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Authors, and Websites

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The Crimson Dragon by CII
  • Recommended by maxwellelvis
  • Status: Complete
  • Synopsis: What if the past of Jake's world was the world of Dungeons & Dragons? The answers may lie with the mysterious dragon who calls himself Pyrothraxus.

Forever Am Drag by The Last Letter
  • Recommended by: This Is Ridiculous
  • Synopsis: Jake has abandoned his dragon side. He's fighting with himself as he's trying to hold onto his humanity, struggling with emotions he's never felt before and gathering his courage to fight his arch nemesis. In the end, will the dragon take flight or fall apart?
  • Comments: Now with a sequel
  • Tags: Dark, Mentions Of Drug Abuse

''A New Normal by The Ninny Mouse
  • Recommended by Ladyofthelibrary
  • Synopsis: Jonathon Long handled the revelation that he had married into a family of magical dragons very well. Living life with this knowledge on the other hand; that's hard.