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Anime: Happiness Charge Pretty Cure

The big love spreading throughout the world! Cure Lovely!
The blue wind dancing in the skies! Cure Princess!
The light of life from the Earth that bears fruit! Cure Honey!
The star of hope that glitters in the night sky! Cure Fortune!
Pouring with happiness, charging with joy, Happiness Charge Precure!

Happiness Charge Pretty Cure! is the eleventh entry in the Pretty Cure franchise, commemorating the franchise's 10th anniversary. It is the ninth separate continuity in the series, and began airing in February 2014.

Hime Shirayuki is the spoiled princess of the Blue Sky Kingdom, which is suddenly attacked by the Phantom Kingdom and their evil "Saiark" monsters. To defend her realm, Hime is granted the power to become one of the legendary Pretty Cure, but finds that she is too cowardly to defeat even a single Saiark.

Hime ends up in the city of Pikarigaoka, Japan, the next target of the Phantom Kingdom. She continues to struggle alone against the Saiark attacks until Blue, a mysterious god of the Earth, gives Hime a "Love Crystal". He tells her to give it to the girl that will be her new friend and partner Pretty Cure. Naturally, Hime decides to chuck it from the top of a building and befriend whoever it hits. It strikes Megumi Aino, a good-hearted but meddlesome girl who happened to be passing by.

Standing up to the attacking Saiark, Megumi unlocks the power of the Love Crystal and transforms into the Pretty Cure known as Cure Lovely. Together with Hime as Cure Princess, the two vow to fight against the Phantom Kingdom while searching for the magical Precards, a full collection of which will bestow any wish the owner desires. However, they are not alone: they soon form a Power Trio with a singing Pretty Cure called Cure Honey, and butt heads against a rival Pretty Cure called Cure Fortune.

Happiness Charge Pretty Cure contains examples of:

  • Shout-Out: Hmm, an action series about form-changing heroes who use food-based forms and dances to fight evil. Doesn't that sound familiar...?
  • Shout-Out Theme Naming: The four friends from episode 8 have similar names to previous Pretty Cures. Rin Ishigami, Rei[ka] Takano, Kana[de] Furuta, Erin(/k)a Shina.
    • Alternatively, and more tenuously, with Rei's brief important(-ish) bit with her crush on Seiji, she could also be considered a call to Sailor Mars, particularly since Toei is also doing Sailor Moon Crystal at the same time (moreover, the episode with Rei's crush occured one week before Rei's debut in Crystal).
  • Skirt over Slacks:
    • Actually averted - they're wearing bloomers under those skirts this time around.
    • Played straight with the costumes that come with the Mountain Girl and Commemoration PreCards.
  • Special Guest: Episode 19's Mr. Gon is voiced by former soccer player Masashi "Gon" Nakayama
    • Celebrity Star: Episode 28 introduces a pair of Hawaiian Pretty Cure, played by singer Hitomi Yoshida and former AKB48 idol Sayaka Nakaya.
  • Spoiler Opening: The opening doesn't even try to hide the identities of Cure Honey and Fortune, or the fact that they will join the other two.
  • Story Arc:
    • Episodes 9-11 are about the introduction of Cure Honey.
    • Episode 18 begins an arc about Cure Fortune which culminates in her joining the team in episode 23. This immediately leads to...
    • Episodes 24-26, where the Cures go to a training camp. Episode 27 then follows up on a plot point introduced in 26.
    • Episode 28 is mostly a one-off, but it ends by setting up the plot for episodes 29 through 36 where the Pretty Cure get their Mid-Season Upgrades.
    • And 37-39 is another story arc involving the reappearance of Cure Tender.
    • Episode 41 appears to be the beginning of the end.
  • Take That Me: Episode 23 has Hime going gaa-gaa over merchandise of the International Cures. Iona can't believe she'd want to waste her money on something like that.
  • Thanking the Viewer: Invoked. This is the entire point of The Cameo appearances for the franchise's Milestone Celebration.
  • Trailers Always Spoil: The preview for episode 34 shows Cure Princess using her Innocent Form.
  • Transformation Trinket: The PreChanMirror (Pretty Change Mirror) and PreCards.
  • Truck Driver's Gear Change: The opening (Lyrics here) does this once or twice per stanza.
  • Unexpected Character: Most fans assumed the Pretty Cure cameos would be in order. Boy, weren't they surprised when Cure Dream showed up instead of Cure White! (Or Cure Bloom, if they had introduce all leaders first.) And then they threw everyone under the bus when the next one was Cure Passion instead of Cure Peach.
    • Some other fans have assumed there was an actual system of the cameos. It looked right when Cure Moonlight appeared, but then came Cure Happy and the theory was thrown away.
    • Episode 8 begins with introducing six foreign Pretty Cures; three in America, one in France and two in India.
    • The cameo for episode 14 is Cure Fortune, followed by Cures Lovely, Princess, and Honey.
  • Wham Episode: Episode 13. Phantom "the Precure Hunter" appears and effortlessly beats both Lovely and Fortune. Blue, Phantom, and Queen Mirage have some kind of shared Dark and Troubled Past. Fortune reveals that she was given her powers by her sister, Cure Tender, whom Phantom took from her...and Blue lets slip that the entire war against the Phantom Empire may be his fault.
    • Episode 29. The Cures transform the Axia Box into the Shining Make Dresser, and Blue reveals his past with Mirage...but the real twist is that Deep Mirror is controlling the Phantom Empire like puppets.]
    • Episode 37. Mirage decides her minions aren't going to cut it, and so brings out Cure Tender.
  • Wham Line:
    • Episode 8:
    You cannot trust Cure Princess. Or else a giant disaster will fall upon you.
    Because you finally praised the song I created!
    • Episode 13 definitely takes the cake to date.
    Blue: I may be the source of all misfortune.
    • A comedic example in episode 31, which combines with Wham Shot.
    Yuuko: Those days we spent together became my precious memories. My days with...
    *A dog appears*
    Yuuko: Debit.
  • Who Wears Short Shorts?: Part of the costumes that come with the Roller Blade and Ninja PreCards.
  • The Worf Effect: Fortune fights the Precure Hunter...but she can't even scratch him. Justified, as he is stronger than any other enemy the Precure have faced up to that point.

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