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How do you hold a sonic screwdriver with hooves, anyway?

The Doctor falls into Equestria. Hilarity, among other things, ensues.

Another entry into the adventures of the Doctor in Equestria, Doctor Whooves Adventures is an audio series based around the ever-popular background character from the My Little Pony: Friendship Is Magic series, Doctor Whooves. This time around he travels with the show's main characters, including Twilight Sparkle, and occasionally Pinkie Pie or Spike.

Based off the popular fanfiction Number 12 (written by the same person who made this series: Squeak Anon), the series starts off with the Doctor crash landing into Twilight's library as she's out running errands. She returns to find the TARDIS embedded in her basement and the Doctor beginning his twelfth incarnation. Though as it turns out...he may not have come alone.

The series has had seven full episodes and several "short" adventures all available on YouTube. (There are also a few non-canon "extra" videos, such as when the Doctor answers fan mail.) The series takes a noticeably darker tone than its sister show Doctor Whooves and Assistant with a slightly more "Doctor Who-esqe" bent to the adventures. It is also notable in that it takes a page out of the classic Doctor Who radio plays, and actually airs, on Celestia Radio.

Produced by Pony in a Box Productions, which has other projects as well.

Full Episodes:
  • Number 12 (Part One): Twilight Sparkle finds a strange blue box has crashed into her library, with a strange earth pony inside. But he didn't come alone…
  • Number 12 (Part Two): The second part of the pilot, in which Twilight is kidnapped by creatures that can never, ever die...note 
  • Chords of Chaos: The Doctor and Twilight's first adventure through time, to the nation of Prance during one of the greatest events in its history. But something's wrong; ponies are vanishing into thin air... what's going on?
  • Pony of the Opera: The conclusion to Chords of Chaos
  • Wrong Way Backwards Part 1: In the middle of The Doctor and Twilight running errands, a mysterious Cheshire cat appears and causes the Doctor to regenerate... except not really.
  • Wrong Way Backwards Part 2: Twilight and another Doctornote  must team up to find the Doctor note .
  • Wrong Way Backwards Part 3: The third and final installment of the story and crossover with DW&A.
  • Shadows of the Lunar Republic: The Doctor and Twilight head home... only to find something waiting in the darkness...note 
  • Bells of Fate: The Doctor and Twilight set the TARDIS to random... but the land they find themselves in might not be as friendly as they'd hoped. With a land divided, and our heroes separated, how can they hope to bring peace?note 
  • Rhapsody in Blue Box: Wait...what's going on? Who is this mare? Wasn't the Doctor in the Green Isles? What's happening back there?...No wait...what's happening here? Perhaps...what's happening in both places at the same time?....Something is going on throughout time and space...And it's got something to do with the Doctor.
  • Traveler: Not yet released. An adaptation of the Fanfic Traveler, the sequel to Number 12. The Doctor and Twilight head into the future, where Equestria is ruled by a tyrant queen and is trapped in eternal twilight.

Short episodes:

The "Goodnight" series of shorts:
  • Goodnight Goodnight: The Doctor rescues a filly from a robot.note 
  • Good Day Goodnight: Goodnight gets used to life in Ponyville
  • Good Show Goodnight: Goodnight awakes to find the world is covered in snow, but that might not be the only odd thing in ponyville...

  • He's the Doctor: JamJar recites famous Doctor speeches.
  • She's the Professor: The female version of the Doctor speaks
  • Q&A 1-2: The Doctor and Twilight answer some fan mail.
  • No Business like Show Business: The Doctor and Twilight sing the song of the same name.
  • Q&A #3: The Doctor answers more mail with some very special guests.
  • The Search: The Doctor and his allies search for a mysterious figure.note 
  • Lovestruck: The Doctor and Twilight return from an adventure to find they've brought along a hitchhiker...with some odd side effects.

Their main blog can be found here and their tumblr (which includes comics and other side projects) can be found here.

This series provides examples of:

  • Adorkable: Twilight when talking about Prance's history in Chords of Chaos. Not to mention Fetch from Q&A 3.
  • Alternate History: The Ponyverse diverges from regular history obviously, but one particular example is that in this universe World War II was replaced by a giant party, or World Party II in which Prance(France) and Hoffinay(Germany) went into a war to see which nation could out-party the other. If only regular history could be as fun.
  • Alternate Universe: Almost all the shows made by Pony In A Box Productions take place in a single universe, known as "The Boxiverse," and are in canon with one another. It's slightly different from the main MLP universe.
  • Anachronic Order: "Shadows Of The Lunar Republic" and "Bells of Fate" take place before "Wrong Way Backwards," despite being released later.
  • And I Must Scream: Luna was the Vashta Nerada's food source for nearly twenty years, causing her to snap back to her Nightmare Moon persona before the events of Friendship is Magic.
  • At the Opera Tonight: The Doctor and Twilight attend an opera in Chords of Chaos. It is interesting to note that the opera they attend is real, and called back to several times as background music. This is also where They first run into The Phantom, aka Dorian Mode.
  • Badass Boast: "No matter where you go, no matter what you're planning, I will find you. And then you'll wish the Abstract Plane had turned you into a pebble."
  • Breaking the Fourth Wall: At the end of every episode and short the characters suddenly become aware they're in a radio drama, reading the credits in character, and even going so far as to point out how well their voice actors did and say hello to the audience.
    Doctor: "This has been a Pony in a Box producti-"
    Berry Bubble: "What are you doing?"
    Doctor: "What? I'm announcing the end credits, you know, the people who make these things."
    Pinkie Pie: "Oh you mean the people out there? Hello!"
    • Played with in Express Delivery when the Doctor stops reading the script and is cut off by a censor.
    • Also played with during the Interview with QCom after Episode 2 was released.
    • The short entitled The Search is all about the characters trying to locate Squeak (the leader of Pony in a Pox Productions and the creator of Doctor Whooves Adventures) so they can wish him Happy Birthday.
      • Not only do they break the 4th wall with the audience, they break the walls with other franchises. At one point, Berry Bubble pulls a lever and the characters suddenly find themselves talking to Wrex from Mass Effect.
    • "Wrong Way Backwards Part 3" has the characters even lampshading how Doctor Whooves and Assistant doesn't have a name for their studio, unlike the Adventures cast (Pony In A Box Productions).
  • Breaking Speech: The Vashta Nerada, speaking through a possessed Celestia give one to Twilight after knocking out Viva and Pinkie, trapping the Doctor and taking back Luna stating that she's all alone and that she won't be if she just gives up and lets the Vashta Nerada possess her.
  • Catchphrase:
    Doctor: "Onwards and Upwards!"
  • Cliffhanger: Squeak seems really fond of these, leaving the fate of the Doc and co. up in the air until the next release. Chords of Chaos is particularly guilty of this.
    • Lampshaded by the Doctor during the Chords of Chaos credits.
    • Justified in that the show takes many cues not from the modern Doctor Who (Doctors nine through 12), but from the classic series, which did this frequently to stretch out a story.
  • Composite Character: While the Doctor is supposed to be on his twelfth incarnation, he mostly comes across as a combination of Doctors ten and eleven.
  • Continuity Nod: Wrong Way Backwards is an excellent reminder of all the other times that the Doctor has met up with other versions of himself (The Three Doctors, The Five Doctors, The Two Doctors, Time Crash, etc), and the most important fact about them: They. Do. Not. Get. Along. At all.
  • Creating Life: How Goodnight is created, a robot from an unspecified time or place made her in an attempt to understand how life works.
    • During her imprisonment on the moon, Luna created a whole nation full of ponies. (Though it may have only been a small nation.)
  • Crossover: with Doctor Whooves and Assistant in this non-canon comic from the Tumbler.
    • Another crossover with it happened here, where the "Assistant," Doctor received an audio message from the "Adventures" doctor.
    • And again in "Wrong Way Backwards".
      • During part three of "Wrong Way Backwards," the Doctors see at least two alternate universes, including one where his companion is Octavia, and the world of Discorded Whooves , which, for added bonus points, is made by the same person as Doctor Whooves and Assistant!
    • The premise of the whole story is The Doctor traveling with Twilight Sparkle.
    • The third mailbag special features an in-house crossover with The Vinyl Scratch Tapes Master Recordings.
      • Octavia shows up again in The Search.
    • Wrex (from the Mass Effect games) has a cameo in The Search.
  • Deadpan Snarker: Twilight Sparkle. She tends to be very short with the Doctor at first, though she warms up later.
  • Digging Yourself Deeper: Almost all of Sergeant Kazoo and Madam Kazoo, the poor guy can't seem to win.
  • Evil Laugh: Dorian Mode, the villain of Chords of Chaos and Pony of the Opera
  • Explain, Explain... Oh, Crap!: In Number 12(Part 2), Spike expresses his worries about the Weeping Pegasi to the Doctor. The Doctor explains that as long as they stick together, the Pegasi won't attack. Then Spike points out that Twilight went to another section of the library alone.
  • Fanboy: Fetch from mailbag three, to the point where Octavia screams it at him.
  • Foreshadowing: In the short Good Day Goodnight, two of the foals in Goodnight's class are named Bunsen Burner and Delta. These two characters play large roles in the sequel fiction to Number 12, titled "Traveler," which takes place fifty years from that date.
    • Beaker, another pony from "Traveler," accidentally calls the Doctor during "The Search."
    • "Cell Mates" takes place in 35 TR, and makes reference to "Raggedies."
    • Beaker later pops up in Cell Mates after being captured, only to be rescued by the Doctor
    • The Doctor yells "What time is it!?" When he lands, one of the themes of Traveler.
    • The Vashta Nerada proclaim that "The nightmare never dies" when they are defeated and Luna has suspicions that something bigger is at work.
    • The Doctor from Doctor Whooves and Assistant warns this Doctor that "One day, [his] mercy is going to get someone [he holds] dear killed...And [he knows] it." possibly hinting that the Doctor will eventually lose someone he holds dear, perhaps Twilight.
  • Fourth-Wall Mail Slot: Somehow, questions submitted to the tumblr askbox get forwarded to the Doctor himself.
  • Genre Savvy: Upon learning of Luna's suspicions. Twilight decides to stick with the Doctor because trouble always seems to follow the Doctor.
  • Ghost Song: Lydian's song, which plays whenever the Will'o'wisps manipulate Dorian, and finally when Lydian herself arrives in ghostly form.
  • Good All Along: In Part 3 of Wrong Way Backwards, it is revealed that the Cheshire cats who started the whole thing were former pets of Lewis Carrot, and have been setting things up to defeat the Jabberwock the whole time.
  • Heel–Face Turn: Dorian Mode, after a talk with the ghost of Lydian.
  • Heroic Lineage: Of all ponies, Pinkie Pie. She's the great-granddaughter of Sergeant Pie from episodes 3 and 4, who "fought" on the front lines in World Party II. His sister, Coco Pie, friend and ally to Daring Do in Daring Do Adventures, is Pinkie's great great aunt.
    • It goes even further in the future, as in the year 1050 CR (in the new show "Mare-Do-Well Adventures"), Pinkie's granddaughter takes up the starring role.
  • Identical Great-Grandniece: Pinkie Pie to Coco Pie, in terms of voice and personality. Their coats and manes are different colors, though. (Coco is green.)
  • Improbable Weapon User: Pinkie Pie. A Battleaxe might not seem improbable, but it's certainly a bit off kilter for ponies and oddly effective on Weeping Pegasi.
  • Improbably High I.Q.: Goodnight tries to count the stars in the sky sometimes. It seems like something all of us have done, but Goodnight, unlike most of us, counted over a million in one night using an algorithm to work out how much light each galaxy was emitting, though she admitted it was a flawed process because red dwarfs just aren't consistent. If her memory is to be trusted Goodnight is hardly a few weeks old.
  • Incredibly Lame Pun: "Well, I guess diplomacy really is the key."
  • The Load: Madame Kazoo not only complains incessantly when she and Twilight are kidnapped, she also refuses to try to escape, belittles Twilight's attempts, and tells her to stop trying because the noise it's making hurts her ears. Twilight compares her to Rarity, but notes that Rarity would have been helping.
  • Meaningful Name:Dorian and Lydian Mode are both musical scales
  • Mysterious Employer: An odd real life example: No one knows anything about Squeak, full name Squeak-Anon (Literally Squeak-Anonymous)the head of the studio. He or she uses a voice changer in interviews, to the point where not even the VA's are quite sure of his/her gender, race, age or exact location.
  • Mythology Gag: In Wrong Way Backwards Part 2, events in each show reference each other for this part, such as the assistants/companions refusal to refer to The Doctors as The Doctor.
    • As a reference to the show's tendency to use Punny Names for location, when the Doctor is explaining where he's from to Twilight she initially mispronounces Gallifrey as Gallopfrey.
  • Never Split The Party: The Doctor, Pinkie, Spike, and Twilight try to do this…but Doc's screwing up of Twilight's name sends her off in a huff getting her captured by the Weeping Pegasi.
  • Never Trust a Trailer: After the season one trailer most people assumed the pony with the feather in his cap from the Chords of Chaos poster to be the Master. It's actually Dorian Mode, aka the Phantom. He's the antagonist of "Chords of Chaos" and "Pony of the Opera."
  • Non-Indicative Name: Dreary and Cheerful Kazoo.
  • Noodle Implements: From the first mailbag video: "Pinkie! I brought the banana!" You always want to bring a banana to a party.
  • Not Now, Kiddo: The Doctor really must stop making a habit of this.
  • Oh Crap!: When the Doctor states that the only reason they escaped the creature in the catacombs was because it needed a place to reverberate in order to exist. He then notices that they're in an opera house and reverberation is the main point of the whole building.
  • The Power of Love: It's what Makes Dorian Mode realize he's been tricked, and what brings Lydian back for a final goodbye to bring him back to life.
  • Public Domain Soundtrack: In Chords of Chaos the background music features several opera pieces from Howard Purcell (Or Howard P. Horsenail as the episode credits him)
  • Rule 63: The entire premise of the Crossed Wires short. Featuring such well-known names as The Professor, Dusk Shine, and Berry Bubble.
    • In the "Cell Mates" short, Cherry mentions that she visited there and met her male counterpart.
    • In "The Search," the Professor notes that Squeak-Anon is female in her universe.
  • Running Gag:
    • The Doctor throughout the first episode can't seem to get Twilight Sparkle's name right.
      Doctor: "It's nice to meet you Midnight Twinkle"
      • This later turns into a Crowning Moment of Heartwarming when he finally gets it right.
      • Played with here.
      • This joke was brought up again in Wrong Way Backwards by BOTH doctors shortly after switching places and meeting each other's companion
    • Also "How about the name Georgia?". Nobody likes the name Georgia…
      • See Shout-Out below.
    • The Pony In A Box group (the ones responsible for making the show) loves to respond to any questions about future episodes or shorts with pictures of River Song saying "Spoilers."
    • In the Goodnight shorts, apparently nopony knows what the word 'People' means. The Doctor says it in front of Goodnight, who is momentarily confused and it may be counted as fridge brilliance that Goodnight makes the very same slip up the Doctor does in the next short afterwards.
      • The Doctor in general has problems with Equestrian terminology, such as how people respond to 'everypony' rather than 'everybody', how the rulers are referred to as princesses rather than queens, among other things.
  • Shout-Out: In the first episode, having not yet been introduced to Twilight, the Doctor randomly asks if her name is Georgia. Georgia likely refers to Georgia Tennant, David Tennant's wife and Peter Davison's daughter, who plays Jenny, the Doctor's daughter.
  • Shut Up, Hannibal!: Twilight's response to the above breaking speech is to point out that she'd never betray her friends and that she's not alone, then unleashing the power of her new friend the TARDIS to prove her point.
  • Sliding Scale of Robot Intelligence: The robot that created Goodnight is smart enough to create life from scratch, but too thick to realize that the Doctor does not operate on robot logic, allowing the Doctor to escape with her.
    Doctor: "Love a thick robot."
  • Snarky Inanimate Object: In Pony of the Opera it's discovered that in this world the Doctor's screwdriver can talk to inanimate objects, namely the lock of a cell they happen to be trapped in. It turns out to be very snarky.
    • But it did pose a good argument. Why should it let them out when the entire point of its existence is to keep them in?
  • Timey-Wimey Ball: from The Search.
    Pinkie: Hi, Twilight!
    Twilight: Pinkie? When did we even give you a radio?
    Pinkie: Oh, I just got one from the future.
    Twilight: You what.
  • Trademark Favorite Food: The Doctor has a thing for lemons, good for all sorts of purposes.
  • Trapped in the Past: Nightshift, much to his benefit actually.
  • Tsundere: Mrs. Kazoo is a Type A. Normally she complains about her husband. But when he's hurt, she shows that she really loves him.
  • Wham Episode:
    • "Shadows of the Lunar Republic". Let's count it off, shall we? Twilight has to decide whether or not she wants to stay with the Doctor, but before you have five seconds to come to terms with the idea she might say no she's... (deep breath) Almost eaten, discovers Celestia's in danger, has to outrun a wall of shadows that want to eat her, communicates magically with the TARDIS, becomes its FRIEND, ends up on the moon, finds the last member of a dead race, discovers Luna was being EATEN by Vasta Nerada for 19 YEARS which made her turn back into Nightmare Moon, gets back to Equestria, distracts them with Tiptoe Through the Tulips, only for Celestia herself to show up POSSESSED BY VASTA NERADA, who try to EAT PRINCESS LUNA and are only stopped by Twilight using her friendship with the TARDIS to use it's light to drive them back and letting Luna use her powers to make the moon brighter than the sun to drive them away. There is literally not a single dull moment in this episode.
    • "Rhapsody in Blue Box". It starts off pretty low-key, with a new character named Penny Dreadful investigating reports from ponies who've encountered the Doctor and the TARDIS (known as "the Call Box"), but then... Cherry Bomb from "Cell Mates" shows up and whisks her off to investigate a site where the TARDIS may show up. Along the way, Cherry reveals her nature as a time traveler and confirms that the Doctor is one as well, and Penny explains that she thinks there's some sort of connection between the Doctor and herself, as the reported incidents all happened very close to her own haunts. They reach the site, and Cherry abandons her just before the TARDIS appears. The Doctor emerges and is horrified to see Penny, and she starts to remember having been his companion, and yet having not. He sadly explains that she only exists because the timeline has been altered — and the key event is Twilight becoming Equestria's new Princess and taking over from an ailing Celestia. Penny starts to be erased from existence due to her nature as a living time paradox, and though she quickly comes to terms with it, the Doctor is torn up with grief and guilt over her having to be aware of it. Later, after she's "dead", he meets up with Cherry, who tries to comfort him over his loss and reminds him that they have bigger problems right now — the timeline is in worse and worse flux, and Twilight is at the center of it all, with the Doctor describing her time with him as having been a trap from the start. Thus, an episode that initially seems like filler between "The Bells of Fate" and "The Castle Above" contains a key piece of the larger Story Arc and quite the unexpected gut-punch.
  • You Will Be Beethoven: Also Nightshift to a degree. He was sent back in time to become a weather pioneer who already existed in the timeline.