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Funny: American Dragon Jake Long
  • Jake is bitten on his tail. Cue a dragon screaming like a little girl.
  • Fu Dog Breaking the Fourth Wall in "Hairy Christmas".
    Fu Dog: Hey there, kids. If you haven't guessed by now, this is the American Dragon Hokey Holiday Special. Like all holiday specials, it's about family, togetherness—blah, blah, blah and all that other sappy garbage. Alright, let's get on with the main titles before I hurl egg nog all over the snow right here.
  • #88 and #89 trying to decide whether they should get The Huntsman an easy bake oven or a stuffed potato as a Christmas present.
  • This from "Eye of the Beholder"
    Fu Dog: Hey Carol, you wanna shake those things my way?
  • All of Fu Dog's Puns.
  • Jake shapeshifting into both The Huntsman and Rotwood in "Shapeshifter".
    Jake (as The Huntsman): Now, brothas and sistas! Bust a move and bring on the Huntsclan!
  • This from "Bring It On"
    Lao-Shi: There has been an incident at the museum.
    Jake: I swear I didn't know that toilet was art.
  • This exchange between Jonathan and Fu Dog in "Hong Kong Longs".
    Jonathan: Okay, one more question: Are unicorns real?
    Fu Dog: Sure.
    Jonathan: Fairies?
    Fu Dog: You bet.
    Jonathan: Gnomes, elves, mermaids?
    Fu Dog: Yes, yes and yes.
    Jonathan: Santa Claus?
    Fu Dog: Just keep your eyes on the road and your foot on the pedal will ya?
  • The following question posed by Jonathan in "Hong Kong Longs".
    Jonathan: I have another question. Just bugging me; when they turn into dragons, what happens to their clothes?
  • The following from Fu Dog in "Hong Kong Longs".
    Fu Dog: Yeah but here's the good news, the eclipse only lasts a couple of hours. Kinda like most of my romantic attachments!
  • Spud and the inkblot images during the end credits to "A Befuddled Mind"
  • In Dreamscape when Laoshi is yelling Rose is hiding behind Jake.
  • Depressed!Jake during "Half-Baked."
    "Thanks, and enjoy the cupcakes. *grabs couple and pulls them toward him* But don't just enjoy the cupcakes, enjoy each other! 'Cause mortal enemies or not, you never know when you're going to be ripped apart by the hands of fate never to see each other again! Come back soon, you hear?"
  • From "Bring It On" when Trixie joins the cheerleader squad.
    Spud: I didn't know Trixie had a sister!
    • Later on, he says her knees (which he had never seen until that point) remind him of "smiley faces."
  • A scene from "The Heist," where Jake tries to retreive stolen leprechaun gold from a Donald Trump-like dark wizard, which requires Trixie and Spud to pose as 1970's lounge singers.
    Trixie: What's up, New York! Y'all out there like love songs as much as we do?
    Spud: *Interrupting her with a heavy metal scream* You better hold your mothers, 'cause you're going down, Mudbucket! Mudbucket! Buckets of Muuuuuuuud, Yeah!
  • Siren Says: Spud comes in wearing full plate armor, riding Fu who is also wearing armor, confronting Trixie in full plate armor after Jake knocked her on her back...
    Spud: "Avast, ye, scurvy dragon! That lass be the dark knight's quarry! Yarrr!"
    Fu: "Permission to bite him savagely, my pretty pretty?"
    Vikki: "Hmmm... maybe later."
    • And Trixie's casual takedown of Spud as he charges her...
    Trixie: "Hey, black knight, your boot's unbuckled."
    Spud: "Huh? Which one?" *trips and goes flying over her*
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