YMMV: Les Revenants

  • Adaptation Displacement : The series is far more popular than the original 2004 movie.
  • Awesome Music : The entire soundtrack, by Mogwai.
  • Broken Base : Is this the poorman's LOST or the french TwinPeaks ? Are the writers making it up as they go along or do they have precise answers planned out beforehand ? Will the second season be a great disappointment or not ? Is Victor cute, terrifying or both ?
  • Fandom Berserk Button: Calling them "zombies" instead of revenants.
  • Idiot Plot: By the end of the first season, though revenants have been identified as such by a great many people including the police, nobody has attempted to do a serious medical examination of one or to notify the outside world of their existence. Other specific examples: not placing a camera in the tunnel; not communicating in any meaningful way with the horde; not turning Victor over to the police when he appeared to be a normal (if quiet) lost child, presumably with distraught parents somewhere; not warning the town of an incoming long-term blackout. All decisions that should have been obvious to some or all of the people involved but somehow weren't, creating a lot of unnecessary mystery and suffering.
  • The Chris Carter Effect : Depends on which side of the fandom you're asking, but even those who believe the writers to have a planned mythology are cautious about their chances to obtain all the answers they want.
  • Values Dissonance : The sex scene int the first episode, between young LÚna and Frederic caused some major squick outside of France, regarding their age. The character is supposed to be 14, but looks much younger. That's why the twins will apparently get age-lifted in the American remake.
  • Squick : The rot which begins to infect the Revenants' bodies is bad enough to look at... But then Simon proceeds to EAT HIS OWN FLESH oh dear god...