Characters / Edgar & Ellen

The characters in Edgar & Ellen include:

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     The twins 

The eponymous troublemaking duo. They are 12 years old at the start of the series.


Ellen's younger twin brother. He is a skilled scientist, inventor and escape artist. He plans many of the twins' schemes and diagrams.


Edgar's older twin sister by 2 minutes and 13 seconds as well as the leader. She is essentially a mad scientist, particularly when it comes to flora and fauna.


Pilosoculus (a.k.a. "Pet")

Edgar and Ellen's pet and Augustus Nod's best friend.

Ronan Heimertz

An eccentric retired Bavarian circus performer, he is Edgar and Ellen's groundskeeper and, prior to the events of Nod's Limbs, the only person who protected the twins and Pet.

Augustus Nod

The over 200-year-old unintentional founder of Nod's Limbs and the original owner of the Tower Mansion. He is also Edgar and Ellen's foster father.

Miles Knightleigh

Stephanie's 9-year-old younger brother.

Madame Dahlia

The sweet girlfriend and later wife of Heimertz.

     Nod's Limbs 

Stephanie Knightleigh

Mayor Knightleigh's 13-year-old daughter.

Mayor Knightleigh and Judith Stainsworth-Knightleigh

Parents of Stephanie and Miles.

Cassidy Kingfisher and Pepper Poshi

Stephanie's main "followers".

Eugenia Smithy


The interim mayor.

Janitor Clunch

     Heimertz Family Circus 

Benedict Heimertz

The Midway Irregulars

A young band of pranksters conformed by the Heimertz Family Circus' youngest members.

Imogen Deirdre Heimertz

The circus Ringmaster-In-Training.

Gonzalo Winston Heimertz

A clown apprentice.

Mab and Merrick Heimertz

Brother and sister acrobats.

Phoebe Heimertz

The Insect Trainer and youngest member of the circus.

Ormond Heimertz (a.k.a. Ormond The Impossible)

Ronan Heimertz's cousin. He was the Heimertz Family Circus' escape artist before he betrayed them.