Characters: The Angry Grandpa

Charles "Angry Grandpa" Green

An angry old man with a bipolar disorder, causing him to rage out of control and destroys everything in sight whenever something made him mad like someone eating his favourite food or getting pranked.

Michael "Pickleboy" Green

Angry Grandpa’s son, and cameraman. He and his girlfriend Bridgette films everything Angry Grandpa does and post the videos on YouTube. Angry Grandpa always calls him Pickleboy due to a prank that failed and got him back with pickle juice all over him. Michael is also a rapper known as Lyricold.

Bridgette "Princess" West

Michael’s girlfriend. She always follows him to help out with the filming and pranks. Angry Grandpa calls her Princess because she’s part of the family and she can be as annoying as Michael like eating his food whenever she wants. In recent years, she has gained a lot of weight.

Tina Green

Angry Grandpa’s wife. They got married when she was pregnant and gave birth to Michael. Tina works as a housekeeping maid at a motel, and she is obsessed with Elvis Presley. Since Tina’s not that smart, she always spends her money on Elvis stuff instead of groceries and bills, making Angry Grandpa extremely angry. On January 9th, 2012, Tina had enough of Angry Grandpa’s abuse and decided to pack her stuff and end her longtime marriage.

  • Put on a Bus: Once her marriage to Angry Grandpa ended.
    • Commuting on a Bus: She has shown up in a few recent videos, but her appearances have become very rare.

Tina the Neighbor

Angry Grandpa's neighbor. She's appeared in recent videos as an archnemesis of sorts for Angry Grandpa after a volatile Fourth of July confrontation. Just as loud and abrasive as Angry Grandpa, she is considered a Worthy Opponent in putting him in his place and getting the biggest rise out of him so far.

  • Irony: Has the same first name as his ex-wife who also caused Angry Grandpa grief before they divorced.
  • Enemy Mine: She has since joined forces with Pickleboy in pranking Angry Grandpa in recent videos.
  • Go-Karting with Bowser: One video had her visiting and kicking back on the porch with Angry Grandpa without so much as a blowout.
  • Miss Swears-A-Lot