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Fanfic: Blood Bond, Blood Omen Series
The Blood Bond, Blood Omen series starts with a few connected one-shots detailing the actual everyday life of the Kim Possible cast. Ominous foretellings are made in these one-shots as well as setting up and establishing the connections between Kim, Ron, Drakken, Shego, and a multitude of characters.

Then everything goes to hell.

This series enjoys taking a basic sitch, turning it Up to Eleven, and for unrelenting Gorn in the later stories, including horrifyingly detailed descriptions of just how close to the end the world comes.

This is Kim Possible gone Darker and Edgier on the brink of The End of the World as We Know It.

The author's page has a list for the order in which to read the stories. Highly suggested following for maximum impact.

Author is a Troper - check out other works here.

This story provides examples of:

Best EnemiesFanFic/Western AnimationA Bond Of Honor
Blazin GearsTroper WorksThe Blue Blur of Termina

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