Tear Jerker / Kickassia

  • Spoony's storyline, where even through the hamminess, you can tell he's terrified of losing himself.
    • The Critic/Spoony scene is very painful in hindsight. "Give into the madness"? Well, Noah lost a lot of friends due to his bipolar issues kicking in, Doug is genuinely confused as to why nobody else sees his logic in letting work hurt him (amongst other issues), and according to Noah's June 2013 tweets, the two haven't talked for a year (although they later worked together on some videos).
  • The Cinema Snob's banishment, with even the Chick tearing up.
  • The Critic/Ma-Ti scene, with the mix of Critic desperately wanting to go home, but not wanting to lose power.
    • "...a president has no friends."
  • Santa Christ's death.
    • Critic's reaction: his face falls into the most heartbreakingly broken expression you've ever seen from him.
  • There's a blink-and-you'll-miss-it one after Ask That Guy's cameo. After he closes the door, not helping like he did in the Brawl, Critic looks like he's going to cry.
    • If you listen closely, you can make out that he says 'no' in a disbelieving/terrified tone.
  • Critic sadly looking back on Baugh's house at the end.
  • Possibly, Benzaie's goodbye to Beary in Part 2. Though Beary's death doesn't last long.
  • Angry Joe's downhearted reaction to Linkara saying he doesn't like him.
  • For the viewers, any of Jew Wario's scenes can be considered this in light of his tragic death a few years later.