Heartwarming / Aladdin and the King of Thieves

  • The Genie's "Father and Son" song for Cassim and Aladdin, in which he shows them all the father-son bonding they can do now that they're reunited.
  • Jasmine's Out of Thin Air shows how she is encouraging Aladdin to find his father and discover his past, despite her and Al's very very long delayed wedding. It just shows how selfless Jasmine is and how much she really loves Aladdin.
  • When Aladdin and Cassim are reunited. When the dagger falls out, Cassim instantly remembers that he had given this to his wife to give to their son. The moment is brief but very touching that after 20 years of believing his son had died, he finds out that he is still alive and has matured into adulthood.
  • When Cassim and Aladdin are traveling back to Agrabah, the former shows his Overprotective Dad side when he demands that the latter get off Carpet, fearing he get his neck broke.
  • The reason why Cassim left his family? To find a fortune so his wife and son would be secured for life.
  • Genie arranging Aladdin and Jasmine's wedding.
  • When Jasmine is worried over Aladdin leaving to find his father, Genie gives her reassurance via humorous Shout Outs to other Disney movies. Needless to say, his idea worked.
  • Aladdin:"It took me years to find my father. I'm not losing him again."
    • Then this line, Cassim: "You came to help me?" Aladdin: "How could I do anything else?"
  • Though it came when Aladdin was at a low point, Aladdin saying how everything in his life was perfect before his dad came into it. He realizes all that he has, a wonderful family he is entering, great friends, a bright future and a good standing with the people of Agrabah and beyond and that he doesn't need his father, who was showing that he didn't care enough about Aladdin or his wedding to not try to steal the oracle.
  • This line from Cassim, "Even a wanted man can risk a bit to see his own son's wedding".
  • The Sultan finally gets to see his daughter married; after everything that has happened, the knot has finally been tied.