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  • The Main article for this movie. An army of tropers were clearly sitting at their computers ready to add tropes with each release. Others swept in quickly in the aftermath of this edit flurry and cleaned it up. Given the Troperiffic nature of the movie and the fact that it was written by internet critics who know about this site and have named some of the tropes, it was inevitable.

     Kickassia production 
  • The series itself equates to an hour-and-a-half long movie with twenty or so characters, played by an international cast all united on one set, that was shot in four days, completely independently funded. That's a feat in and of itself. Roger Corman would be impressed by that.
  • Also, Molossia actually exists. And the guy allowed a bunch of internet weirdos in to take over for a little while.
    • Molossia went a step further when they made a memorial commemorating "The Invasion"
      • Major props both to Kevin Bough for letting them do it, and Doug for having the balls to ask in the first place. Seriously, can you imagine that phone call?
  • On the way back to Paris, Benzaie got to see an Aurora Borealis!
  • Angry Joe managed to get guns that look realistic through airport security.
  • The cast has to suffer two days of running around on rocky desert ground in the sun while it was cold. You may not notice but they had gotten severely sunburned and they did get hurt.
    • 8-Bit Mickey got the worst of it, since most of his outdoor scenes involved him going shirtless. Spoony notes in his commentary that Mickey was freezing cold throughout filming.
  • Lord Kat had to keep filming with two twisted ankles.
  • Spoony, after getting a reputation for being Made of Plasticine for his broken foot during the donation drive, was one of the few people who made it through the shoot with no injuries at all despite his very large role
  • During the scene in Part 6 where everyone plays tug-of-war for N. Bison's hat, The Cinema Snob sliced his finger open on the metal insignia but kept on filming.
  • And lets not forget the worst injury sustained...was to the one guy that hardly ever appears on camera. During the charge in part 2, Rob fell and gashed his knee open on a rock.
    • Rob's commentary expands much further on this: he actually held off on seeking any medical attention until he was back in Chicago so as not to hold up the shoot with its extremely tight four day schedule, much to his girlfriend's displeasure. It also happened on the first day, meaning for the vast majority of the film he was crammed into very painful positions to accommodate Doug's desired camera angles, on top of playing Santa Christ. Once he did get back, it turned out to be the most impressive wound his doctor had ever seen that didn't involve a broken bone.
      • And Bargo's vlog actually shows us some horrifying closeups of the injury, during which Bargo also shows his nerd cred by noting how the spreading red area around the initial wound makes him look like Ashitaka.
  • Spoony notes in his commentary that even after an utterly exhausting first day of filming, Linkara was still full of boundless energy and wanted to film their crossover review that very night (much to Spoony's consternation).
  • The DVD-only Kickassia-themed Ask That Guy consists of questions inspired by actual ones posted by the website's fans online, and is basically a Take That! to all the Fan Dumb people who don't get that the film wasn't supposed to be taken seriously, or it was produced cheaply, or that it did and didn't include certain reviewers (including people who aren't even members of the site!). That Guy spends the majority serving these people their asses, and he nearly breaks character!

    Kickassia Trailer 
  • The Critic appearing in his M. Bison uniform.
  • The return of Dr. Insano.
  • Lee appearing live on camera for an extended period, giving him more involvement in the script than in the First Year Brawl. Note that this is not the first time that he's been 3D, yet this is the first time that he's been given the chance to really explore how that feels. Hilarity Ensues.
  • Linkara reenacting the Patton clip he's used so many times.

    Part 1 - The Withering Eye 
    • "So are we Nazis? OR NAZIIIISSSS!?!?!"
  • "IT'S TIME."
  • The end of the first charge.
  • Little Miss Gamer's cameo trapped in her NES, where she punches a duck.
  • The team suiting up for war, shouldering their signature weapons. The score that accompanies the scene makes it all the more epic—especially the proton pack start-up sound as Paw fires up his headphones.

    Part 2 - Triumph and Treacle 

    Part 3 - Inglorious Glory 
  • Kevin Baugh's plan to retake his country.
  • The Critic finally says OF COURSE!
  • The reason that their flag is a gun-wielding ice cream cone with muscular arms that fires lasers out of its eyes.
  • Nostalgia Chick as Sarah Palin firing a machine gun.

    Part 4 - The Beginning of the End of the Beginning 
  • The Return of Dr. Insano.
  • Mars, Bringer of War from "The Planets" playing in the background as Ma Ti finishes giving his warning.
  • Seeing more of the Nostalgia Critic's review room, previously only seen in closeups at the desk or door.
  • Cinema Snob actually stands up to the Critic and tells him off to his face at the trial, something no one else dares to do at this point.
  • The Critic makes a speech about "nasty wasties" and instead of being ridiculous, it comes across as utterly terrifying.

     Part 5 - The Fall of the Risen 
  • The fight between The Critic and Dr. Insano with electric blasts and Science.
    • To the Super NES Batman Returns Boss Music, no less!
    • "Knock knock." "Who's there?" "GUN!!!"
  • Critic punching out Nostalgia Chick/Nostalgia Palin.
  • Linkara finally taking command to lead the troops to overthrow the Critic.
  • Board James explaining how to play Risk.
  • Linkara taking off his coat, revealing a Starfleet uniform, then taking a helmet and putting it on, knocking his hat off - all to epic music.
  • The parade of cameos who believe in Santa Christ, or otherwise react brilliantly in character.

     Part 6 - All the Really Bad Shit Happens 
  • Phelous turning the Critic's stealing of his ideas completely around on him.
  • Nostalgia Chick's reveal of her Obfuscating Stupidity.
  • The return of Santa Christ.
  • The rebellion against the Critic.
  • Benzaie and Beary teaming up against Nostalgia Critic.
  • When Phelous closes in on the Critic armed with a bat alongside Film Brain and JewWario, this dialogue follows:
    Critic: Phelous! After all the good ideas I came up for you- (Screams as Phelous pins him to the door of the refrigerator)
    Phelous: (Voice hoarse with rage) Shut up! Just shut up!
  • The cameo of Ask That Guy, merely appearing for the sake of the cameo and then leaving again.
  • How the Critic managed to take out 3D Lee, who had been established as one of the strongest fighters in the team. Kind of.
  • Cinema Snob's return. He totally derails the Critic's plan by revealing that he defused the dynamite.
  • The epic parody of the Bayeux Tapestry, showing the events of the film, that the end credits play over. A very awesome piece of artwork.
    • The artist in question happens to be the well-known Polymorphicgirl of DeviantArt, and this doubles as a CMOA for her as well. How many people can say that they got a commission from Channel Awesome to do a parody of the Bayeux tapresty for Kickassia? Not many.