Characters: Ruby Gloom

    Main Characters 
Ruby Gloom
"Now, what excuse—I mean, legitimate reason is there for a party today?"

Doom Kitty
* violin chord*

"Hey, Ruby, I'm bummed! I wanted to do some aerial routines with Squig, but it's kind of hard without windshield wipers...!"


"My cousin was struck by lightning. Twice."
"Well, it couldn't possibly happen to you, too. What are the chances?"
"Fairly good! It's genetic. The electrical current is drawn to the high lead content in our blood, and then BOOM! ...people use you to charge their batteries."

Skull Boy
"I'm an artist, Ruby! It's in my bones!"

Frank & Len
"Say your amp's not working. What's the first thing you do?"
"My amp's not busted."
"Exactly. You deny it."
"I'm tellin' you, it's not busted!"
"That's denial."
"Hey, did you bust my amp?!"

Mr. Buns

  • Big Eater: He's often seen next to empty trays of food or stuffed to bursting.
  • Companion Cube
  • Living Toys: Mr. Buns is a strange example. The other characters treat him as if he's alive (except for Misery), and he seems to do things when he's not on-screen... but whenever he's on-screen, he's just a lifeless sock-bunny. In the most extreme case, he's fencing with Poe from just off-screen, only for the sword to drop the moment he's visible in the frame.
  • Offscreen Teleportation: See above.


Scaredy Bat

Boo Boo

    Minor Characters 
Edgar and Allan

Mr. White and Mr. White



Mr. Mummbles

Misery's Family

Skele-T and the Skele-Tunes