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Running Gag: Kickassia
  • "Aren't you that Doctor guy?" "NO!! I was before but...that was the past...."
  • "HOW about a legion of SPIIIIIDERS??"
  • Jew Wario and "I like it."
  • Given that Nostalgia Critic is wearing an N. Bison uniform, it was inevitable that he would do the "OF COURSE!" bit. It was throughly lampshaded.
  • The Critic constantly stealing Phelous's ideas, with several variations.
  • Sage's belief that holding an Uzi will prevent you from dying. Also, his habit of casually misusing the Uzi, including using the barrel of the Uzi to scratch his head or wipe away his tears.
  • The Critic and his rocket chair.
  • And 8-Bit Mickey!
  • Two carried over from The Nostalgia Critic and Atop the Fourth Wall"OF COURSE!" and "You magnificent bastard, I read your book!" become more awesome because, instead of the clips, we get Critic dressed as N. Bison saying the former and Linkara pretending to be Patton while saying the latter (and rattling off more Patton quotes). Even funnier is Critic repeatedly trying to avoid said Running Gag.
  • The president's family never seems to notice or care that Molossia has been invaded. Every time someone (usually Angry Joe) comes in to say something to them, they simply reply, "Mmmhmm."
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