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Heartwarming: American Dragon Jake Long
  • Rose talking to Lao-Shi in "Love Cruise".
    Rose: You want me to break up with Jake? I could never hurt him. I know that sounds weird from someone who spent the last year trying to slay him, but I could never break his heart, let alone my own.
  • Jake sets up a private ball for him and Rose at "Homecoming," and promises that he'll be there for her when she leaves the Huntsclan.
  • Jake and Rose's kiss in both "The Academy" and "Hong Kong Longs".
    • After Jake and Rose kiss in "Hong Kong Longs".
    Jake: Rose, you remembered! But how?
    Rose: You left this at my house. Let's just say it brought back some memories.
    • Made even more heartwarming when you remember the early season 1 episode "Act 4 Scene 15", in which they had trouble with the kiss scene in Antony And Cleopatra because, according to Rose, that kiss represented the culmination of what the protagonist had gone through together and Rose and Jake had not going through anything together... Yet.
  • Jake and his dad Jonathan's talk at the end of "Hong Kong Longs."
    Jake: Dad, you just found out today you married into a family of magical reptiles. You seem to be taking it pretty well.
    Jonathan: I don't know. I guess, deep down, I always knew there was something magical about my family.
    Jake: Trust me , there something magical about you, too.
    • On the subject of Jonathan, the episode where Jake travels back in time to when his mother and father were still high school sweethearts, to see if Jonathan would be able to handle his familys magical nature. At first he, somewhat understandably, freaks out, but after Jonathan is approached by the Huntsclan and asked to reveal his knowledge of who the dragons are, to help wipe out the "monsters", Jonathan refuses, and states that the only monsters there are the hunters.
      • This incident also qualifies as a crowning moment of awesome.
  • In the Season 2 theme when Jake high-fives with a cute little elf.
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