Funny / Ruby Gloom


  • Misery trying to cheer Scaredy Bat up with a very loud "Hello".
  • Misery's "singing".
  • Misery talking about her aunt's Ouija board.
  • Misery's afro.
    "So that conditioner you gave me to straighten my hair didn't work. Although... I do feel like getting my groove on. Whatever that is."
  • She can't count sheep. Why?
    I can't sleep for fear more sheep will be harmed.
  • "Family visits are always fun. Family visits are always fun."
  • When the alarm blows and sets off the sprinklers while Misery is playing with a toy train.
    Misery: At least it's not acid rain.
    • Later...
    Ruby: You don't mind if we turn off the alarm, do you?
    Misery: No, although I do find it comforting.
  • Misery with her shadow puppets in the segment "The Magnificent Queen Misery"

Frank and Len

  • Virtually anything Len says.
  • Surfing out to Misery on their guitar.
    Frank: Unbelievable, on the seventh anniversary of the day Misery was rescued from an ice floe, she's stuck on an ice floe.
    Len: I believe that is what's called "Onomatopoeia".
    Frank: No Len, it's not. It's irony.
    Len: Well, that sure would be easier to spell.