YMMV / Edgar & Ellen

The books
  • Alternate Character Interpretation: Stephanie. Is she a sociopath, or is she under the influences of Mad Duke's Disease from the balm she stole?
  • Evil Is Sexy: Ormond.
  • Growing the Beard: Under Town was where the series truly started to shine, with continuity starting to come into play and the first mysteries being introduced. And that's not even going into the reveal of the Mason's character, or the bittersweet ending.
  • Moral Event Horizon: Stephanie definitely crosses this line in Frost Bites, when she arranges for Edgar and Ellen's deaths. She would have crossed it sooner when she buried them underground in Nod's Limbs, except that she was counting on the balm spring keeping them alive, albeit trapped for who knows how long.
    Edgar: Stephanie, don't do this! You don't want our blood on your hands!
    Stephanie: Of course I don't. That's why I'm wearing gloves.

The show