Heartwarming / Ruby Gloom

  • In the show run it's hard to predict, but it's very hard not to melt when Misery does her characteristic giggle.
  • In Last Train To Gloomsville, Ruby and Skull Boy exchange the longest hug between them in the series. They get really nervous about it afterwards too.
  • The "Train Wreck" song, written by Frank and Len as a lullaby just for Misery. When they begin playing, Ruby and Iris look confused and even a bit annoyed... then it starts to work.
  • "Misery Loves Company". Despite the fact that their mere existence is capable of causing an ice age, Misery clearly loves and cares about her cousins.
    • Let's not forget Malady and Malaise willingly seperating so that the Ice Age they cause when they're together doesn't ruin Misery's anniversary party.
  • "Misery Loves Company" again:
    Ruby: "Let's really get this party started, Misery. Things are no fun without you."
  • In "Misery Loves Company," when Misery is stuck on an ice flow...again. She does only one think to help cheer herself up. She sings a certain lullaby written by two of her friends.
    Misery: "~Is your ship sinking? ~Did you know that's arsenic you're drinking?..."