate.
  • When Nostalgia Critic ordered everyone to the railroad and it showed the mob going past a model railroad train.
    • And JewWario falls on the rails, unable to get up.
      • And Phelous saving him, reassuring him that it's just a toy train.
  • Benzaie taking a little too much time saying goodbye to Beary. *KABOOM* "Ow."
    • Also, listen carefully. He does the "Ow" in BEARY's voice!
  • Everyone having to awkwardly step over the rocks in Molossia's meditation garden.
  • Kevin Baugh looking so very confused when Lee starts going 3D, plus Spoony's amazed reaction.
    Spoony: (takes off sunglasses) Woah! It's 3D Lee!
  • After 3-D Lee defeats the President:
    Nostalgia Critic: Don't make us review you.
    • Even more Hilarious in Hindsight after the Critic released The Tommy Wiseau Show video and thousands of rabid fans set off on an anti-Wiseau crusade.
  • "...Follow him?!"
  • "And I shall be elevated above you in a rocket chair! In a magnificent rocket chair, so I can look down on all of you and see just how equal we all are!"

    Part 3 - Inglorious Glory 
  • Marz Gurl as the drill sergeant.
    8-Bit Mickey: Oh God, no! I'm deathly afraid of you!
    Marz Gurl: (pauses, nods, and punches him in the face)
  • Angry Joe reacts to accusations about him being gun crazy.
    Angry Joe: Who said that?! (fires gun at camera}
  • Beary's rant after his recovery.
    Beary: Listen, do you think you have it rough? I had a time bomb strapped to my body and got blown into two different pieces. There is not enough stitches in the world that would help me recover from the emotional pain I am going through. (slams phone down) Prick.
  • Handsome Tom is their flagpole with the entire group doing their Kickassia salute to him.
  • Lee trying to get used to being 3D in his interview.
    Lee: You feel beautiful.
  • Bennett The Sage becoming the surgeon general of Kickassia, and having everyone (especially children and pregnant women) smoke cigarettes to increase their physical endurance and lung capacity.
  • Spoony and the original Kickassian Space Program - A stomp rocket.
  • Linkara showing off JewWario's ability to blend into his surroundings.
    • As well as his own skills of deception.
    "In fact, I'm not even standing in front of you." (Flash Step behind the Reporter)
  • The Nostalgia Chick as Sarah Palin.
    • Her saying that people are only saying bad things about her because of prejudice to women:
    Chris Larios: But MarzGurl is a woman too.
    Chick: [chuckles] Sure, she is, and I'm the tooth fairy.
  • The Critic explaining to the reporter how he plans to eventually take over the world.
    The Critic: A gentleman never tells. But I can give you a hint. It involves...killing.
  • Chris Larios trying to get Nostalgia Critic to say "OF COURSE!"; particularly how the Critic keeps trying to dodge the answer. "NATURALLY!"
    • And the question that finally gets him to say it: "Say, Critic, do you get a lot of pussy with that outfit?" "OF COURSE!"
  • Phelous counting down to the Critic stealing his latest idea.
  • The Critic breaking out of Large Ham mode in mid-sentence, to admit that he does sometimes get tired of speaking in a deep, commanding voice all the time.
  • This exchange:
    Cinema Snob: It's like the job of a president is to be completely removed from reality while everyone else does all the work.
    Benzaie: Yeah, imagine that.
  • Linkara's lesson in surprise.
    Linkara: [smacks JewWario in the face] Surprise!
    JewWario: [smacks Linkara back]
    Linkara: ... You're learning.
    • And Marzgurl's entrance later.
    Marzgurl: DID YOU PUNCH THEM YET!?
    Linkara: [calmly] After lunch.
  • N Bison's face when he says "Hogan's Heroes Time."

    Part 4 - The Beginning of the End of the Beginning 
  • The Critic jumping the gun on stealing another Phelous idea.
  • Chick attempting to poison the Critic. "Justdrinkit!"
    • "Is it me, or does this tea smell a little... poisony?"
    • "Oh that's right, I can't stand tea!"
    • Her grumbling after "Fine, I'll add the damn cream" included "He can't even spell!"
  • Sage's plan to defeat the Critic: "I say we castrate him with a fork, tie him to a cactus, and then play piñata with his entrails!" Cue horrified reactions.
    Benzaie: You were just so fast to say that.
    • "I like it!"
    • Spoony's face in response to Sage's plan.
      • Hilariously, Spoony (and indeed, everyone else in the room), had no idea what Bennett's line would be. Their reactions were filmed first and they were just told to act like they heard something incredibly disturbing.
    • Even funnier is the fact that Sage ad-libbed various different lines to be used at this point, all completely over the top. Well, until he simply suggests they kill the Critic.
  • After Film Brain finds out what Cinema Snob plans to do, he runs down the hallway, then as he turns the corner, he flails his arms and makes a 360'turn while making very silly whining noises
    • Film Brain's extremely speedy story, involving Superman, laser eyes, and getting totally shitfaced.
    • "Well, I kinda got carried away with the second half, but the first half was completely true!"
    • According to Film Brain's commentary, he ad-libbed the usage of "shitfaced" in there. The script called for him to just say they got drunk, but he thought "shitfaced" was funnier and more British.
  • Cinema Snob's trial and sentencing.
    Cinema Snob: You're out of order, they're out of order, the whole system is out of order!!
    Nostalgia Critic: I AM THE SYSTEM!
    Cinema Snob: I know you're the system, that's my point!!
    • "GO! AND NEVER RETURN. ... EVER! ... RETURN! ...... AGAIN!"
    • The Cinema Snob's overly casual reaction to being banished, and while the Critic is berating him, everyone else is waving goodbye.
      Cinema Snob: I'll catch a cab. If anyone wants me, I'll be at the hotel down the street.
      • And after waving, Linkara gives him a Rimmer salute.
      • "I-I got my cell phone, if anyone wants to call me!"
  • Ma-Ti's spectral speech to the Critic.
    • DAMN. IT. MA. TI.
    • "The president has no friends." "He did once. When he was loyal, and strong, and not an ASSMUNCHER."
    • For me (and for Spoony based on his commentary) it was "Yes. It is I. Ma-Ti. From Captain Planet."
  • The reappearance of Dr. Smith during the planning of the coup. "Spiiiiders..."
    • And the looks on Lord Kat's and Linkara's faces when Smith shows up.
  • JewWario responding to all the suggestions with just "I like it!"
  • Linkara's response to everyone else wanting Spoony to unleash Dr. Insano...
    Linkara: (looks down in shock before looking up at Joe) That's a stupid plan!
    Angry Joe: Exactly! A stupid plan for a stupid man!
    Linkara: Are you high?!
  • Linkara's "reasoning" behind wanting to lead the assault on the Critic's regime:
    Linkara: "I can do this Joe! I've seen Patton over a hundred times!"
    Joe: No!
    Linkara: ...please?
    Joe: No, it's too risky!
    • "Critic, you magnificent bastard, I read your book!"
  • After the Critic finally catches the Chick red-handed with a gun in her hand, she... smiles awkwardly and attempts to save herself by jumping jack-ing out. It works.
    NC: She's just so quirky.
  • Discussing the plausibility of Critic having ordered those bombs himself:
    LordKat: You look me in the eye and tell me he's not stupid enough to do something that crazy.
    [Dramatic music builds as the Snob gears up with his answer]
    Cinema Snob: [Deep breath] Okay, you have a point.
  • "He won't suspect us, I'll put it very delicately. [Cut to conversation with the Critic] Everyone thinks you're nuts."
    Cinema Snob: You're right, he is nuts! We gotta do something and do it fast!
  • Spoony's (intentionally) hilariously over-the-top, ridiculously scene chewing, somewhat scary transformation into Dr. Insano.
  • "Won't somebody think of the children?!"
  • Lee spends the entire episode poking himself in the cheek.
    Lee: Have you ever felt the motion of water being poured into your three dimensional organs? I have, and it is miraculous.
  • Film Brain's ambush on Cinema Snob.
    Cinema Snob: What-What-What is that? Is that even English?
    • And earlier, Film Brain's hilariously over-the-top spying on the group, including his frantic race down the corridor, complete with spinning in a circle before turning the corner.
    • And Doug's direction for Film Brain? Impersonate a SWAT Team. Specifically, the entire team. At the same time.
  • Just the way the Critic's tone doesn't break as he laughs incredulously about the rumors about him.
    Cinema Snob: (laughing) There's even a rumor going around that you ordered twenty tons of dynamite for yourself.
    N. Critic: (laughing) Ha ha ha, nooo. ...That part was true.
    Cinema Snob: What?
  • When Film Brain holds Cinema Snob at gunpoint in the hotel room:
    Cinema Snob: God, shoot me. (Film Brain moves the gun) NO!
  • When Cinema Snob is at trial:
    N. Critic: *in N. Bison voice* All in favor? Aye! All opposed?
    Everyone: Nay...
    N. Critic: *in sing-song voice* Too bad I'm in cha-a-arge! GUILTY! *bangs a squeaky mallet*

    Part 5 - The Fall of the Risen 
  • The Critic pretending to levitate during his fight with Dr. Insano.
    Dr. Insano: You do realize that you're standing on your tippy toes.
    • This could also be a lampshade on how homemade this is produced. You first see his feet push his body up, then cuts to a close-up of him from the chest up! With the tone of everything else in the film, some viewers actually did believe for a second that the Critic WAS floating!
    • The best part is how the Critic stops, frowns, and drops down to his heels again...and then zaps Insano like a petulant child.
  • Linkara's impression of General Patton dressed in his star fleet uniform and helmet.
  • Linkara planning his battle strategy with the game of Risk. Complete with an obligatory cameo by Board James, which leads them to get confused and actually think they're playing the game.
    Linkara: Wow! Thanks Board James!
    Board James: And thank you for the... obligatory cameo.
  • Linkara's remark on how Angry Joe loves destruction and how Linkara likes planning it.
    Linkara: Joe, Joe, I know we've had our differences...
    Joe: We have?
    Linkara: Yeah, I don't like you very much.
    Joe: Oh.
  • The Nostalgia Critic killing Santa Christ, getting everyone to hold each others hands and having everyone (including the rest of the TGWTG Team not there with them) to wish Santa Christ back to life...and failing, resulting in them simply dumping Santa Christ's body in a dumpster.
    Phelous: Told you it wouldn't work.
    Nostalgia Critic: Yeah, didn't work 'cause you're a doucheface....
    • Also one of the cameos is That Jewish Guy, who reacts with "Wait, I'm supposed to say what?"
  • This wonderful exchange near the end of the fight
    Dr. Insano: Your electromagnetism is no match for SCIENCE!
    N.Bison: But it is science!
    Dr. Insano: "WELL, I'M SCIENCIER!"
  • Angry Joe randomly punching out 8-Bit Mickey in the hotel room.
  • When Insano bursts into the Critic's living room cackling madly, all the Critic has to say is "Oh hey! You gave into the madness, that's awesome."
    • "OWWWW!?"
  • The Nostalgia Chick walks in on the Critic vs. Insano fight, grabs a bat, and attacks the Critic. He points her to Insano on the other side, she goes that way and attacks...the Critic again, because they've flipped around. He still doesn't seem to get it, and casually punches her out.
  • Linkara's General Patton impersonation.
    Linkara: Now then, the reason we're hitting him during the day is because it'll be less likely he'll have the detonator on him, especially when we let him have it!
    8-Bit Mickey: Let him have what?
    • Even funnier because Mickey's still lying face down on the ground after Joe punched him.
  • Also:
    Nostalgia Critic: Knock, knock.
    Dr. Insano: Who's there?
    Nostalgia Critic: GUN!
  • Insano's scream when Nostalgia Critic gives him a purple nurple, followed by his face when Insano puts a stethoscope on him and yells in the other end.
  • "You all saw it! He came at me with a chainsaw!"
  • This quote by Dr. Insano.
    Dr. Insano: I feel like a puppy that's been raped by a bulldozer.
  • After their epic fight, The Nostalgia Critic has Dr. Insano cornered on the ground, aiming a gun directly at him. At this point Insano tells the Critic to surrender, which the Critic promptly refuses. Insano's response? "Worth a shot!"
  • Insano trying to take over Kickassia and his list of demands which are a flag with the evolution of man with him at the end and his own ice cream parlor.
    Dr. Insano: And it better goddamn well have chocolate-chocolate chip! GOD HELP YOU IF YOU DON'T HAVE CHOCOLATE-CHOCOLATE CHIP!!
  • Dr Insano. Squeaky Hammer.
  • After Santa Christ is shot:
    MarzGurl: We heard gunshots!
    JewWario: Did it come from a gun?
  • Dr. Insano referencing Star Wars.
    I am altering the deal, pray I don't alter it further. Oh wait, there's another alteration. You didn't pray hard enough!
  • When Linkara and Benzaie try to save Dr. Insano from being killed by N. Bison, well... Hilarity Ensues.
  • "You miserable Cockasaurus!"
  • The very first few opening lines:
    Linkara: This is ridiculous! There's no strategy here! Plus, he's my archnemesis! It's...annoying!
    Benzaie: No, they're right. We've got to fight madness with madness. And he's the craziest we got. (To Insano) Are you ready?
    Dr. Insano: (Evil Laugh) I was born ready!!!
    Linkara: Facepalm
  • Insano praying to Santa before Jesus.

    Part 6 - All the Really Bad Shit Happens 
  • Phelous turning N. Bison's habit of stealing his ideas against him:
    [Everyone starts to move in, fists raised.]
    N. Bison: WAIT! I have an idea!
    Phelous: Really? What is it?
    N. Bison: ...The idea...involves, um....
    Phelous: You....
    N. Bison: ME! Um....
    Phelous: Getting....
    N. Bison: GETTING! Uh, uh, uh....
    Phelous: (devious grin) Your ass kicked!
    Phelous: Too late!
    [Ass-kicking ensues.]
  • It seems the ending will just copy the brawl with Ask That Guy putting a stop to everything...then he says he's here just for the sake of a cameo and lets everyone kick the Critic's ass.
  • The beginning of the assault, with the Critic prancing through the garden was priceless.
    • Singing "Three Little Maids from School" from The Mikado no less.
      • While the Critic is getting beaten up, all he can think in agony is this:
    Critic: (In his head) I...never even got my rocket-chair...
  • Spoony's explanation on how he got de-Insanoed: "Eh, I got better."
    • The fact that he had played out the whole story arc for all the overacted drama it was worth, and then he just randomly reappears as himself later and Hand Waves it off makes it even more absurd.
  • The Stinger: An outtake of the fight between Critic and Insano, with Doug giving a breathless That's All, Folks!.
  • Critic shooting the narrator.
  • The montage of still jpegs illustrating the Critic's slapstick beat-down by the rest of the Channel Awesome crew.
  • The Chick's childlike shame after Santa Christ chastises her for questioning his reasons for taking three days to resurrect...then her childlike joy when he hugs her and gives her Othello.
  • Santa Christ's explanation of how he came back "On the third day, I rise again, in fulfillment of the awesomeness."
  • "Do I have to start paying you so I can cut your wages?"
  • Handsome Tom makes coconut noises when he's acting as 8-Bit Mickey's horse.
  • The episode title alone, after all the serious previous episode titles.
  • Beary's attack on the Critic, who soon after simply punts him away and Benzaie running after him.
  • After 3D Lee punched the Critic senseless:
    Nostalgia Critic: So, you like being 3D?
    Lee: Oh, yes. I do...
    Nostalgia Critic: Well, tell me how these feel. *knees Lee in the groin*
  • 8 Bit Mickey in Battle armor screaming "REVOLUTION!!!" And N. Bison's reaction to it.
  • One of the Baugh family members finally reacting to Angry Joe's ranting.
    Kid: ...what?
  • Linkara running in claiming he and Joe blew N.Bison to pieces when everyone else is there.
  • "I love it... God help me, I love it."
  • NC threatening the crew with the explosives then goes to blow up everything even after being told that Cinema Snob deactivated the bomb. When nothing happens, N.C stand there awkwardly holding the detonator and gives a meek "Ka-boom" before everyone pummels him again.
  • N.C surrendering the country back to Baugh.
    N.C: "Because my team can't run a nat.." -Marzgurl hits him in the back- "I mean because I can't run a nation..."
  • There is, of course, the Chick's attempt to take over Kickassia, followed by her maniacal laugh. Even better is her split-second, semi-confused, lips-pursing reaction to the Snob taking the hat away.
    • Then, during the ensuing tug-of-war between the Chick, the Snob, and Patton!Linkara, a deadpan, half-naked 8-Bit Mickey pops up in the middle and joins in without saying a word.
    • When the casts freezes when the door opens, pause it and take a look at everyone's expressions. Particularly Film Brain and Angry Joe.

  • Special Mention should be made of the outtakes.
    • Especially trying to get Benzaie not to say "and" in the line "How about I launch Beary over like a kamikaze bear?"
    Benzaie: Sorry... what's the difference?
    Doug?: It's a big difference. Trust me.
    Benzaie: Really?
    Rob: Yeah! One means "rape".
    • Similarly, Benzaie struggling to say the word "vomiting" during the line "I have American food I could be vomiting up right now!". During his first mistake, he accidentally said "shitting out of my mouth" instead, and sends everyone else into laughter. And when they finally decided to just replace the word with "puking", Spoony pointed out that he prefers the "shitting" line.
    • "Where am I? Auugh!"
    • It's always funny how Doug never breaks character or tone of voice:
    Critic: Do it for the team, Spoony. And for me... and I messed up my line... so let's do it again!
    Chester A. Bum: (after tripping) I hurt my footsie!
    N. Bison: (after Chris Larios forgets his line) You fail!
    Critic: What is this place? Where's my room, where are my things, where's my bed? (Beat) ...Where's Ma-Ti's line?
    • When barking dogs keep interrupting N. Bison's Rousing Speech, he keeps ad-libbing (without changing his tone of voice at all) about how he's going to shoot all of them.
    Critic: Blah blah, blah blah blah blah. You, major, blah, blah, blah. Blah, Blah, Blah, across the nation. Those fucking dogs, I'm going to shoot them. I'm going to shoot them all, because they are obnoxious little bastards.
    • When they gang puts the ladder over the fence.
    TGWTG Army: *Roaring as they push the ladder over the fence.*
    Spoony: Sabotage!
    • The repairman/window washer/Mexican Spider-Man/Hispanic Batman/whatever coming down within view of the camera at exactly the wrong time. Then, the crew decides to not do any window shots and the guy starts shouting loud enough to interrupt their lines.
    • Spoony being Luke Skywalker in a parody of the famous Leg Cling Star Wars poster.
    Critic: That is the gayest thing.
    • The Critic's speech after they take over Molossia.
    Critic: Because I said so! And I will be your president!
    Everybody else: Hooray!
    Critic: NostalgiaChick will be your vice president!
    Everybody else: Hooray!
    Critic: And my cape just came undone!
    Everybody else: Hooray!!
  • Second reel of outtakes
    N. Bison: Of course! Of course; and no one can talk to a horse of course, that is, of course, unless the horse, is the FAAAA-MOUS Mr. Ed! *beat* NEEEEEEEIGH!
    Off camera (Rob?) What the Hell?
    Doug Walker I just decided to crack.
    • LordKat, Bennett and Palin!Nostalgia Chick's alternative ad-libbed lines.
    8-bit Mickey, off camera: I'm taller than you!
    • Sage, after giving several increasingly disturbing options for how to deal with the Critic, simply said:
    • And during Larios's interview with LordKat:
    Chris Larios: And do you really think other nations will trade goods and valuables just for video games?
    LordKat: Hell no, it's a stupid idea. But thankfully we're in Nevada, so we can just whore out Benzaie.
    • Nostalgia Chick failing at putting her gun together and hurting her hand.
  • From the bloopers of Part 6:
    Doug (to Phelous): After all the good ideas I came up with for you— DAH! *Phelous shoves him against the refrigerator*
    Doug: You're really going to kill me, aren't you?
  • Barghav being completely unable to keep a straight face while doing Ma-Ti's deadpan shuffle-turn during the dream sequence.
  • How could I have missed out this one:
    Critic (to Chick) Seeing how I'm going to be president, I'm going to have to choose my vice-president. *Hits her* It's not you!
  • In several of the outtakes, Kevin Baugh accidentally broke character and started laughing (or just not keeping a straight face) at some of the things the rest of the cast did.
  • In the Part 1 bloopers, after the Critic is done filming his scene of rambling at Kevin Baugh, he turns around and says "What a nice man!" Rob starts snickering from behind the camera.
  • Spoony's commentary reveals that he was pretty much the only person who got through the shoot in one piece despite his Jones fracture giving him a reputation as Made of Plasticine. And then he's still worried that he was a Typhoid Mary for some kind of parched throat disease that everyone started complaining of a couple days after he first noticed it.
    • Also from the Spoony commentary, Benzaie questioning the Gratuitous French on the restaurants Menu.
    Benzaie: "Pie in the Style"... Pie in the Style of what?"
    Spoony: "No, it means Pie with Ice Cream."
    Benzaie: "So why don't you just call it 'Pie with Ice Cream'?"
    Spoony: "Because it sounds more sophisticated in French."
    Benzaie: "... you guys are fucking idiots!"
    • Spoony was completely exhausted after the first day, so he wasn't in the best of moods when Linkara turned out to still have tons of energy and asked to shoot their crossover that night...
      • He spends the next ten minutes of the commentary backpedaling, saying that it wasn't Linkara's fault and "Lewis, if you're watching this, I don't hate you!"
    • Santa Christ's blooper line to the reviewers went, "Aren't you glad that people actually give a crap about what you have to say? I mean, you're dorks! (cue laughter from everyone) Come on!
  • From Film Brain's commentary, there's his account of how he was awake for 25 straight hours during the trip to Reno, so he basically slipped into a coma upon reaching his hotel room...after locking the door, which forced his roommate Phelous to spend the night in another room.
    • The first time he hugged Santa Christ his pants fell down, and Rob commented "Can we do that again with a bit less crack?"
    • Film Brain and Lindsay/the Nostalgia Chick were about to take a flight together home (his being a transfer, by the way) when someone called his name. He said out-loud to Lindsay, "A fan? In Reno?" Turns out it was just someone handing back his passport.
    • This kid is a pure concentrate of awkwardness, bless his huggable soul: the first day, just before slipping into a coma that would force his roommate to spend the night in another room, Rob and Doug went to greet him. Rob said, jokingly, something along the lines of "so, Film Brain have you moderated the forums?".note  Film Brain, who had been testing the hotel's internet connection by actually moderating the forums and was basically sleeping, answered with a completely straight "Yes. Yes I did."
    Film Brain: "You could hear a pin drop."
    • With all of Benzaie's complaints about the quality of American food, it's left to Film Brain to focus on portion sizes. He was completely overwhelmed just by his order of a "medium" soda as his first American meal, and estimates that he only ate two complete meals during the whole trip.
  • Kickassia in 5 Seconds
    • ....And the first viewer comments on the video:
    Starsky 23: Nice.
    wonderBOY316: What are you going to do next year?
    GrouchoMarxist: Same thing he does every year, I suppose. Try to take over the world!
    That Guy With The Braces: OF COURSE!
  • Doug and Rob's commentaries each begin with a warning that everything on their brother's commentary is a lie.
    Doug: Whatever my brother says in his commentary, it's not true. He's a liar and a whore. And he only has one testicle, so, so he's not a very good whore.
    Rob: First thing I should tell you is, um, everything that Doug says is wrong. You should just know that straight off the bat.
  • The Kickassian War in its entirety. A Ken Burns style account of making the film, with highlights including Lindsey becoming feral after she runs out of coffee and Rob losing one limb after another.
    • "The crew soon learned there was a devil to contend with, and that devil...was Mother Nature. And Doug. And themselves...there were a lot of devils."
  • The trailer for the DVD, with Critic in his N.Bison character: "Featuring ME! And outtakes, and ME!, and commentary, and ME!, and Kickassia In Five Seconds, and ME!, and..."
    • Noting the reason why there's a lot of birthdays in November without ever breaking the Large Ham tone.
    • "... oh wait, that was just a typo, I mean ME!"
  • JewWario revealed during one of his livestreams that between takes (and before sunburn had fully set in), the cast members compared complexions to see who was the "whitest guy" on the set. Linkara won.
  • One deleted scene has an alternate take on the moment where Sage realizes he's holding his chart upside. Instead of just casually laughing, he suddenly flips out into full blown maniacal laughter, holding his face right up to Chris' as well as pointing his uzi directly in his face.
  • The "Landing Day" video includes a segment of Bhargo taking lunch orders for the cast and crew:
    Bhargo: Hey Noah, what was it you said about Taco Bell?
    [Everybody laughs.]
    Benzaie: [completely serious] Why? Why would the toilets have seatbelts?
    [Everybody laughs harder.]
  • The commentary by Linkara, Phelous, Obscurus Lupa, and Nash, especially when they try to convince us the latter two were actually in the special.
    • The side-quest with Lupa and repairman/window washer/Mexican Spider-Man/Batman..
    • Phelan calling the Special "Fartassia" and Allison claiming it was Lewis impersonating Phelan.
    • The candy story.
    Lewis: Every day we were out of Molossia, Bargo would go off with one or two of us out to the nearby strip malls to get us food. I accompained then along for one of the trips, and basically the orders were from three or four different places, so I went off on my own and got some Subway food for everybody, but I still had a lot of time because Bargo and I think I can't remember well who was with us were still getting their food, so I stopped by a Hollywood Video that was closing down, and I was looking through, seeing if there was any games or movies that were going cheap that I could get. There was nothing really there that I wanted, but also their candy was on sale, so I was like:
    "Hey, awesome! I will buy a whole bunch of candy for the shoot! Just like you know whatever for everybody to enjoy!"
    I bought three or four boxes of differnt candies like Starburst and M&M's and Skittles and crap. I brought it back with me, I left it in the car though, 'cause I was too busy passing out regular food to everybody, and I completely forgot about it. Later on, because the house had to be deserted for some of the Insano fight scenes and whatnot, everyone else was gathered into the cars. Angry Joe finds the candy and starts eating it himself, I think he was distribuiting it, but I was just like:
    "Damn you, Joe! You stole the candy!"
    • Phelan getting mad at Lewis for not bringing his ship at Suburban Knights in a monotone voice and Lewis breaking down in response.
    • Nash getting his dream at being in Suburban Knights crushed and Phelan and Allison suggesting he should use the method she used in this video.
  • Bhargo's V Log, with such memorable moments as:
    • Doug coming out of the house to go to the airport to discover that he, Rob and Bhargo are getting a ride in a Geo Metro...and the front seat is already claimed by a suitcase.
    • Angry Joe's story of getting held up by Security because of his guns.
    • Bhargo's Epic Fail at a Christopher Walken impression.
    • Jew Wario missing his flight because he misread the departure time. And him thinking that he could simply run through the airport "like in the movies".
    • THE DEATH PATH and Rob's story of traveling it.
    • Bhargo waking up from a nap in the van and, in a daze, climbing onto the roof of another van to do pushups.
    • The Fun with Subtitles throughout the video.
  • From the Ask That Guy with the Glasses segment on the DVD, Ask That Guy gets killed twice. After the first time, he makes a deal with God where he has to promote the bible. The second time:
    Ask That Guy: Read the Bible and the Dalai Lama's Path to Tranquility. *looks from one to the other* That's confusing.
  • Brad points out in his commentary that in the scene where several characters are smoking it's blatantly obvious that among them Paw is the only one who actually smokes in real life.