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The Doctor in his new duds.

Doctor Whooves The Series by Loyal2Lunanote  is a crossover Fan Fic series between Doctor Who and My Little Pony: Friendship Is Magic, splitting off from the events of Number 12 and Traveler, both by Squeak Anon.

The Doctor goes on adventures across time and space with the Mane 6 (just not all at once, he can't keep track of six companions simultaneously). As of yet, four regular episodes have been released:

  • The Pinkie Conundrum - Following the events of Traveler, Twilight goes to Canterlot to deliver her report on what has transpired since the Doctor's arrival in Ponyville directly to Princess Celestia, leaving him alone with Spike, while the TARDIS attempts to recharge and fully repair herself after her fall into Equestria. Although at first distraught at being stranded in the seemingly serene township of Ponyville, The Doctor must re-examine his initial assumptions about the town, the world of Equestria, and his Compulsive Need to Travel when he is confronted with the almost (?) miraculous, impossible events surrounding Ponyville's resident party-mare: Pinkie Pie.
  • Game of Stones - His nature as a Time Lord revealed to Twilight's friends, The Doctor prepares for a jaunt though history with Rainbow Dash when Applejack informs him of something she saw as a filly. Intrigued, the Doctor and Twilight, accompanied by Applejack and Rainbow Dash, travel 3000 years into the past, to the Reigneissance period of Roan, where they discover a bizzarre plot against Leonard Di Hoovsie, a failing artist destined to become a beloved Icon of Equestrian Culture.
  • Along Came A Spider - When faced with the Doctor for the first time, Zecora flees in terror. When the cryptic zebra later turns up suffering from a mysterious ailment that is somehow related to her homeland of Zebrica, the Doctor, Twilight, and (much to their surprise) Fluttershy must travel to the distant savannah to discover the cause of her distress. But what begins as a search for a cure will lead to a darker place than one might believe possible, as a mystery spanning the whole of space and time deepens and hungry gods from distant memories demand the Time Lord’s blood.
  • Only Skin Deep (ongoing) - When the TARDIS is unexpectedly pulled off course during her first foray into the wider universe, the Doctor, Rarity, Pinkie Pie, and a somewhat reluctant Twilight find themselves brought to the doorstep of a utopian alien city. While Rarity and Pinkie immerse themselves in two opposite ends of the local culture, questions that have gone unasked for centuries draw Twilight into the shadowy labyrinth of intrigue and deception that sustains a delicate balance of power in this ‘perfect’ society. A balance that some will go to any length to preserve.
  • There is also a Christmas Episode entitled A Hearth's Warming Tale, in which princess Luna tells a story to certain three fillies about how Scootaloo saved the Hearth's Warming (with a little help from the Doctor).

And as the mystery surrounding the cryptic messages left in the Doctor’s path continues to unfold, will the growing schism of distrust between Time Lord and Friendship Scholar over unspoken secrets cost both ponies more than either of them are prepared to lose?

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