Heartwarming / Kickassia

  • Critic is very proud of his team, calling them the most popular thing on the internet and completely indestructible... he just tells Baugh this, not them.
  • Benzaie giving Bearie a goodbye hug and Bearie's farewell.
  • Linkara running to Marzgurl's side after she's been "killed" - granted ,it quickly becomes a Crowning Moment of Funny, but still, it was touching!
  • Spoony/Insano sort of gets some, if you think about it. He wouldn't "give in to the madness" to overthrow Molossia but he did for the team to rebel against the Critic. Also in part 5, Linkara and Benzaie, who have spent much of the fight between Insano and Critic watching from outside, rush in immediately when Critic pulls a gun, because Spoony is still in there.
  • The return of Santa Christ, especially when Film Brain hugs him.
  • In Real Life: Spoony mentions in his commentary that due to Molossia's extremely low temperatures, 8-Bit Mickey, who had to go shirtless, was freezing to death for much of the shoot - so between shots, Spoony would give him his jacket and Tom would give him a cape.
  • More of a CMOH for the fandom than for Kickassia itself, but... this video from a fan in the aftermath.
  • The very fact this is basically as a giant thank you to the fans! Especially after learning about the difficult filming conditions, the injuries sustained, and how exhausted and sore everyone was after the first day.
  • The last out-take at the end of the credits. "Let's not fight anymore!"
  • A very subtle, blink-and-you-miss-it CMOH: back in the Hotel room, after Critic has beaten Insano, Phelous suggests having Linkara plan the coming battle. Angry Joe tells Phelous that this is a good idea. After nearly every idea Phelous has had being stolen by the Critic, it's very touching to see credit finally being given where credit is due.
  • When the rest of the team is trying to convince Spoony to give in to the madness, the fact that Linkara has a pained look on his face and mouths "No" in the background shows his concern for Spoony.
  • Film Brain's commentary. Among other things, he says that Channel Awesome is like "a big, extended family," and thanks everyone profusely for giving him the opportunity to come.
    • Joe apparently made friends with Baugh's young daughter. Awww.
    • In Joe's behind-the-scenes documentary, during the fight between the Critic and Insano, at one point the camera moves to Baugh's daughter, who waves at Joe when he asks her to say hi. Awwwwwwwwwwww.
    • Rob apparently also attracted attention from the youngest daughter while he was in his Santa Christ costume. It's brought up in an audio commentary, but the mental image is just adorable. Even when the poor guy was basically immobile and partly out of it (having suffered the most or second-most severe injury of the cast three days earlier), he still had to occasionally distract her with suggestions on other things to play.
    • Bhargav's V-log shows the group saying goodbye to Mr Baugh once they finish filming at his house. Both his sons go to shake hands with Doug but both trick him by drawing their hands back and slapping him in the face (gently). Doug pretends to fall for the prank several times.
    Doug: I gotta stop falling for this!
    • Film Brain mentions that Spoony saved him by grabbing him before he tripped and fell over a bush during the first attack scene.
  • Benzaie's "A Frog in Reno" vlog. It opens with text over the group picture saying:
    In April 2010 and for the second time in my life I got to hang out with the most talented people I've ever met and I'd like you meet them as well.
    • Even though in the video we find out the poor guy missed his flight home by an entire day, which also meant he missed the grand opening of a video game museum he'd been working on (when he went back to the hotel, people tried to cheer him up, a worthy mention for this entry in itself), it's still obvious he was glad to have been part of the event and he ends with this:
      I know I will never forget these moments with you all. Such moments are still too rare, hence why I made this video. But I still hope that one day we will so used to be[ing] together that I won't have to immortalize such wonderful times...
    • When he was saying goodbye to everyone.
  • According to Film Brain, it was Jew Wario's birthday during the Kickassia shoot, so the cast and crew had a birthday party for him.
    • Jew Wario visited his message board on the main site that very day to thank the fans who had wished him a happy birthday. Because the special was being kept tight under wraps, he could say only that "[i]t was a good birthday spent with some very good friends." Awww!
  • "WE BELIEVE IN SANTA CHRIST!" Granted, it didn't work, but the fact that N. Bison, who had unintentionally killed Santa Christ in the confusion of the battle, starts this group moment is sweet in its own way.
  • While slightly marred by the fact that she was trying to kill him all the time, the Critic's clueless faith and trust in the Chick being on his side is both sweet and kinda sad when you think about it.
  • The simple fact that Baugh and his family were willing to let a bunch of crazies from the internet commandeer their house and property for a few days in order to shoot a movie is in itself worth some warm fuzzies.
  • Even though it doesn't work, Ma-Ti trying to get Critic to realize he is a good person and doesn't need all the power he's craving.
  • In Bhargo's Vlog, in the midst of one of his numerous Patton!Linkara speeches, Lindsay walked up behind Lewis and said, in a perfect 'little-girl' voice "piggy back!" He stopped his speech, picked her up, and walked around carrying her.