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Funny: Amethyst, Princess of Gemworld
  • In issue #0 of Sword of Sorcery, when Amy and her mother first enter Gemworld, one of the first things she notices is that their hair turned blonde. Amy's mother explains that the power in their blood is too strong to hide their true hair color. Amy is not pleased with the revelation.
    Amy: I have the power to be blonde. Wow. I am sooooo thrilled with that.

DC Shorts
  • In the second animated short, this exchange:
    Townsfolk: She's too pink and... Dainty.
    • Doubles as Hypocritical Humor, since the Frog Woman saying that line is wearing a dainty pink dress.
  • Amethyst restores the Frog Prince in "Level 5: Battle in the Stormy Peaks", but he's still too big for her to carry by herself.
    Amethyst: (tries and fails to lift the Frog Prince) Is this another lesson?!
  • In the sixth animated short, Amethyst destroys the pin holding Dark Opal's clothes up, revealing his Goofy Print Underwear and embarrassing him.
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