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Alpha Bitch: Western Animation
  • Subverted on American Dad! where the "hottest girl in school" and head cheerleader, Lisa Silver, appears willing to go out with the nerdy Steve and is surprisingly understanding when the show's antics keeps messing up the planned dates. In another episode, it looks like she and her Girl Posse did something terrible to Steve's unpopular girlfriend... but it turns out it is actually Steve's friends who are responsible, once again subverting what you'd expect from Alpha Bitch behavior.
  • Raquelle from Barbie: A Fairy Secret, although once the plot gets into motion, it's mostly pushed by the wayside.
  • Nina Harper from Braceface. Interesting, though, in that she and the protagonist, Sharon Spitz, where actually best friends when they were little. But a mishap with one of Nina's dolls that got its head popped off ended their friendship when she accused Sharon of being the culprit (even though she had no proof that Sharon did it). So her bullying Sharon is more or less out of spite. They do somewhat reconcile as the series goes on. Especially by season 3 when its revealed that Sharon was indeed innocent of the doll incident. Nina's cousin was the cause of that.
  • Dawn from The Buzz on Maggie. Unlike Maggie who does act selfish at times, she has zero redeeming qualities.
  • Elisabeth "Sissi" Delmas in Code Lyoko is a strange version of this. In the first season, this is played straight, with the exception of a few scenes in only a few episodes. However, her assistance to the heroes in later seasons, particularly the second and fourth, is often offered without second thought or a specific request for a reward, though this can happen quite a bit in a life-or-death situation. It seems that her personality alternates between seasons, from a straight Alpha Bitch with several Pet the Dog moments in Seasons 1 and 3 to a more Jerk with a Heart of Gold Lovable Alpha Bitch in Seasons 2 and 4.

    And odder, her Alpha Bitch persona was caused by the heroes themselves. In the origins episode in Season 3, it's revealed that she was with them when they found the supercomputer, but broke their secret out of concern for their welfare. After the Reset Button is pushed the first time, the heroes decide to give her the cold shoulder so they can continue helping Aelita. So this does explain her flip-flopping behavior a bit. By the end of the show, they've clearly come to think better of things and re-accept Sissi as their friend.
  • Daria
    • Sandi Griffin, who is outright emotionally abusive even to the other members of her own clique (Stacy Rowe in particular). It isn't until the series' final season that her position of control is finally first slowly undermined by both Quinn starting to distance herself from the group and Stacy gaining a sense of self-confidence, and then finally lost when the other three members of the Fashion Club all agree to dissolve the group and she agrees last, as a face-saving measure. One of the potential futures shown at the end of the series (in place of the usual series of pictures) shows Sandi being a hostess and maintaining her queen bee attitude.
    • And her mother is also as bad...given that household, it's a surprise her brothers weren't utter bitches.
  • Jessica the Ice Witch from the Dora the Explorer special "Dora's Ice Skating Spectacular". She gets better when Dora becomes her friend.
  • Doug
    • Beebe Bluff is a subversion. The richest (their middle school was named after her by her Dad), most popular, and somewhat snobby and spoiled, she was actually quite nice to everyone despite these character traits. She even ended up being Doug's First Kiss in a sweet way.
    • Jerk Jock Roger Klotz adds some Alpha Bitch traits after he becomes rich in the retool. Although Beebe does not want to get involved with him in any way.
  • Trixie Tang of The Fairly OddParents is rich and popular AND lusted after by everyone, including Timmy, the main character. However, in the episode "The Boy Who Would Be Queen," a genderbended Timmy learns that there is another side to Trixie — a boyish side that likes comics and video games, which would shock all of the people who worship her. She says that all she wants for her birthday is a friend who understands this, but when Timmy arrives at her party and makes the offer, she saves face.note 
  • Connie D'Amico from Family Guy. Especially glaring since not only is she mean to Meg, but Brian spells out how her life is going to turn out, and predicts she'll "hit the wall" at age 19. This sends her running off crying.
    • Connie is the walking stereotype of the Alpha Bitch. She goes out only with popular boys, bullies anyone that isn't popular like her (mostly Meg), and is willing to make an unpopular boy popular just to prove that only she can make anyone popular, and that she can be the girl who dated every single popular boy. Even though karma has bitch slapped her several times, she still goes around making everyone miserable at school.
      • Connie even made Chris Griffin popular, but after Chris admitted that he liked her and thought she was a nice girl for hanging out with him, Connie felt some genuine affection towards him. Sadly, because Connie inflated Chris' ego, he winds up breaking up with her over two other girls and got a taste of her own medicine since she always dumped every boy she made popular. Did Connie learn from this? Nope!
    • Lois Griffin was one back in high school, pulling a Chris Hargensen-level prank on a chubby girl. Interestingly, her subsequent life turned out much like Brian's aforementioned prediction of Connie's life.
  • Pacifica Northwest from Gravity Falls, which is later deconstructed in season 2 when it's suggested she's only this way because her rich parents are even worse and raised her to be stuck up. She's begun to defrost as of "The Golf War".
  • Mindy from The Grim Adventures of Billy & Mandy is a much younger Alpha Bitch, as well as an incredibly obsessive one. For example, she loses her head cheerleader position to Mandy (who just shouts the game plans to the team) and, after consulting the "patron saint of cheerleading" (a trophy she thinks is talking), decides the best solution is to incapacitate her in some way in the middle of a match, or, failing that, blow her up. If she sees Mandy with anyone aside from Billy or Irwin or the like, she walks up to them, puts on an obscenely perky face, and says "You're my best friend!"
  • Rhonda Wellington Lloyd comes between this and Rich Bitch in some episodes of Hey Arnold!. However, she actually is shown to have a friendly side, since her best friend Nadine actually is implied to be a middle-class girl (and with almost completely different interests than Rhonda—Nadine loves arthropods, Rhonda loves fashion). Her romantic interest in Harold, who actually is fat and less popular, is another redeeming feature.
  • On the show Horseland, there are sisters Chloe and Zoey Stilton. They're definitely Alpha Bitches, and also Rich Bitch material. In "Bailey's New Friend", a new boy called Jesse arrives at the stable and is befriended by Bailey, whose parents own the stable. Zoey and Chloe use the new friendship to try and break up the friendship between Bailey and the five main girls. They do this for no other purpose then to see how miserable the girls will be without their friend.
  • Kick Buttowski has Kendall Perkins, an example of an Alpha Bitch who likes going to school and learning.
  • Bonnie Rockwaller on Kim Possible, except she tries (repeatedly and in vain) to usurp the role of captain from the cheerleading heroine. Bonnie did eventually become cheerleading captain in one episode, and much to Kim's initial dismay, proves to be exceptionally competent and dedicated to the job (though she wasn't any less bitchy). Kim eventually decides to not fight it, as she's sure Bonnie will get sick and tired of all the hard work involved with being squad captain. And she's right; the next episode showing the cheerleading squad, Kim's clearly back in charge.
  • The Biskit twins from Littlest Pet Shop (2012). They don't appear to be the typical popular kids and are not outright hostile most of the time, but being rich they are so pampered that as a result they're distant from everyone else and are so used to getting what they want that they do not take kindly to Blythe declining their offer of friendship in the first episode. They become more openly antagonistic later on in season 2, but it gets dialed back when they get Morality Pets in season 3.
  • The Mighty B!'s Portia is the stuck-up, Valley Girl, blonde Alpha Bitch, with front teeth that are even uglier than the main protagonist's. Her cousin and mother are even worse.
  • The Oblongs has Debbie Klimer and her posse of identical Debbie clones.
  • Marion from "Quasimodo de Notre-Dame". She is very rich and like bother the others. She's jealous of Toupou (because she's smart) and Victoria Vodriguèz which is the double (because she wanted her dress). In the movie, she's more dangerous : she is every violent with his enemies and want explode a bomb while Paris.
    • The Bitch act like this in the movie.
  • The Ashleys in Recess. Despite having some moments where they aren't a bunch of Rich Bitches, they spend the majority of the series wanting to screw with everyone for the sake of being mean.
  • Sierra McCool in Disney's The Replacements.
  • Rugrats
    • Angelica became this in the transition from Rugrats to All Grown Up!, though she's admittedly less of a jerk than she used to be, being a rather Lovable Alpha Bitch instead of an Enfante Terrible. Maturity can do that to you sometimes...
    • She's less of an Alpha Bitch compared to Savannah Shane, a girl whom even Angelica can't stand (and yet, she always seemed to be trying to get in her good graces). A particularly strong example comes from the episode when Savannah plans a party on the same day as Angelica's thirteenth birthday party, and it's found out that she did it on purpose to "teach Angelica a lesson" after sitting at her lunch table.
  • In The Simpsons episode "Eight Misbehavin'", the family describe what happened to them during a nine-month mid-episode time-skip. Lisa reveals that she became the most popular girl in school, "but then blew it by being conceited". Whilst the details of this are never revealed, it is probable that she became an Alpha Bitch during that period.
  • In The Spectacular Spider-Man, Cheerleader Sally Avril is the most abusive girl in M³'s Six Student Clique, even mercilessly mocking fellow clique-member Flash Thompson when his hero, Spider-Man, appears to be committing robberies. Slightly subverted when Peter's aunt has a heart attack as Flash mentions that even Sally feels sorry for him, although she is not as forthcoming with her sympathies as his friends are. Both she and Flash have gone through a bit of Character Development. When she thinks that Peter's been killed, Sally is horrified. She does say it's because she'll have to tell Liz and Liz "looks awful in black", but when she sees that Peter's okay, she performs a textbook Anger Born of Worry. A bit later, she tells him that no, she doesn't care, but she doesn't want him to be blown to bits, she's not a monster.
  • Melody from Teenage Fairytale Dropouts is similar to Diamond Tiara above, in that she's constantly looking down on Fury for the latter being a fairy who still hasn't grown her wings yet.
  • Total Drama
    • From the first generation cast, Heather and Courtney. Both were the Alpha Bitch on their respective teams in the first two seasons with Heather serving as the show's main Alpha Bitch in Island and Courtney in Action. However, in World Tour, both girls clash for the position.
    • From the second generation cast, Jo, to an extent. Although Jo does not fit the "rich, popular, pretty girl" part of the trope, her commanding personality definitely fits with the "bossy, mean girl" part of the trope, and Jo clashes with Heather for leadership of the villains team in All Stars.
    • From the third generation, Amy. She treats her twin sister Samey with absolutely NO respect, and pretty much acts like a Jerkass to her other teammates as well.
  • Winx Club
    • A girl from Bloom's old hometown named Mitzi definitely fit the bill, despite appearing only a few times. On the Halloween episode, she invited Bloom and her friends to a party—which turned out to be an elaborate scheme to humiliate the girls. She bought and rigged a house, made up an elaborate legend, hired actors to pose as party guests (complete with scripts), and set up elaborate special effects around the house, just to pull a prank on someone she had barely seen in two years, along with four girls she had never met. Mitzi gets a more prominent role in some episodes of the fourth season: she lays her eyes on Brandon and wants to take him from Stella. Later, the Wizards of the Black Circle temporarily turn her and two friends into evil fairies. After that, she's practically Put on a Bus. She appears again in Season 5, and whatever time she's not playing fangirl to the Trix involves her being a bitch to her little sister.
    • The Trix themselves qualify. They bully others in school and generally boss others around before getting expelled. After episode nine, they get much, much worse, what with the multiple attempted homicides, turning The Cutie into a pumpkin for ruining one of their plans, removing the heroine's powers in a needlessly sadistic way after threatening her parents and revealing her backstory, and attempting to take over the universe. They're like Regina George, only with magical powers.

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