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Funny: Aladdin and the King of Thieves
  • When Cassim introduces himself as the King of Thieves, Genie's Code Red scene is hilariously over-the-top throughout, but the Crowning Moment of Funny is at the end of the scene, when dozens of Genie clones have surrounded Cassim and are all pointing guns at him:
    Genie: "Do not attempt to move, or we'll be shooting ourselves!"
  • Genie's bit where he tries to cheer up Jasmine. All of it. It starts off with a Mrs. Doubtfire shout-out, and goes on from there.
    Genie: (as Chico Marx) Hey, that'sa no good! What this wedding needs is a theme!
    Genie: (as Groucho Marx) Needs a groom too, but let's work with what we have!
    Jasmine: Genie!
    Genie: It's a joke! (deadpan) I do that.
  • When the 40 thieves are leaving the pavilion, the walls around Genie crash:
    Genie: Ooh! (looks around nervously) This is not my fault! (While everything else collapses behind him) This was not built to code!
  • You know what? Any scene with Genie is going to have a funny moment. Robin Williams really steals the show in this movie. Behold! 1 and 2
  • "Trying to show your dad a better life wasn't stupid, Al! Leaving him alone with the parrot, that was stupid."
  • Cassim: We do not harm the innocent.
    Iago: uh, for future reference, I'm as innocent as the day I was hatched!
    Abu: (clearly trying to say "oh, brother!")

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