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This page lists all the characters of the television series Les Revenants and the various tropes applied to them. Beware, there WILL be SPOILERS BOTH MAJOR AND MINOR.

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    The Revenants 

In General

A group of men and women who died several years ago and are mysteriously Back from the Dead.

  • Ambiguously Evil: No one knows exactly why they came back or if they have a precise goal, and they all show some hidden violent side :
    • Camille looks like a harmless lost teen, but why did she trash Léna's room and then denied it ? Also, what was that dead animal in the bin ?
    • Simon can be scarily impulsive, as seen at the American Diner.
    • Serge was already clearly crazy before his death, and continues to be now.
    • Victor is the ultimate Creepy Child. We'd be there all day if we had to describe all the scary things he does, but deliberately causing Julie's neighbour's and Toni's suicide by hallucination surely stands out.
    • Mrs Costa doesn't get as much screen time as the others, but then what is she doing all that time ? She seems to know something the other don't, and always lies when people ask how she died.
  • Big Eater: Perhaps the only difference between them and the living. Looking for food is literally the first thing they do after coming back to life.
  • Death by Origin Story
  • First Episode Resurrection
  • Healing Factor: If the revenants get killed by conventional injuries, they just come back. However, some of them have Wound That Will Not Heal, and it's never shown what would happen if they took nonlethal injuries.
  • Our Zombies Are Different: They look just like normal living people, haven't aged and don't know about their deaths.
  • Revenant Zombie: Duh.

Camille Séguret

14-year-old daughter of Claire and Jérôme, twin sister to Léna. Camille died four years ago in a bus crash, an accident which tore her family apart and which she may have unwittingly caused via her Twin Telepathy with Léna. In the bus, Camille somehow senses her sister having sex with Frédéric, the boy Camille was in love with and whom Léna promised never to date. Feeling violated and betrayed, she becomes hysterical and tries to force the driver to stop, distracting him long enough to miss Victor standing in the road which causes him to swerve off a cliff. She returns four years later to a changed family and a now-adult Léna who she barely recognizes. Although she is immediately accepted, her "reintegration" proves to be a painful one.

Played By: Yara Pilartz
Centric Episodes: 01

  • Acting for Two: In flashbacks to when Camille and Léna were the same age, both are played by Yara Pilartz.
  • Annoying Younger Sibling: To Léna.
  • Fille Fatale: Invoked. She tries as hard as she can to seduce Frédéric (who's four or five years older than her) by dressing provocatively and acting like a stereotypical "bad girl", but fails. She also pretends to be Simon's ex just to boast around Léna's friends, while he's twenty-two and she's fourteen.
  • First-Episode Spoiler: Did I mention she's Léna's twin ? Oops.
  • Hope Bringer: What Pierre wants her to be for the living. And after everyone discovers her true identity, she decides to take on this role for the parents of the kids who died with her, trying to convince them that they'll be together again.
  • Kid Hero
  • Older Than They Look: The actress is 17 and the character is 14, but she could pass for even younger.
    • Even moreso if you think that since she was born in 1994, she's technically 19.
  • Not Growing Up Sucks: As other revenants, she's stuck in the age at which she died. As such, she seems to be a little jealous of how beautiful her twin became growing up, since she would probably have looked the same.
  • Twin Telepathy: Léna and Camille each seem able to feel what the other feels in times of great emotion. As noted above, it may have indirectly caused her death.
  • Undead Child: Actually a teenager, but close enough.

Viviane Costa

Apparently the Revenant whose death goes the farthest back. She was the wife of the now elderly schoolteacher Mr Costa and it is assumed she died sometime in the seventies. When he sees her back from the dead, her husband quickly proceeds to kill her by trapping her in their burning house. Of course this doesn't stop her from coming back. Throughout the series, she displays an extremely cynical attitude towards the living, saying the Revenants don't have to fear them anymore and that they don't even need the Revenants to hurt them. Flashbacks show that she survived the dam rupture that flooded the original town, and suggesting she knew something about it not being an accident. Her cause of death remains unknown.

Played By: Laetitia de Fombelle
Centric Episodes: 01

  • Last Name Basis: Everyone simply calls her Mrs Costa.
  • Meaningful Name: Her first name is Viviane, which derives from the French word for "living".
  • Kill It with Fire: After she comes back from the dead, her terrified husband tries to re-kill her in a house fire. It doesn't work.


Toni's brother and a violent serial-killer, known for attacking young women in a town underpass and eating their entrails. Julie is one of his surviving victims. While the police never knew that Serge was the culprit, Toni discovered his brother's criminal activities and killed him to stop the attacks. Now, seven years after his death, Serge is back, and so are the murders... He attacks Lucy at the end of the first episode.

Played By: Guillaume Gouix
Centric Episodes: 05

Simon Delaître

Adèle's fiancée before his untimely death on their wedding day, and father of their daughter Chloé. A former musician with a troubled past, Simon was deeply in love with Adèle before he was killed in a car accident ten years ago. It is eventually revealed that Simon committed suicide, a fact hidden from Adèle to protect her in her vulnerable state; Simon, however, has no idea why he killed himself and does not remember his death.

Played By: Pierre Perrier
Centric Episodes: 02

Victor / Louis

A strange, solitary little boy who refuses to speak and follows Julie home, compelled to always stay by her side because he thinks she's a "fairy" sent by his mother to protect him. His cause of death is not revealed for quite some time. Around the time the first dam broke, burglars broke into his home and killed his entire family; while one of them tried to reassure and protect him, the other promptly shot him in cold blood.

Played By: Swann Nambotin
Centric Episodes: 04

  • Creepy Child: Where to start? First, he is seen wandering alone in the town at night, which itself could give any parent nightmares. Then the first time he really appears on screen, we see him eerily stalking a woman who doesn't even know him. He almost never speaks (but when he does it's even creepier) and often disappears when you aren't looking. And finally the most terrifying part: this kid apparently has the power to make you kill yourself through terrifying mental illusions.
  • Cute Mute: Subverted. He's not technically mute, just refuses to speak.
  • Eerie Pale-Skinned Brunette
  • Master of Illusion: In a truly nightmarish way: it's probably how he caused Mlle Payet's suicide, and he later tries the same with Toni. He also terrifies Pierre with an illusion of the night he died and makes Chloé faint with an image of her mother's suicide attempt.
  • Meaningful Name: Although it's not his real name, it's easy to make a parallel with Victor, the wild boy of Aveyron, who was found alone in the forest and never learned how to speak.
  • Nightmare Fuel Coloring Book
  • Only Known by Their Nickname: "Victor" is actually just the name Julie gave him since he refused to tell her his real name. It's Louis.

The Horde

The many, many other people who resurrected at the same time as the other characters. Most of them seem to have died when the dam broke and flooded the old town in the seventies. Unlike the others Revenants, they seem to have absolutely no interest in getting back in touch with their loved ones and stay together, hiding in the woods. They have a sullen, silent behaviour which makes them seem like zombies (although extremely well-behaved ones) and at least one of them has gone completely feral. They seem to harbor a vendetta against the living and are plotting some kind of conspiracy, staying in the shadows for the greater part of season 1 before emerging under the leadership of Lucy in the finale. One of their objectives is to reunite all the Revenants.

Played By: Various
Centric Episodes: 08

    The Living 


Simon's former fiancée. Ten years after his death on their wedding day, she has raised his child and found love again in Thomas, whom she's about to marry. After Simon's death, Adèle suffered from depression and hallucinations, claiming she could hear him whispering to her. Despite psychiatric care and her love for Thomas and Chloé, she tried to commit suicide at least once. When Simon returns, Adèle is visibly torn between her old feelings for Simon and her new life with Thomas. Unlike the other characters, she believes Simon to be a ghost who only she can see. She works at the town's media center.

Played By: Clotilde Hesme
Centric Episodes: 07


Simon's and Adèle's young daughter, she has Thomas as a surrogate father since Simon died before she was born. A calm, charming child on first appearances, she displays surprising maturity for her age and later reveals a darker edge. Having witnessed your mother's suicide attempt can do that to you. She feels strongly protective of her family.

Played By: Brune Martin

Claire Séguret

Wife of Jérôme, mother to Léna and Camille. After Camille's death, she saw the rest of her family crumble and this has left her with a sentiment of powerlessness. Her relationship with Léna is strained and she forced Jérôme to move out of their house when his alcoholism became too much to handle. She found an unexpected savior in Pierre, who provided her the emotional support she wanted so desperately. Their relationship is very ambiguous (though it seems platonic at the moment) and she has grown very religious. She prayed every day for Camille to come back and interprets her return as God fulfilling her greatest wish.

Played By: Anne Consigny

Monsieur Costa

An elderly retired schoolteacher who taught most of the older characters, his medical exams are regularly done by Julie. His wife Madame Costa died sometime in the seventies; when she comes back, he immediately attempts to kill her with fire before taking his own life. Supplementary materials reveal he was also mayor of the town at the time his wife died.

Played By: Claude Lévèque


Léna's current on-again off-again boyfriend. Used to fancy Camille when he was younger, a crush that was strongly reciprocated.

Played By: Matila Malliarakis

Père Jean-François

The local Catholic priest, always speaking in a moderate and perhaps mildly condescending tone. He seems to prefer the mysteries of the faith to actual supernatural occurrences, to the point of claiming that the idea of Jesus' physical resurrection is taking things "too literally".

Played By: Jérôme Kircher

Jérôme Séguret

Separated husband of Claire, father of Léna and Camille. Unable to recover from Camille's death, he succumbed to alcoholism and violence and was kicked out of the house by Claire. It is also revealed that he hit Léna on at least one occasion. He is slowly recovering, but his plans to reconnect with his wife and daughter do not prove successful. He despises Pierre, both for the emotional connection he has with Claire and his born-again religious outlook, which Jérôme suspects to hide fraudulent motives. His brutal honesty and tendency to address uncomfortable truths often test the patience of other characters. He is, however, trying to atone for his past mistakes by protecting Camille once she returns from the dead. He once had an extra-conjugal liaison with Lucy who claimed she could hear Camille telling him she loved him; this is probably the point when he started to clean up.

Played By: Frédéric Pierrot

Julie Meyer

Monsieur Costa's nurse and Laure's past lover. She is the last known victim of the Cannibal, and the only one who (just barely) survived his attack. Although she would rather die than admit it, Julie was left traumatized and pushed Laure away from her for this reason. She confesses that she feels "dead" since the attack and thinks that she may be one of the "Revenants." She was indeed "clinically dead" for two seconds as she laid on the operating table, but her theory remains as of now unconfirmed. Little Victor follows her home and she feels compelled to care for him, although she cannot determine who he is or where he came from. She bears deep scars on her abdomen from the Cannibal's knife; supplementary materials relate that she is now unable have children and this may explain why she feels the irrational need to protect and care for Victor.

Played By: Céline Sallette
Centric Episodes: 03


A police officer under Thomas's command, she's Julie's past lover. One of the most stable and level-headed characters of the series. She's very dedicated to her job and even seems over-zealous when it comes to the Cannibal, which, given he tried to kill Julie, is understandable. She's notably adamant on Toni being the main suspect despite the fact that he was proven innocent years ago.

Played By: Alix Poisson

  • Fair Cop
  • Inspector Javert: She is totally (and wrongly) convinced that Toni is the Cannibal and will do anything to prove it. Turns out she's not so far from the truth since the real Cannibal, Serge, is actually Toni's brother.
  • Les Cops Sportif
  • Lesbian Cop

Léna Séguret

Daughter of Claire and Jérôme, twin sister of Camille. Four years have passed since her sister's death and she is now a full-grown woman in her last year at high school. Foul-mouthed, wild and sexually promiscuous, she has only a very loose relationship with her parents; Claire has given up trying to discipline her and Jérôme hit her before he left the house. Underneath the party-girl exterior Léna clearly bears a lot of unresolved pain and anger. Unlike her parents, she reacts to her twin's return with shock, fear and complete rejection. Her inability to face Camille may stem from survivor's guilt, since she was supposed to be on the school bus with her sister the day it crashed. Instead, she faked an illness and stayed at home, using the opportunity to seduce the boy Camille was in love with (Frédéric) and whom she had promised not to date.

Played By: Jenna Thiam

Lucy Clarsen

A waitress at the Lake Pub, the bar which Toni runs. She is brutally attacked by the Cannibal (Serge) in the first episode. She survives, and seems to have regenerative powers. Not much is known about her except that she arrived in town one year ago without a dime in her pocket and that she frequently had sex with customers. It is also revealed that she's some kind of medium who can communicate with the dead during sexual intercourse with their relatives; one of her clients was Jérôme. After she heals completely, she escapes the hospital and joins the Revenants; by the end of the first season she even seems to be their leader, or is at least chosen as their spokesperson.

Played By: Ana Girardot
Centric Episodes: 06

  • Anyone Can Die: She's got the front place on the show's poster and is introduced as a main character... only to be gruesomely stabbed the next minute. Subverted : she's taken to the hospital and back for the finale.
  • Ambiguously Evil: She's the revenant's leader. But for all we know, she could be either the Big Good or the Big Bad.
  • Ambiguously Human: She apparently survived the Cannibal's attack thanks to regenerative powers, but it's unclear if she's just a special living person, if she was killed and came back as a returned, or if she was already a returned before being stabbed.
  • Big Bad: Starting to seem like this by the finale.
  • Deus Sex Machina: She's some kind of medium who can communicate with dead people... but only during sexual intercourse.
  • Lovable Sex Maniac
  • Not-So-Small Role: She's wounded in the first episode and is absent for most of the season, but eventually comes back as the Revenants' leader.
  • Romantic False Lead: To just about any main character she sleeps with.
  • Walking Spoiler

Mademoiselle Payet

Julie's annoying next door neighbour. Has a lot of cats and is constantly peeping through the keyhole to spy on the other inhabitants of the building. She's a gossip extraordinaire and loves to intrude in other people's private lives; she's also kind of a cougar.

Played By: Carole Franck

  • Nosy Neighbor
  • Stalker with a Crush: Behaves this way toward Julie. She's constantly keeping track of Julie's comings and goings as well as keeping track of who visits Julie. She's also always invading Julie's personal space and trying to gossip with her.

Pierre Tissier

Owner of "La Main Tendue" (The Helping Hand), a homeless shelter connected with the local church. A devout man with a charismatic persona, he annoys Jérôme no end and has become Claire's best friend and confidant. In the seventies, he took part in the fatal burglary at Victor's house, when his partner killed the whole family. While Pierre tells Victor that he did not mean for them to die, he also did nothing to prevent it. His strong religious beliefs probably stem from this guilt, as a way to atone for his sins. He's confident that the return of the dead is a signal of an imminent divine intervention on a much larger scale.

Played By: Jean-François Sivadier

  • Dark and Troubled Past: He was one of the burglars who killed Victor/Louis and his family. While he tried to protect Victor, he also didn't prevent the other man from shooting him.
  • Wham Line: "Think of a song that makes you happy. Maybe you learned one in school”. Sounds like an innocent line, right ? Until you remember whose Catch Phrase it was...
  • Would Hurt a Child: He was a participant in the burglary that resulted in the death of Victor and his family.


A friend of Claire who also lost a child in the bus crash; she's pregnant but later miscarries.

Played By: Constance Dollé


Chief of the town's police department and current fiancé of Adèle, he's lived with her for several years and has raised Simon's daughter as his own. A highly competent officer, he is also quite the control-freak. He had their whole house monitored by hidden cameras without Adèle's knowledge, though he claims he only did it to make sure she didn't try to commit suicide when he wasn't around. Simon's return jeopardizes everything that Thomas has built in his life with Adèle and so he is extremely hostile towards him, considering him a threat to both Adèle and Chloé. He also blames Simon for leaving Adèle as an emotional wreck, knowing that Simon committed suicide but hiding this fact from Adèle to ease her psychological recovery.

Played By: Samir Guesmi


He runs a bar called The Lake Pub which many of the characters frequent. He's Lucy's boss and Serge's brother. One night, he saw his brother attacking Julie. Realizing he was the Cannibal, he saved Julie and killed Serge himself, though he didn't have the courage to reveal the truth to the police. Knowing this, their mother died of grief soon afterwards. He's a hard but ultimately fair man who's clearly coping with deep guilt; he now wonders if killing Serge was the right thing to do and blames himself for the death of their mother. He will do anything and everything to fall back in their good graces.

Played By: Grégory Gadebois
Centric Episodes: 05

  • The Bartender
  • The Load: He knows how to use a rifle and seems quite badass at first, but in the forest with Serge the only thing he does is slow him down and get tired.
  • Shovel Strike: Does this on Serge (the Cannibal!) when he realises he's back.