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Trivia: Doctor Whooves Adventures
  • Word of God: Particularly unreliable, as most examples of the authors communicating with the audience involve the word "Spoilers," and not giving out information. However, they have confirmed that almost all of Pony In A Box Production's work takes place in one universe, called the "Boxiverse." Example: the show "Daring Do Adventures" takes place in roughly 930 CE, while "Doctor Whooves Adventures," "The Tom And Bloomberg Show," and "Lyra's Game Night" take place in the "modern" MLP era of around 1001 CE.
    • Although, granted that "Doctor Whooves Adventures," is a show about time travel, the order of events can be a little mixed up at times.
    • The newly announced show (Mare-Do-Well Adventures) takes place in the year 1050 CE, or around fifty years after the events of the show, and stars Pinkie's granddaughter.

  • JamJar, voice of the Doctor, is British, despite what some YouTube comments may claim.
    • He's also the director of The Vinyl Scratch Tapes. He's not the only one here from that program, though- Wollffeey, VA of Octavia, is the voice of Daring Do and Goodnight.
  • Lauren Goodnight played a role in Neon Genesis Evangelion.
    • Specifically, the role of Misato's Answering Machine.

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