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Fan Preferred Couple: F Ilm
  • While fans have enjoyed going into the various alternate pairing ideas for The Breakfast Club, Bender/Allison is clearly the most popular. Due to how both Bender and Allison are quite the outcasts, Bender/Allison fanfics have a known tendency to give them a Birds of a Feather dynamic. Though to be fair Bender's line to Allison early in the movie "I've seen you before you know" has been occasionally used as Fanfic Fuel.
  • Disney's black sheep turned cult classic movie-musical Newsies has a small but rabid fandom that definitely seems to prefer Jack and David, instead of the canon Jack and Sarah, sister of David. It's not hard to see why.
  • There was a good amount of fans shipping Gandalf and Galadriel from Lord of the Rings but then that one scene from the Hobbit blew it up.
  • Fans of the Brit Com film Four Weddings and a Funeral often complain that the main character's witty, lovelorn friend Fiona is a far better match for him than the vacuous American he ends up with.
  • In Pretty in Pink, Duckie/Andie was originally supposed to be canon but test audiences didn't like it, so the ending was changed.
  • In the DVD commentary for Starship Troopers, director Paul Verhoeven says fans wanted Carmen to die and Johnny to end up with Dizzy, proving that it isn't only fans who have preferred couples. Considering that in the original book Dizzy is male and Johnny and Carmen have at most a one-night stand together, this wouldn't have been such a bad change compared to most of the rest of the changes Verhoeven actually did make.
  • Raoul and Christine end up together in The Phantom of the Opera, but most fans prefer Christine to be with Erik - especially the ones that go by the 2004 version of it (where the Phantom is portrayed by Gerard Butler). Also see the series' entry in the Theater section.
  • Warren/Layla from Sky High over the canon Layla/Will. Word of God says Warren/Layla would have become canon had the planned next three movies actually been made, so their chemistry was likely intentional.
  • A lot of fans of A Knight's Tale aren't fond of William/Jocelyn, instead preferring to hook him up with his hard-working friend Kate. Chaucer and Wat are also a major Fan Preferred Couple.
  • In the Inception fandom, Arthur/Eames and Arthur/Ariadne is this. It's the version where the fandom has no Official Couple, though; the only canon couple involves entirely different characters.
    • The Dom/Ariadne pairing also has its fair share of shippers.
  • Fun fact: on, there are virtually no pairings for Sebastian/Annette from Cruel Intentions. Pretty much everyone was rooting for the bitchy, scheming Kathryn.
  • In Red Eye, many ship Lisa and Rippner, in spite of (or because of?) all the attempted murder on both sides, as well as the intense chemistry between Rachel McAdams and Cillian Murphy, especially during the lavatory scene.
  • In Push: Compare Nick and Cassie's number of YouTube videos (over twenty) to Nick and Kira's (none). Yeah.
  • The Official Couple in the Star Trek 2009 movie is Spock/Uhura. There is a sizable section of the fandom for whom Kirk/Spock is the Fan-Preferred Couple, some of whom believe that the former relationship was put in purely to dissuade Kirk/Spock shippers. In the second reboot movie they introduced Dr. Carol Marcus as Kirk's potential love interest, only to have McCoy/Marcus develop a sizable following.
  • Fans of the Rupert Grint movie Cherrybomb can generally be split into two categories: devoted Malachy/Luke shippers who simply ignore Michelle's existence; and batshit crazy, foaming-at-the-mouth Malachy/Luke shippers who openly detest Michelle and loudly wish her dead. This is a pretty extreme reaction given that in canon, both guys are seemingly straight and spend most of the movie competing for Michelle's affections. That said, several cast members have alluded to the strong homoerotic subtext of Malachy and Luke's relationship, so it probably doesn't exist entirely in the minds of yaoi fangirls.
  • From Clue, the movie: There seems to be this whole thing about Wadworth and Yvette...
  • X-Men:
    • For X-Men: First Class, Erik/Charles is the official pairing, even according to certain screenwriters and actors. It's incorporated even in fics that involve the younger X-Men (by having them act as parents), and those who do ship Erik/Raven or Charles/Moira are a small minority.
    • In the Original trilogy Logan/Rogue is more popular than Logan/Jean and Bobby/Rogue.
  • Michael/Laurie is the fandom's favorite in the Halloween series. Rob Zombie's remake series give this pairing a boost because, apparently, Mikey loves his baby sister.
  • James Bond is, of course, hardly the type to settle down (except that one time, and it's implied he was at least considering it a few other times), but with fans who think he should, the most popular pairing, at least among female fans on LiveJournal, seems to be not with any of his lovely companions from his adventures but rather with his perennial UST object, MI6 secretary Moneypenny. The ones that aren't Yaoi Fangirls, anyway; those typically pair him with Alec. They shared everything, you know...
  • Fans of Snow White & the Huntsman prefer Snow White/Huntsman as opposed to Snow White/William.
  • When it comes to The Avengers, slash pairings like Thor/Loki, Steve/Tony, Bruce/Tony (or the combined Steve/Bruce/Tony) tend to be more popular than those characters with their het love interests such as Jane, Pepper, Peggy, and Betty, mostly due to the fact that those characters are nearly/completely absent from the film (or, in Peggy's case, old).
    • However, this only applied to The Avengers, and not to the Marvel Cinematic Universe movies that those characters originated in. But in the case of Captain America, Steve/Bucky tends to heavily rival, if not eclipse, Steve/Peggy in many fan circle.
      • And the Thor movies, where Thor/Sif and Thor/Loki are both more popular than Thor/Jane.
    • Loki/Black Widow often gets this treatment thanks to a healthy dose of Foe Yay they recieved in the film when they're not slashing Loki with the male members of The Avengers. It's enough to rival, even eclipse, fans of Hawkeye/Black Widow.
    • The Avengers also gives us the heavily-hinted but not outright canon ship of Black Widow/Hawkeye.
      • Which may have only further fueled in Captain America: The Winter Soldier, as Natasha spends most of the film wearing a necklace with an arrow pendant.
      • In general one of the, if not THE most popular Hawkeye ship is Hawkeye/Phil Coulson, despite them only having a very small scene together in Thor.
  • The Charlies Angels films have Dylan/Thin Man, mostly due to copious amounts of Foe Yay.
  • Jess/Jules is this in Bend It Like Beckham.
  • In She's The Man, Viola/Olivia seems to more popular than any of the Canon pairings.
  • There isn't much fanfiction for John Tucker Must Die but 60% are Kate/Beth and probably 39% are Kate/John with Scott being ignored.
  • The Queen of the Damned fandom in general favors the vampire/vampire pairing Lestat/Akasha over the human/vampire pairing Lestat/Jesse. This despite Akasha being portrayed as pure evil and a bloodthirsty megalomaniac who wants to drink the world dry, Akasha had Evil Is Sexy going for her while Jesse was made into a Damsel Scrappy and mousy Vampire Vannabe who just got on viewers' nerves.
  • A chunk of the Now, Voyager audience seem to prefer Dr Jaquith as a romantic partner for Charlotte, finding Jerry a little dull in comparison to the charming Jaquith. Bette Davis herself said that she imagined Charlotte marrying Dr Jaquith after the film ended, as Jerry was 'too weak' for Charlotte.
  • Go to Half of all the fanfiction for Moon Child will be about Kei and Sho.
  • Schindlers List has Amon and Helen, pairing occasionally supported by viewers, despite unlikelihood of it ever possibly working out, particularly since Amon mostly seems to see her as something he likes to possess than actually caring about her.
  • Rahul and Nisha from Dil To Pagal Hai have a following, if only because Pooja is sometimes considered TOO perfect...
  • The Foe Yay between Daniel Plainview and Eli Sunday in There Will Be Blood is so prominent that nearly all of the fanfic written is for this ship.
  • The Hunger Games has Cato/Clove, as opposed to Cato/Glimmer.
  • Andie/Blake from Step Up 2: The Streets.
  • The Spider-Man Trilogy has Peter/Ursula.
  • Some The Great Race fans consider Maggie/Professor Fate as having more chemistry than Leslie/Maggie. Probably not helped by how one hilarious scene has her actually kissing the guy. There's actually some Reality Subtext here. Natalie Wood was forced by the studio to do this movie against her wishes, then to make matters worse she was paired up with Tony Curtis. They'd already done two films together and had developed a passionate hatred for each other, so the lack of chemistry between Maggie and Leslie was genuine.
  • While Mo is paired up with Scott in Lemonade Mouth, fans like to ship her with Charlie instead. Meanwhile, Stella doesn't end up with anyone, but it hasn't stopped fans from pairing her with Ray, probably due to all the Foe Yay.
  • Shaw is in a relationship with Holloway in Prometheus, but most fanfiction you'll find will pair her with David.
  • Ever since the trailer for Pitch Perfect (before the characters even had names) came out, people latched onto Beca/Chloe. Jesse never stood a chance.
  • Brigitte and Sam are this in Ginger Snaps.
  • Jake and Trudy from Avatar can get this among fans who think Neytiri's too preachy.
  • A large number of Star Wars fans ship Padme/Queen Amidala with Obi-Wan, in spite of Padme/Anakin being the Official Couple.
  • Ryan and Natalie from Up in the Air, mostly due to the fact that in the final act it's revealed Ryan's love interest, Alex, is married with a family.
  • Fans of An Education like to pair Jenny with Danny, especially since her love interest in the film is married.
  • Mary Poppins and Bert are this in Mary Poppins, in large part due to Julie Andrews and Dick Van Dyke's chemistry. It is even implied to be made canon in the Broadway Musical when she kisses him on the cheek.
  • Maleficent and Diaval become popular almost as soon as the film was released. If you have the Villain Protagonist and her Dragon act Like an Old Married Couple and practically raise a child together, then you can expect the fans to start shipping them. The fact that the film makers originally planned on them being an actual couple just adds fuel to the fire.
  • Fans of Kick-Ass tend to prefer shipping Dave/Kick-Ass with Mindy/Hit-Girl, instead of his official love interest Katie. The sequel panders to this by making Katie into a cheating bitch out of nowhere, and featuring a kiss between Dave and Mindy at the film's end.
  • Bill & Ted has, well, Bill/Ted. The fact that their actual girlfriends qualify as Satellite Love Interests helps.

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